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local businesses
Brian Wallace
on June 20, 2021

Using Location Pages for SEO

Of all the landscapes COVID-19 may have irreversibly altered, the local search environment is not the one most people talk about.  Yet in 2020, 57% of consumers purchased from a local business for the first time because they offered pandemic friendly services.  Over half of consumers avoided local businesses that didn’t offer such accommodations.  How […]

Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on June 14, 2021

America: White Males Are Now The Minority In Business Ownership

Are you discouraged by the anemic ‘risk capital’ flows towards women and minority groups? Well, consider this broader milestone: White men are no longer the majority of business owners in the U.S. But granted that most small businesses, which include agencies and mom-and-pop shops, aren’t tech firms (albeit some productize to become one)—modernizing businesses may […]

Like a Boss podcast
Loralyn Mears PhD
on June 13, 2021

Fulfilled: how a Cardiac Event Spurred Happiness

This week’s episode of the Grit Daily Like a Boss podcast features Mexico’s most trusted CEO. Simón Cohen has happiness front and center in all that he does. Not only for himself, but for his executive team and entire staff at Henco. Cohen is the Chairman and says that, “Henco Logistics is a company that […]

Leah Steele
Rebecca Peres Rebecca Peres has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on June 11, 2021

Women and Wealth: The Changing Face of Women in the Economy

Worldwide, a disproportionate number of women face economic hardship as a result of negative prevailing attitudes towards females in the workplace. Discrimination against women leads to them occupying lower-paid jobs instead of being in top management positions. As a result, they are less able to acquire wealth, land, and capital. This also greatly restricts their […]

Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on June 10, 2021

The Internet Is in Love with the Whitney Austin Collection

Art entrepreneurship is back en vogue with non-fungible tokens, cover art, and the excitement of repopulating personal spaces in the wake of the latest pandemic. Not everyone makes it big. But artists need not “starve.” Or at least that’s the thinking of full-time artist Whitney Austin behind the Whitney Austin Collection that emphasizes community and […]

ocean action grit daily
Sandra Ponce de Leon
on June 8, 2021

Inspiring Passion and Action for our Ocean

While June 8 is officially designated World Oceans Day, it’s important to note that there is in fact only one ocean, an interconnected, swirling current of diverse and rich ecosystems. Every day should be considered World Ocean Day, filled with wonder, appreciation, and action for our Ocean. Humanity’s very existence is dependent on a healthy […]

Elyse Kaye Grit Daily
Sandra Ponce de Leon
on June 6, 2021

Building a Sustainable Fashion and Lifestyle Brand

The fashion industry is the second largest consumer of the world’s water supply and emits 10 percent of all carbon emissions. According to the WWF, the industry emits 1.7 billion tons of CO2 annually contributing to global warming, pollution and extremely high volumes of water used for growing raw materials, not to mention toxic chemicals […]

Amanda Jacobson Grit Daily
Loralyn Mears PhD
on June 6, 2021

The Oyster That Supports Pearls in Mexico

Meet Amanda Jacobson, the podcast guest of this week’s Grit Daily News Like a Boss series. She is the Chief of Staff for Oyster Financial. This is a neobank for SMBs co-headquartered in Mexico City and San Francisco. Prior to joining Oyster’s executive management team, she managed a portfolio of nine fintech startups for Fiinlab, […]

Melanin Haircare Grit Daily News
on June 4, 2021

This Challenger Cosmetic Brand Is Betting Big on Black Beauty

There’s a gap for luxurious and affordable beauty haircare and the industry is due for a new hairdo. Melanin Haircare, founded by two sisters, online creator content Whitney White and Taffeta White are pushing the beauty industry standards to safer ingredients and making it affordable for families. We sat down with Whitney White to discuss […]

Elayne Fluker Grit Daily News
on June 3, 2021

Elayne Fluker Says It’s Time for Women to Shed “I Got It” Syndrome

“I got it.” Those three words echo in women’s minds — often articulated — and equally to their own detriment. Indeed, is it time to shed the “I got it” syndrome? That’s the thinking behind entrepreneur Elayne Fluker’s SiS Academy. Also the host of the Support is Sexy podcast, Elayne sees big opportunities ahead for […]

Danni Peck
on June 3, 2021

By Design: The Rise of Melanie Perkins’ Canva

For Melanie Perkins, the decision to offer a design product that would rival tech giants was not her original intent. But as the CEO of Canva, the popular online-design platform that’s a simpler alternative to Adobe Photoshop and other design software, she managed to do just that and more. Perkins is also one of the […]

Junior Anthony standing
Brian Swan
on June 3, 2021

Why Are You Blaming The System For Your Failure? How to Work It To Your Advantage

There has been no better time to grab the system by the reins and leverage it to set up your own online business and make money from home. Hiding behind excuses has never propelled an entrepreneur to head-spinning success and financial freedom. There is an overflow of rules that can be exploited to help drive […]

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