The Top Eight Soap Dispensers of 2021

Although using soap should always be a given, the product became even more vital last year during the height of the global pandemic. Suddenly soap was in higher demand than ever before, and hopefully people will keep up a good soap/water habit for hand washing this year as well. But instead of just dispensing soap from the container why not try a soap dispenser? 

Soap dispensers are a nicer way to store and administer soap for dirty hands. 

Have guests coming over? Buy a touch-free soap dispenser. Soap dispensers are also a great way to avoid the clutter of soap bottles that take up unnecessary space. Check out our top eight list of soap dispenser recommendations before clicking that oh-so-easy “buy now button.”

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Soap Dispenser of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Soap Dispenser

  • Touch-free capability: Is your new soap dispenser sensor controlled? Does it work like the fancy soap dispensers at stores where you just place your hands underneath, and voila, you’ve got soap? Or do you not mind touching a handle to get the soap you need for hand washing? 
  • Price: Are you willing to pay more for a fancier soap dispenser? Or do you just want something simple that’ll make your kitchen look a bit more organized? 
  • Easy to Refill: This criteria is self-explanatory but it really fits into a broader category of, “Is this soap dispenser easy to set up and use?”
  • Durability: Will your new soap dispenser last longer than a month? Or does it break apart after only being used a few times? There’s nothing more annoying than buying a product only to have to return it because it broke too quickly or wasn’t consistently working correctly. 

Does It Match Your Kitchen/Bathroom? Does the soap dispenser you’re eyeing match the design scheme of where you’re planning to place it? We’ve got everything on this list from a classic sleek silver dispenser to a golf and white pineapple, a mason jar, and other options for different aesthetics:

The 8 of Best Soap Dispenser of 2021

The Hanamichi Soap Dispenser

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen to a “fancy restaurant,”aesthetic, start with the Hanamichi soap dispenser. This fancy product comes with an infrared motion sensor, a waterproof base, and adjustable switches. What’s also neat about the Hanamichi is that you can pay for the soap dispenser itself, which is under thirty dollars, or pay just two dollars more and get batteries included. 


  • Comes equipped with three level soap volume control 
  • Has a 4.4 star rating out of five stars based off of 4,538 global ratings 
  • The price is extremely reasonable for the quality of the product 
  • One reviewer said this was the “best soap dispenser they had ever seen”
  • Another reviewer said that buying this product gave her peace of mind when having people over, as she used her dispenser as a hand sanitizer dispenser 


  • If you’re not looking to spend over twenty dollars on a soap dispenser this isn’t right for you 
  • One reviewer said their dispenser quit on them after seven months 
  • Another reviewer said that their product blocked up quickly 

The Simplehuman Touch-free Soap Dispenser

The Simplehuman touch-free soap dispenser is another dispenser on this list that will instantly elevate the look of any kitchen by its sheer design. This dispenser comes with a no-drip valve, is sensor-equipped, and has a 4.5-star rating based on 4,886 global reviews. 


  • The price is under fifty dollars 
  • Simplehuman also sells their own brand of soaps that you can use in this soap dispenser 
  • The touch free aspect is always a winner 
  • One reviewer said that they appreciated how consistent this product was and how it “gives you the perfect amount of soap every time.”
  • Another reviewer said that this was a nice product to use while cooking, particularly after handling raw meat 


  • This dispenser is on the pricier side (but still under fifty dollars)
  • Another reviewer said that their dispenser went through batteries so quickly that they were buying new batteries every three weeks 
  • Another reviewer said that their dispenser had a slow drip of soap even when it wasn’t being used 

The Jarmazing Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Can a simple yet effective mason jar soap dispenser with nearly 8,000 reviews be wrong? Sure the Jarmazing soap dispenser isn’t touch-free, but it’s a lot more reasonable price-wise for the buyer on a budget who just needs a dispenser to get the basic dispensing job done without any fancy extras. Reviewers praised this mason jar for looking nice next to their kitchen sink. 


  • Priced at less than fifteen dollars, this is a purchase that won’t destroy your wallet 
  • Has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating based off of 7,423 global ratings 
  • Versatile: This mason jar can be used for soap, or bath and beauty products like shampoo
  • Another reviewer said, “it seems perfect to me!”
  • Reviewers praised the secure lid and the painted dispenser handle 


  • Not touch free 
  • Several reviewers said that their lid cracked
  • Others say their soap dispenser broke after being used for several months 

The Genuine Joe Soap Dispenser

The Genuine Joe soap dispenser can be used commercially in restaurants or other businesses, and also works great for home use. This dispenser is even slightly cheaper than the Jarmazing mason jar soap dispenser. Like the Jarmazing soap dispenser, the Genuine Joe soap dispenser is not touch-free, but it does have a water-resistant top and is easy to assemble. You can put liquid and lotion soaps in this dispenser, and the see-through container makes it easy to tell when a soap refill is necessary. 


  • The cheap price cannot be beat 
  • Several reviewers said this product was effective and easy to set up 
  • Another reviewer praised the efficient flow of the Genuine Joe soap dispenser pump 
  • Other five star reviews said that their soap dispenser was reliable and didn’t leak 


  • Other reviewers said that their soap dispenser leaked 
  • Other reviewers said that the soap dispenser didn’t mount well with the adhesive provided 
  • If you want a touch free dispenser than this product isn’t for you 

The S&T INC. Soap Pump Dispenser and Sponge Caddy

This dispenser takes the cake in terms of reviews with over 16,000 ratings and counting. What makes this product different? This isn’t for dispensing soap on your hands but rather your sponge, for easy dishwashing. Even better? A sponge is included when you purchase this soap pump dispenser. This product holds up to thirteen ounces of soap and has a 4.3-star rating based on 16,901 global reviews. 


  • This is the perfect product to keep your sponges stored neatly instead of just putting it on top of your kitchen sink. 
  • One reviewer said this product was really handy for dishwashing 
  • Another reviewer said it looked “fancy and cute.”
  • For under fifteen dollars, this product is reasonably priced 


  • Not for hand washing but the company makes it clear that it’s for sponges 
  • One reviewer said that “there were durability issues.”
  • Some reviewers said it sort of worked but wasn’t consistent 

The TabEnter Cute Snail Soap Dispenser

Need to find a cute, fun, and useful gift for the funny person in your life? Look no further than the TabEnter snail soap dispenser. This product is reasonably priced, made of non-toxic and odorless plastic materials, and can also be used as a shampoo or conditioner dispenser. Simply press the snail’s shell for soap dispensing.


  • This is more of a fun novelty soap dispenser that’s also good quality 
  • The price is less than fifteen bucks 
  • Has a 4.8 star rating out of 1,689 global reviews 
  • Several reviewers said this snail soap dispenser made for the perfect gift for kids, their significant others and more 
  • Also works with hand sanitizer 


  • Not touch-free 
  • Not ideal for someone looking for something sleek and polished and simple, this is for people who like funny/cute items, ideal for kids 
  • Two reviewers said their snail soap dispenser started to smell after a few uses 

The SKL Home Gilded Pineapple Soap Dispenser

Looking to spruce up a guest bathroom? Want to add a bit of glitz to an apartment kitchen? Look no further than the SKL Home Gilded Pineapple soap dispenser. This is definitely another soap dispenser that fits well in the novelty category, but it still looks sleek and polished enough for any classy kitchen or bathroom setup. There are matching gilded pineapple accessories and a whole gilded pineapple collection you can purchase to go with this soap dispenser, which is reasonably priced at under fifteen dollars. 


  • It’s a pretty soap dispenser, perfect as a gift for a girlfriend or wife or any ladies in your life 
  • The price is really reasonable 
  • Comes as part of a gilded pineapple collection so you can make sure the whole room is matching 
  • Has a 4.7 rating out of 2,121 reviews 
  • One reviewer said it was a great addition to their guest bathroom 
  • Other reviewers said that this soap dispenser looked exactly like the picture 


  • Not touch-free 
  • According to some reviewers the gold on the top of their pineapple wiped off or faded too easily after some use 
  • Another reviewer said their pump stopped working after only a few uses 

The Ponydash Automatic Soap Dispenser

Rounding out our top eight soap dispensers list is the Ponydash model. You can get this soap dispenser in silver, rose gold, or Tiffany blue. This dispenser does come with automatic motion detection, making this a touch-free soap dispenser and can hold up to 450 ml of liquid. The Ponydash soap dispenser also comes with a two-year warranty. 


  • The price is under thirty dollars 
  • Has four levels of soap dispensing 
  • Has a 4.4 star rating out of 990 reviews and counting 
  • One reviewer said it was a lifesaver at their office and another reviewer praised it for being easy to set up 
  • Other reviewers said this soap dispenser was good quality and worth the money 


  • Some reviewers said their soap dispenser stopped working after a few uses or only a few weeks of use 
  • Another reviewer said their motion sensor malfunctioned so the product didn’t work consistently 

In Conclusion 

If there’s one thing everyone can universally agree on, it’s that everyone wants clean hands and dishes. The top eight soap dispensers all have different benefits to offer, but the most important thing is buying a dispenser that works consistently and looks nice in a kitchen, bathroom or wherever you decide to set it up. It’s all about fashion, functionality and durability. A good quality soap dispenser should last, and a touch free dispenser is still definitely a bonus especially if you have guests or a large family. Regardless of what soap dispenser you decide to purchase, just remember to stay healthy and keep those hands completely cleansed. 

Other Products You May Need

We hope you enjoy these products! But keep in mind, Grit Daily might take a small commission on the items recommended here—but that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in them. We only recommend products that we would buy or use ourselves, so don’t be wary of our suggestions. 


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