The 8 Best AC Power Cords of 2023

Published on April 14, 2023

Nothing beats a basic necessity like an AC power cord. The “AC” stands for adapter cable. If you have a device that requires electricity, then you more than likely have used an AC power cord or will require one for future use. Surprisingly there are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing what might seem like a basic item. Is it polarized or not polarized? Is it UL safety certified? And what length do you need? Do you want a cable that is chew-proof? This handy guide can help you decide what AC power cord is right for you and worth your hard-earned money. 

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the best AC power cords:

Here Are Our Criteria for Picking the Best AC Power Cord 

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The Length: When it comes to power cords, the length can make all the difference. Do you require a cord that can extend from a bed to the wall for late-night work sessions? Do you have a TV setup that needs a longer cord than normal? Perhaps your device setup would be cumbersome with a longer cord. The length of the cord is a vital piece of information to note before purchase.

Compatibility: It won’t do to purchase a fancy cord that isn’t even compatible with your device! Checking what cord is compatible with your devices is also important to research before clicking “buy now.”

Is it Pet Proof? A big cause of power cord failure is thanks to a curious pet chewing away at what they think is a new toy. So getting a durable cable is important. To follow with this theme, does the cord stay firmly plugged into an outlet, or does it fail the “tug test” and fall out with the slightest bit of pressure? It’s all about durability.

The 8 Best AC Power Cords

The C2G Power Cord

The C2G Power Cord is an ideal replacement for worn-out or lost computer power cords. It features female and male connectors for your device and a standard outlet, ensuring safe and reliable power delivery. This 18-gauge, heavy-duty power cord is fully molded, offering maximum durability and a long lifespan. Tested for safety and performance, this universal power cord is compatible with laptops, monitors, televisions, printers, or other devices featuring a 3-pin connector.

  • Safe and reliable power delivery
  • Fully molded and heavy-duty for maximum durability
  • Universal compatibility with 3-pin devices
  • Compatibility may not extend to all electronic devices
  • Length of the cord may not be sufficient for all setups

The Monoprice AC Power Cord Cable

The Monoprice AC Power Cord Cable features a 90-degree C13 connector on the PC side for better placement in tight situations. Made to stringent standards, these right-angle power cords offer the convenience of a right-angle connector. Whether your existing equipment cables are too long or too short, you can find the perfect replacement here. Backed by Monoprice’s Lifetime Warranty, these ruggedly designed cables are available in 1, 3, and 6 feet lengths.

  • 90-degree C13 connector for better placement in tight situations
  • High-quality construction with stringent standards
  • The right-angle connector may not be suitable for all devices

PWR+ AC Cable Replacement Cord

The PWR+ AC Cable Replacement Cord is a high-quality 2-prong, 6 feet long AC power cord that’s perfect for various devices. Its connectors, IEC-60320 (IEC320) C7 Figure 8 to NEMA 1-15P, are UL RoHS Certified. Compatible with various devices such as LED LCD Smart TVs, printers, scanners, game consoles, and more. Remember to check the product description to ensure compatibility with your device.

  • High-quality 2-prong, 6 feet long AC power cord
  • UL RoHS Certified connectors for safety
  • Limited to devices that require a 2-prong cord

StarTech Standard Computer Power Adaptor Cord

The StarTech Standard Computer Power Adaptor Cord is a flexible 10ft (3m) 18AWG computer power cable, rated to carry 125V at 10A. UL listed for safety, it features fully molded strain relief connectors for durability. Compatible with most desktop computers, monitors, scanners, printers, and more, it works with North American electrical outlets. Backed by lifetime support, this cord is available in other lengths.

  • UL listed for safety with fully molded strain relief connectors
  • Works with North American electrical outlets
  • Limited to devices compatible with NEMA 5-15P and IEC 60320 C13 connectors

The Amazon Basics Computer Monitor TV Replacement Cord

The Amazon Basics Computer Monitor TV Replacement Power Cord is a versatile solution for most PCs, monitors, printers, and other 3-pin devices. It’s an 18 AWG (American wire gauge) universal power cord. Ideal for use as a replacement for an old or missing power cord, it’s UL listed for safety. The package includes one 6-foot power cord.

  • Versatile compatibility with 3-pin devices
  • Ideal for replacement use
  • UL listed for safety
  • Limited to 3-pin devices only

The POWSEED Polarized AC Wall Power Cable

The POWSEED Polarized AC Wall Power Cable is a UL-certified power cable made from superior material. It features an 18 AWG, Polarised shape and is compatible with various devices including TVs, CD players, speaker systems, and other polarized devices. It offers 6 feet of length, ensuring sufficient reach. Check the photo carefully to ensure compatibility with your device.

  • UL-certified for safety
  • 18 AWG, Polarised shape suitable for various devices
  • Specific plug shape may not suit all devices
  • Compatibility checks required

Chanzon UL Listed Polarized AC Power Cord

The Chanzon UL Listed Polarized AC Power Cord is a 10 ft cable certified by UL and authorized by OSHA. With a unique UL number that can be verified online, this cord is suitable for 2-prong electronic devices. Please note that the plug shape is one round and one square only. It’s compatible with certain models of Pioneer and is intended for 7A125V.

  • UL listed and OSHA authorized for safety
  • Unique plug shape compatibility
  • Only one plug shape available

Cable Matters 2-Pack UL Listed 13 Amps 3 Prong Power Cord

The Cable Matters 2-Pack UL Listed 3 Prong Power Cord is a convenient replacement for most desktop computer models, HDTVs, monitors, ceiling-mounted projectors, powered speakers, laser printers, and more. Available in multiple sizes, these 16 AWG gauge printer power cables are rated for 13 amps. They’re heavier and more reliable than most 18 AWG power cables. The pack provides a spare cable for emergencies or different length requirements.

  • Suitable for a wide range of devices
  • 16 AWG gauge for safety and reliability
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • The 3-prong design may not fit all devices

In Conclusion 

Power cords are a necessary part of life in a world with increasing electronic device availability. Where would we be if we couldn’t power our televisions, phones, laptops, PCs, printers, and so much more? A great and durable power cord can really make a world of difference. The most important thing is that once you plug in the power cord, you should forget that you have a power cord because it works so well that you don’t need to pay it any extra attention. 

Consider your individual needs before purchasing, and remember to ask yourself. Is it durable? What length do you need? Do you require a polarized or non-polarized plug? Is price important? Safety? 

Those are just some factors to consider before you click that easy buy now button. 

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