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Kristen Butler
Aimee Tariq
on November 30, 2022

A Positive Mindset: 5 Steps to a More Productive You with Kristen Butler

We all know someone with a great outlook on life. No matter what the circumstance, they always look for the positive side of things and inspire others to do the same. You might be thinking, “How do they do it? or more likely, “I could never be like that.” Well, the good news, according to […]

Aimee Tariq
on November 30, 2022

From Vietnam Refugee to Top-Rated Real Estate Agent in Houston, Lily Jang Details Her Success

In a world where millions of people come from areas across the country seeking refuge in the United States, Lily Jang and her family were amongst those people on a quest to live a better life. The family would eventually move from Vietnam to America to put their best effort into living better. It’s one […]

Sandra Ponce de Leon
on November 29, 2022

Entrepreneurs: Saving Jaguars on International Day of the Jaguar

The jaguar is a symbol of beauty, strength and majesty revered throughout the Americas. With lore and mythology that goes back centuries, to ancient cultures such as the Mayas, Olmecs and Aztecs, the jaguar was more than a beautiful and fierce predator, it was also a deity, often known as Balan.  The jaguar is known to have the strongest bite of all the big cats, and takes its name from the ancient word yaguar which means “he who kills with one blow.”

Shani Lechan of Shani Wigs
Michael Peres Michael Peres has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on November 24, 2022

Stay On Top of Your Business Game with These Five Tips from Shani Lechan

Launching a successful business is not easy, but keeping a thriving company over the year is just as difficult. After years in the business, most entrepreneurs will eventually hit a wall. But according to Shani Lechan, the owner of Shani Wigs, a company selling high-quality wigs, there are ways to avoid this. Shani believes that […]

Jacki Magno
Lauren Salaun
on November 23, 2022

Jacki Magno Bringing New Sense Of Community Into The Fashion Industry With Venture Skycloud Management

The state of the global economic climate since the pandemic has turned style on its head, making every imaginable outlet in the sector, from retail to modeling, mostly digital. Those who remained stationary anticipating a normalcy that never returned fell by the wayside. On the one hand, this new digitized framework might seem beneficial. It […]

Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on November 11, 2022

Her Forward Aims To Bridge the Coverage Gap by Focusing On Women Entrepreneurs

We can say that female business leaders often do not get the same coverage as male business leaders, but this can be difficult to quantify and is often passed off as hearsay. But  research by Professor Edward Smith of the Kellogg School of Management took data from all CEO appointments in the U.S. between 2000 […]

Sandra Ponce de Leon
on November 8, 2022

Meet the Women Using ReFi to Change the World

Regenerative Finance or ReFI is based on the idea of using blockchain and crypto to preserve, protect and regenerate natural resources vs the extractive models which are based solely on capital growth of today. ReFI uses blockchain to incentivize new behaviors and create new economic models based on this concept. I was recently introduced to a series of kick ass change-makers through the GitCoin grant process which is an open source platform and bounty system that has deployed $65M USD for over 2,800 web3 for public good projects via quadratic funding (QF). 

Tulum Ruins
Sandra Ponce de Leon
on November 5, 2022

Tulum Web3 Community Goes Global

The Tulum web3 community continues to capture the attention of the world as it embarks on a world tour that is taking a select group of projects and web3 leaders to Labitconf, one of most prestigious crypto conferences in Latin America, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary event. The group will be promoting a decentralized lifestyle, connection to nature and be an inspiration to the world of how dynamic regenerative communities can thrive in regions such as the Mexican Riviera where Tulum is situated.

Jem Bourouh
on October 31, 2022

Breaking Barriers: Dr. Denise Hill Explains How Women Can Communicate More Effectively

The power disparity between male and female members of society is now universally recognized. Even the most traditional groups don’t deny the figures surrounding gender equality, though they may disagree on methods for change. However, it’s commonly assumed that these challenges are less significant for women entrepreneurs due to their business acumen. Even outside the […]

Vanessa Lau
Michael Peres Michael Peres has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on October 12, 2022

How to Turn Your Digital Creator Side Hustle into a Multi-Figure Business with Content Creator CEO, Vanessa Lau

How people become millionaires and billionaires has shifted dramatically in the past two decades. Before the internet, those who made it big in the private economy leveraged capital and labor. Today, the new forms of wealth creation are in permissionless leverages like code and media. The transcendence of popular media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and […]

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