Katherine Stinson

Katherine Stinson is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily based in San Antonio, Texas. She also contributes to ScreenRant, Outlander TV News, and San Antonio Magazine.

Baby Yoda Build-A-Bears Still Available Despite Coronavirus Crisis

Source: Fox Business There’s a small bit of good news amidst the current Coronavirus crisis. Baby Yoda Build-A-Bears are still available to buy according the company CEO and president Sharon John. According to Fox Business, John said that, “If we need to, of course, we can shift the way we offer Baby Yoda to the consumers that really want to be able to have that cute little critter… we have a lot of opportunities in different ways for people to experience Build-A-Bear and to be able to buy...

Is The Bachelor About Finding Love Or Money?

Are reality dating shows simply a gateway for the creation of new influencers? On a previous episode of The Bachelor, ABC’s show where a group of thirty women (or men for the popular Bachelorette spin-off) vie for the titular lead’s heart, a rather different type of fight erupted between two of the contestants. Rather than argue over who was better suited for the Bachelor Pilot Pete’s heart, one woman accused the other of spending more time obsessing over what brand hashtags she would create...

Second Elementary School Renamed After Michelle Obama: Why The Former First Lady Continues to Inspire

(Source: Wikimedia Commons) An elementary school in California will be renamed as the Michelle Obama Elementary School. The decision to rename the former Wilson Elementary School after the former First Lady was unanimous amongst students, parents, and members of the community according to CNN. What is it about Michelle Obama that continues to inspire American citizens and citizens worldwide even after she’s left the White House? Let’s explore her impact pre and post White House to learn...

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