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Looking to contribute to Grit Daily or become a sought-after Grit Daily Columnist?

Some guidelines follow.


Before you start:

1. Email your head shot photo in either .jpg or .png format along with a fresh, rewritten “Grit Daily style” bio via email attachment to jordan@gritdaily.com. A “Grit Daily style” starts with “First Name Last Name is a Columnist at Grit Daily.”

2. Also share your first article via Google Drive doc.

3. After the first 2-5 pieces, we can convert from Contributor to Author (aka Columnist) so you can “auto publish.”


Things to get right and to do when writing:

1. Keep the total word count above 600 words.

2. Stick to original content only. You’re welcome to republish your news article(s) elsewhere after they publish to Grit Daily — but not before. Authors usually give twenty four (24) hours before they publish elsewhere.

3. Craft a catchy headline. Use gritdaily.com or upworthy.com for good title ideas.

4. Avoid (!) exclamation points, avoid ellipses (…), and avoid (/) slashes. Avoid ampersands (&).

5. Common nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs should be lower case.

6. Grit Daily is a news outlet. So always stick to covering news. At a minimum, begin with a news hook. If you’re an expert you can “analyze it.” Full-on investigative reporting is welcome.

7. Be sure to backlink to at least one (1) outside news article or other reliable source for any research. Affiliate links are not a reliable source and therefore not allowed.

8. Where appropriate, always add an internal link to any other relevant Grit Daily article. An internal link is one that points to another page on the same website — in this case, that “same website” is Grit Daily. Usually the best route is to link back to your own latest article on Grit Daily.

9. Stick to narrative format and avoid bullets, dashed lists, or numbered lists with few exceptions.

10. If you run a company and want to market it, be sure to mention that in your biography only. People respect your willingness to “give” by covering and analyzing news, first. Your own articles are no place to mention your company or back link to it.

11. Always include a “focus word.” That goes in at the bottom of the CMS.

12. Always include a “featured image” which goes in on the righthand side of the CMS at “set featured image.”

13. Always include at least three tags and at least three categories.

13. For all other editorial guidelines, we follow Associated Press — or AP — style. For a thorough “cheat sheet” of those rules, take a look here.