Editorial Guidelines and Ethics Policy

To be considered as a contributing writer for Grit Daily, please first read these editorial guidelines. If you have no problem working within these lines, write to Peter Page ([email protected]). Include a good pitch for your first article, where to find you on social media, and the following:

  1. Professional headshot photo (.jpg or .png).
  2. Professional byline that complies with Grit Daily’s formatting.
  3. Best email address to associate with Grit Daily’s back-end content management system.

Sample Byline:
Jane Doe is a Columnist at Grit Daily. Based in _________, she …include some information about you.

Editorial Guidelines:

Original Content Only: Grit Daily has zero tolerance for plagiarism. Credit and link to sources, and clearly mark quoted material. We check both staff and contributor content for plagiarism.

Topics and being topical: Grit Daily is a news outlet. Therefore, we encourage contributed articles that offer a unique perspective on current news relevant to startups, women entrepreneurs, women-led brands, tech, fintech, funding, social media, and so forth. “Evergreen” content relevant to entrepreneurship, starting a business, leadership, team building, etc., is welcome.

Subject Matter Experts: Subject-matter experts are very welcome at Grit Daily. We seek experts who can analyze major trending news. Examples at the time of this writing include Elon Musk’s management of Twitter and the ramifications of the FTX bankruptcy on crypto generally, but there will always be new topics. If you have the bona fides and can write, you are welcome at Grit Daily.

Grammar Usage

  • Avoid exclamation points (!),  ellipses (…), slashes (/) and ampersands (&)
  • Common nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs are lowercase.
  • Remember, we are a news outlet.

Links: Every article requires at least one (1) link to another reputable source to bolster credibility and SEO. Links should be used to confirm factual information and for the convenience of readers seeking more information on topics touched upon in your article. Minimize self-reference. You will have ample opportunity to tell readers about yourself and your company in your bio, which is displayed beneath your article. For affiliate links, please see Grit Daily’s Advertising Page.

Internal Links: Every article requires at least one (1) link to another Grit Daily article. You are welcome to link back to your own articles on Grit Daily. Links to relevant Grit Daily articles improve SEO for your article and Grit Daily as a publication. This is why every online publication you have ever read links to other articles on their site.

Conflicts of Interest: Grit Daily will not accept content that would otherwise serve as an advertisement. Contact our editorial team for more information. 

Grit Daily uses WordPress: Your editor for the WordPress Instructions and our associated guidelines with publishing to the platform. Your content will not publish automatically as it must be approved by an editor beforehand.

AP Editorial Guidelines: We are not dogmatic, but when in doubt, consult the AP-style cheat sheet.

Fact-Checking: Keep it real. If it sounds make-believe or even just exaggerated, we will challenge you. Add links to reliable sources to avoid a lot of back and forth.

Corrections Policy: Grit Daily will publish clearly marked corrections or updates, when needed, at the bottom of the original article and note that it was updated with new or corrected information.

Ethics Policy

This policy applies to all members of Grit Daily’s staff, and in some parts, to its contributor program.

Grit Daily is dedicated to ethical and truthful reporting. Reporters are required to fact-check their work and report without bias to ensure their reporting is fair and objective. Grit Daily will clearly disclose any possible conflicts of interest, whether financial or personal, when they cannot be avoided.

Grit Daily staff cannot accept any financial trade in exchange for positive reporting. On occasion, writers will be given special access or product in exchange for coverage.

Writers are required to disclose any product they may have been given in exchange for coverage and get this type of coverage approved by an editor beforehand, with exceptions for press passes at events or early access to film, music, or television for review purposes.

Staff is not allowed to resell items that have been gifted.

Grit Daily staff cannot accept financial or product compensation in exchange for endorsing a product either through their coverage at Grit Daily or on social media.

Campaigns and Politics

Grit Daily welcomes public affairs writing relevant to the topics we cover (for instance, a change in the tax code affecting startups) but generally does not publish content about electoral political campaigns or candidates. This does not preclude staff or contributors from participating in elections, public service, or civic involvement.

Social Media

Grit Daily asks that its staff and contributors practice good judgment on social media. You are encouraged to use social media to your advantage. We believe social media is a fantastic tool for journalists, but understand that your actions on social media reflect your work as a professional and Grit Daily as a publication.

Be careful when posting or reposting content. Remember that your social media content is a reflection of your journalism. Avoid circulating unsubstantiated or biased information.

What do do with an article after it is published

Run the “Dollar a Day” strategy on Twitter or run the $10 ad budget strategy on LinkedIn, to pick up thousands more impressions for your article. After putting in all that work, shouldn’t everyone see it? For more details click this link