The 8 Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars of 2023

By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on April 25, 2023

Doing pull-ups is a great way to exercise because they work out multiple muscles, can be done with limited equipment, and are something that many people strive to improve at. However, while it is one of the more simplistic exercises, it does require a safe, sturdy something to hold onto, which is where wall-mounted pull-up bars come into play.

Here are our top 3 quick picks for the best wall mounted pull up bars:

  1. ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Lite Pull Up Bar
  2. Yes4All Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
  3. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar

The Criteria for Choosing the Best Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bars

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Pull-ups are not a complicated exercise. In fact, if you are truly determined, you can find a suitable place to do them outside and skip the equipment altogether. However, if you wish to use some equipment, the nature of this simple exercise requires you to keep a few things in mind. These are the things that were considered in this list:

  • Safety: First and foremost, safety is the number one concern. While doing a pull-up is not a dangerous exercise, it does require a solid bar with good grips. Considering it is meant to hold a person’s entire body weight, it needs to be put together properly. Therefore, mounting is particularly important.
  • Reliability: While this is closely related to safety, the ability of a pull-up bar to do precisely what it is meant to do without fail is important. Reliability means the bar being able to hold your weight and not bending. It also means the bar remains sturdy and stable so that there is no movement while you are exercising.
  • Functionality: You can get away with a basic bar, and there are a few on the list. However, pull-up bars can be more than a simple bar. Of course, they can be just that as well. However, it is important to decide what type of workout you are looking for and get the appropriate bar. Therefore, multiple styles were included.

The most important features of a wall-mounted pull-up bar are safety and reliability. While functionality is also important, it comes down to personal preferences. Therefore, all of the bars chosen for this list are sturdy and well-made, meant to last under the most intense workouts.

The 8 Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

A pull-up bar can be something simple, even being a single bar of steel for someone to grip. However, that is not all there is to pull-up bars, with other helpful features being available. Plus, with how much competition is out there, it is helpful to know where you should begin your search. This list is here to help.

ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Lite Pull Up Bar

The ProsourceFit pull-up bar is what one would consider the minimalist’s dream. Its main feature is its small size and low price, making it the first step into the world of pull-up bars. It is an especially good choice for those wanting to dip a toe into doing pull-ups without a heavy investment.

However, despite its minimalist design, it has a few features that make it a good choice. First, it comes with six non-slip grips that are placed in different positions. These grips allow different exercises to be performed and allow any number of people to do pull-ups using this bar. Additionally, it works for anyone up to 300 pounds.

  • Small design that makes it easy to store or move
  • Designed to fit in a doorway
  • Inexpensive but does the job
  • Does not hold much weight
  • Not the most stable design
  • Limited workout options

Yes4All Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

The Yes4All wall-mounted pull-up bar is another great minimalist bar, offering exactly what you need to do pull-ups and a few other basic exercises. Unlike the previous bar, it is meant to be mounted on any wall instead of being designed to work with a door. Therefore, it can be put anywhere in the home and at any height.

The bar is one solid piece of steel and has six screws to ensure a steady hold. Moreover, with multiple padded grip positions, it helps keep your hands comfortable and dry while working out. It is even safe to use for up to 300 pounds, meaning most users will have no problem with this piece of equipment.

  • Compact design for use in a number of places
  • Padded foam grips that make for easy use
  • Inexpensive but reliable
  • Can only hold 300 pounds
  • Limited workout options
  • Only a few grip positions

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar

While this piece of equipment was designed for 2019 and features a similar design to the Yes4All bar, it has several features that make it worth the increased price. The most obvious difference is in the bar itself, which is longer and thus has larger pull-up grips, making it ideal for those with large hands.

The mounting is also more secure, with thicker screws and solid steel construction that includes triangle segments at the joints for added stability. While the amount of weight it can hold remains firm at 300 pounds, there are few better options than this for those looking for a reliable minimalist piece of equipment.

  • Sturdy mounting
  • Has a wider pull-up bar
  • Compact design that can be placed in many different places
  • Expensive compared to similar options
  • Only a few workout options
  • Not many grip positions to work with

Yes4All Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

While this bar serves as the simplest offering yet, it is meant for those needing something with serious stability. Not only does this bar feature eight screws, but it also has a triangle design for maximum stability and holds up to 500 pounds without a problem. While it only has a basic bar and no real grips to speak of, it does its job.

This heavy-duty wall-mounted pull-up bar is perfect for those wanting a simple design that can handle a lot. Not only is it able to hold a lot of weight, but it is a 50-inch bar, which is longer than any of the previous bars. On top of that, it’s easy to install and is the perfect edition for those who like equipment that can handle a lot.

  • Has a very long bar
  • An incredibly sturdy bar with a high weight tolerance
  • No grips
  • Not very versatile
  • Takes up a lot of space for what it is

OneTwoFit Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

The OneTwoFit Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar is a versatile fitness tool designed to promote upper body strength. It supports a range of exercises to effectively build muscle across the chest, arms, back, and core with activities such as chin-ups, push-ups, and leg raises. Constructed with heavy-duty steel, it provides excellent stability and rigidity, capable of supporting up to 440 pounds.

The pull-up bar features well-padded, high-density cushions that offer comfort during intense workouts. The padding is tear-resistant, ensuring its durability and long-lasting use. Installation is simple with the included four strong suspension anchors, though it’s suggested to mount on a concrete or brick wall for optimal security and performance.

  • Multifunctional supports diverse exercises
  • Durable with heavy-duty steel
  • Comfortable with well-padded cushions
  • Specific wall requirements, needs concrete/brick wall
  • Extra equipment, hammer drill required

PLKO Wall Mount Pull Up Bar

The PLKO bar offers a different style than the other wall-mounted pull-up bars shown thus far. The style is different and takes on the approach of using grips with various angles to improve the variety of muscles you can workout using the equipment. Moreover, it has two hinged rings that can be used to add various accessories.

This pull-up bar is around 45 inches and can hold up to 440 pounds, making it a decent bar for anyone. It also features a six screw mount that is made with a thickened plate and a triangle bracket design for stability and safety.

  • Has multiple grips of different angles for intense workouts
  • Holds a good amount of weight
  • Hinged rings for extra versatility
  • Stable design
  • Requires solid walls
  • This design is expensive

KAKICLAY Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar

The KAKICLAY Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar offers an ergonomic grip with angled ends, ideal for protecting the wrist. This raised bar is also suitable for taller individuals, providing comfort with soft foam grips that prevent blisters. The bar’s extra thickness ensures a secure grip.

The upper bar is split into four small form grips that, when combined with the angled ends, offer a broad variety of grip options, including shoulder width and close grip. Suspension straps are included to add versatility to your workouts. A 2023 upgrade introduces premium silicone door protectors that prevent damage to your door frame, leaving no marks behind.

  • Ergonomic, multifunctional grip options
  • Includes suspension straps for versatility
  • Silicone protectors prevent door damage
  • May be too high for shorter people
  • Folding design may limit stability

BDL Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

While the BDL wall-mounted pull-up bar will allow you to do a proper pull-up, it does much more than that. In fact, it would be more appropriate to call this a multifunctional workout station than just a pull-up bar. It has multiple grips and can allow you to perform a pull-up, but it also serves as a dip station and has a variety of versatile functions.

With multiple grip positions, hinged rings, and two different setups, this piece of equipment can accomplish a great many things. However, it also means a great deal of stability. While this pull-up bar is rather small length-wise, coming in at under 40 inches, it can hold up to 440 pounds and will make a great addition to any workout routine.

  • Highly versatile piece of equipment
  • Holds a lot of weight
  • Padded grips and cushions
  • Multiple functions make the price worth it
  • Not a very long pull-up bar
  • Can be tough to install
  • Not as good as a similarly-priced dedicated pull-up bar

Wall Mounted Pull Bar Buyer’s Guide

If you are curious how to decide which wall-mounted pull-up bar is best for you, there are a few things you are going to want to consider. After all, as it was previously mentioned, a pull-up bar can be as simple as a single bar of steel used to do the most basic pull-up routine. But it can also be far more than that. Think about these things:

  • Workout Requirements: The most important factor when buying a wall-mounted pull-up bar is what you want to accomplish with it. Are you looking for something basic to push your limits with regular pull-ups? Do you want something to work out multiple muscles? Consider your exercise needs and buy accordingly.
  • Suitable Size: Size is important when it comes to pull-up bars. Whether it is measuring for the perfect grip or looking for a bar that will fit best in your workout space, the size will help determine which bar you should get.
  • Safety: This means making sure the bar can hold your weight and having a bar that you can mount properly. Make sure whatever bar you purchase will be stable and secure in your workout space.

Even the most basic wall-mounted pull-up bar will get the job done, but shopping for one means looking for a bar that fits your needs. Every bar on this list will be safe, and they all allow you to do a proper pull-up, so the most important thing is finding the one that fits your needs.


No matter which wall-mounted pull-up bar you choose, you will not have any problems reaching your exercise goal. But there are some things you need to look out for, such as mounting, weight capacity, and size. Therefore, when choosing a wall-mounted pull-up bar, take your time, take some measurements, and then find the best one for you.

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