Grit Daily is the top source for news coverage on brands, fashion, tech, influencers, entrepreneurship, and life. Based in New York City our team is global and brings with it over 250 years of combined reporting experience.

If you don't like how we measure that, then sum up the individual reporting experience at our team. You'll just end up with a higher number, validating ours above.

Now we look reasonable all of a sudden, don't we?

How did we start?

Although "conceived" recently, Grit Daily began on a humble egg (no pun intended) and dairy farm where life was basically sh*t and we walked two miles to get to school. At school, we ate Wonderbread bread ends that our classmates left over and didn't want. On the farm, when the hens grew too old to lay eggs or the roosters proved useless (read: unable to f*ck) or otherwise some adult figure got annoyed at one of them, that bird made its way onto our plates.

At one point the matriarch of that farm threw a nephew, age eight, out of a second story window and developed a stutter. That nephew was Brent Baker, who would go on to pen And That's The Way It Isn't, a run away 1980s bestseller.

Not too much later, Grit Daily's executive editor, Jordan French, found himself entangled in a lawsuit to get returned to him a good sum of money stolen by a pair of unruly business partners. The ordeal was so traumatizing and entertaining that he, too, wrote a book about it: The Gritty Entrepreneur. It would seem that a literary aptitude ran through the blood line. He won, by public account, in that lawsuit providing some cushion for Grit Daily. And in that deal, though, he wasn't allowed to publish the book. It was too damning.

Born from The Gritty Entrepreneur is Grit Daily, which embodies -- and covers -- the constant change of our times. Dominated by brands, Grit Daily covers how brands make and shape the international landscape and make every effort to influence our decisions and shape the world around us. Just like those bread ends and unruly business partners, some brands become monopolies and get us to fall in love with them; in other cases the people behind them are filled to the brim with controversy and scandal. Yes, sometimes brands commit crimes and even steal.

As for love we've learned a thing or two in our combined 250+ combined years of reporting. We lead with love. And we want you to fall in love with us, too.

Grit Daily's Team

Grit Daily - Jordan French Jordan French

Executive Editor

Grit Daily - Aaron Kelly Stewart Rogers

Managing Editor

Grit Daily - Andrew Rossow Andrew Rossow

Managing Editor

Grit Daily - Elisa Lewittes Elisa Lewittes

Contributing Writer

Grit Daily - Martine Paris Martine Paris

West Coast Editor

Grit Daily - Yelena Mandenberg Yelena Mandenberg

Staff Writer

Grit Daily - Julia Sachs Julia Sachs

Staff Writer

Grit Daily - Alicia Raeburn Alicia Raeburn

Staff Writer

Grit Daily - Jeremy Ryan Slate Jeremy Ryan Slate

Contributing Editor

Grit Daily - Sophie Price Sophie Price

Staff Writer

Grit Daily - Rachel Novick Rachel Novick

Contributing Writer

Grit Daily - Lucas Miller Lucas Miller

Contributing Writer

Grit Daily - Peter Salib Peter Salib

Contributing Writer

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Staff Writer

Grit Daily - Brian Garcia Tina Mulqeen

Contributing Writer

Grit Daily - Brian Garcia Brian Garcia