The 9 Best Beard Straightener Comb Selections of 2021

Published on April 6, 2021

Beards can be difficult to manage, especially when they get long. If you have a curly or difficult-to-tame beard, it can be even more difficult to keep it under control. Fortunately, with a beard straightener comb, you can easily tame your unruly beard. To help you get control of your beard, some of the best beard straightener combs were compiled.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the best beard straightener combs of 2021

Choosing the Best Beard Straightener Combs

There are a lot of things that separate a decent beard straightener comb from a great one. The comb needs to not only straighten hair but do so in the best possible way, avoiding any damage that heat can cause to hair. Therefore, these things were considered when selecting the best beard straightener combs:

  • Heating Technology: The temperatures and the technology used are the most important parts of a beard straightener comb. After all, the temperature affects how well a comb works on hair, and higher temperatures are needed for curly or difficult to manage hair.
  • Bristles: Bristles need to have a few qualities. First, they need to be capable of standing up to constant use, so durability is important. They also need to prevent scalding while heating and straightening hair.
  • Safety: Every beard straightener comb on this list is safe. Even if some of them have more safety features than others, they are all safe to use. It is important that any comb used prevents burns and scalding. They also need to have safe handles and cords that do not get tangled or cause a mishap.

There is a variety of technology that you might find in a beard straightener comb, and many of them suit different lengths of hair. However, the basics of heat, bristles, and safety are the most important and are present in every comb on this list.

The 9 Best Beard Straightener Combs of 2021

The best beard straightener comb is one that does the job, leaving hair straight and tame. Fortunately, there are a lot of great combs out there. However, not all of them work the same. Some beard straightener combs are focused on dealing with the most stubborn beards, but there are a lot of options out there, many of which are on this list.

Arkam Deluxe Beard Straightener Comb

Arkam’s deluxe beard straightener comb is one of the best you can find. The first thing to mention is that the deluxe edition is meant for long beards, aimed at those with four or more inches of beard to mess with. While it might work for shorter beards, the longer bristles make it more suitable for those with a lot of hair to untangle and straighten.

The Arkam deluxe also has MCH heating, which is faster, safer, and more consistent than traditional straightening. There is also their ION technology, ensuring that the straightening lasts all day, any moisture is sealed in, and that the results are smooth and healthy. It’s even meant to take care of straightening your beard in a single stroke.


  • Has MCH heating for fast, safe straightening
  • ION technology ensures that it’s long-lasting
  • Saves time with Single Stroke Technology
  • Shuts off automatically after 30 minutes


  • Slightly clunky controls
  • Not effective on shorter beards

Arkam Premium Beard Straightener Comb

While Arkam’s deluxe beard straightener comb is meant for long beards, the premium edition of their comb is made for use on beards as short as two inches. It can also take care of any type of beard, having three different heat settings for anything from fine and light hair to thick and curly. It even does this in thirty minutes or less.

The premium beard straightener comb has the same MCH heating as the deluxe, meaning you can expect quick, safe, and consistent straightening. The ION technology is present as well, meaning the styling will hold well. It is also made with anti-scald technology, so you don’t have to worry about anything but straightening your beard.


  • Utilizes MCH heating
  • Contains ION technology
  • Works on numerous types of beards
  • Can straighten hair as short as two inches
  • Has anti-scald technology


  • Not great for longer beards
  • The tip gets incredibly hot

XIKEZAN Beard Straightener Comb

The first thing to note about the XIKEZAN beard straightener comb is that it is made out of high-quality materials. The bristles are made of glass fiber materials and are highly elastic and durable. They are also long, meaning you can take care of a longer beard with this comb. The best part is that the bristles are durable and difficult to break.

This beard straightener comb utilizes PTC heating technology, meaning fast and stable heat. There are even three different heat settings, allowing this comb to deal with a variety of hair types. Add that to a design that prevents scalding and offers a great deal of safety and protection, and you get a reliable comb that will quickly style your hair.


  • PTC heating technology with three settings
  • Designed with a non-slip handle
  • High-quality materials


  • Sensitive power button that is on the handle
  • Takes some time to heat up

Tame’s Easy Glide Beard Straightener Comb

Tame’s beard straightener comb focuses on one thing: convenience. The product’s main goal is to straighten your beard as quickly as possible, and it shows that in every one of its features, starting with the advanced heater technology they use to rapidly heat the comb. It even has insulated bristle tips so that you won’t burn yourself while using it.

In addition to heating up quickly, the comb has three different temperature settings that you can choose from, each of which is targeted towards a different type of hair. That being said, this beard straightener comb is suited for hair over one inch in length. If that’s not enough, it even automatically shuts off after 30 minutes for safety.


  • It heats rapidly
  • Has three temperature settings
  • Insulated bristles prevent scalding
  • Has built-in safety features


  • Not as effective on very long beards

Viking Revolution Beard Straightener Comb

Viking Revolution makes amazing beard products, and their beard straightener comb is no exception. Since it utilizes PTC heating technology, it is reliable when it comes to heating up quickly while remaining safe and consistent. It also has ION technology, which helps prevent damage to your hair and ensures less frizz after use.

You don’t need to worry about scalding yourself when using this comb, either. No matter which of its three different temperatures you decide to use, you will find yourself with a safe and reliable beard straightener comb. The same is true of hair types. No matter how thick and curly your hair is, this comb and its multiple settings can style it nicely.


  • Contains PTC heating technology
  • Has anti-scald features
  • ION technology prevents damage and frizz
  • Has heat settings for every hair type


  • Takes some time to heat up
  • Bristle design is bulky

BEARDCLASS Premium Beard Straightener Comb

The BEARDCLASS beard straightener comb has almost everything you could want. First of all, its bristles are designed specifically for a beard. Not only that, but it is meant for use with any length or type of beard. There are even five different temperature settings, meaning you can target any type of hair, whether it be fine or coarse.

This comb is loaded with safety features as well, including anti-scald technology and a ceramic coating to ensure safe, even heat. It even shuts off after 30 minutes. Also, there’s no need to wait long when using this product since it can heat up in as little as 40 seconds. There’s even a convenient swivel cord that maintains consistent heat.


  • Designed specifically for beards
  • Has five temperature settings
  • Loaded with safety features
  • Heats up quickly


  • Can cause some frizz

Jurgen K Beard Straightener Comb

Jurgen K’s beard straightener comb starts off strong with double negative ionic technology. With this technology, the comb helps to prevent damage and repair hair, leaving you with a healthy, hydrated beard that is sure to impress. Along with MCH heating technology, you can expect fast, effective straightening wherever you are.

This comb is meant for all beard types, covering a wide range of temperatures. For shorter or medium beards, you can go as low as 250 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have a more difficult beard, the comb reaches temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Combining the different technologies with 12 temperature settings makes styling easy.


  • A wide range of temperature settings
  • Features MCH heating
  • Utilizes double negative ionic technology
  • Works for any type of beard


  • Not as effective on shorter beards

Scree Beard Straightener Comb

The Scree beard straightener comb is perfect for those wanting something that travels well. Driving that point home is the fact that this comb comes with dual voltage, allowing you to carry it with you with ease. Moreover, while it might be simpler than some other combs since it only has two heat settings, it is still effective and excels in simplicity.

While the Scree comb isn’t as packed with features as some combs, it still stands out as a great product with its ceramic-coated teeth, which help them heat quickly and do their job without damaging your hair. It will heat up within 60 seconds and straighten your hair in minutes. Though, you should keep in mind that it’s meant for medium to long beards.


  • Dual voltage for worry-free traveling
  • Ceramic coated teeth prevent hair damage
  • Heats up within 60 seconds


  • Lacks features
  • Not great for shorter beards
  • Lacks diverse temperature options

Vikicon Beard Straightener Comb

The Vikicon beard straightener comb is a great product, and the medium version is fantastic, especially for longer beards that you want to take care of quickly. However, no matter the beard length or type, you will find this comb effective. It has MCH heating and advanced ionic technology, making it safe, consistent, and effective.

There are also 12 different temperature settings for precision. It even heats rapidly, so you don’t have to wait long to get to work once you turn it on. Moreover, this comb has plenty of safety features, including an auto-lock feature and anti-scald bristles that will ensure nothing goes wrong while using it.


  • MCH heating technology
  • Advanced ionic technology
  • Anti-scald bristles
  • Twelve temperature settings


  • Bulky and not great for traveling
  • Not great for short beards

How to Shop for a Beard Straightener Comb

Shopping for a beard straightener comb is actually quite easy once you know what you need. The basic requirement is that you find a comb that will straighten your hair, but there are a few factors that determine which comb will do that best. When shopping for a beard straightener comb, consider these things to make the best decision:

  • Hair Length: You want to buy a beard straightener comb that will tame your beard, which means you need to consider your beard length. Longer beards usually mean longer bristles, while combs with long bristles might not work well on short beards.
  • Hair Type: If you have a curly, thick beard that is difficult to manage, then you need to consider how high the temperature goes on the combs you look at. Higher heat will tame more difficult beards, so if you have a really troublesome beard, then you should look for something that can reach higher temperatures.
  • Routine: How often do you plan on straightening your beard? How long does it need to remain straight? Some beard straightener combs have technology that helps the styling last a long time. Therefore, consider what you need the comb to accomplish. Take how quickly you need it to heat up into account as well.

There are a lot of features that might impact your decision when it comes to the perfect beard straightener comb for you, but getting one that will straighten your hair is what matters. You need to be aware of your hair type and length, and you should definitely consider your routine and how long the styling should last. From there, it’s simple.

In Conclusion 

Shopping for a beard straightener comb isn’t as simple as grabbing the first one you see. You need to consider a variety of things, and you need to find one that works perfectly for you. This list should help. Using the list as a guide, you should be able to find the type of comb you need and straighten your beard in no time.

Other Products You May Need to Tame Your Beard

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