The Best Beard Brushes of 2023

By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on April 1, 2023

Beards are serious business. With shampoo, condition, balm, oil, and a slew of other grooming products out there focused solely on facial hair, a good brush is a must. Those serious about their beard know how useful such a simple item can be, and fortunately, there are plenty out there to choose from.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top picks for the best beard conditioners of 2023:

What Makes a Good Beard Brush?

It might seem like a silly question. After all, a brush is a brush. However, it’s not quite that simple. Brushes, especially beard brushes, need to deal with a few things, including properly distributing oil during brushing. Therefore, to ensure only the best brushes, certain things were considered when choosing the top beard brushes, including:

  • Quality of Materials: This is the most important factor for any beard brush. Regardless of whether the materials are natural or synthetic, you only want the best when it comes to a brush. The best quality naturally means natural wood bodies and bristles capable of doing what you need them to do.
  • Bristles: While quality bristles are important, there is also a preference towards the specific type of bristle when it comes to beard brushes. There are some exceptions, but the best beard brushes normally utilize boar hair since it allows for proper oil redistribution and can help untangle stubborn beards.

There are other qualities that influence a good beard brush, but the most important thing is that the simple product is done right. A basic beard brush only needs two things: bristles and a body. Therefore, if the wood is strong and the bristles capable of doing their job, then any beard brush will do.

The Best Beard Brushes of 2023

Beard brushes are simple objects with a few simple materials, but shopping for one can be difficult. A good beard brush needs to redistribute oil, exfoliate your skin, remove dandruff, and help you untangle beard hair. The problem is, there are a lot of brushes out there, so finding the best for you can be difficult. Fortunately, this list can help.

1. Beard Brush by ZilberHaar

ZilberHaar’s beard brush is the first on the list and has a classic design that stands out due to the smooth pearwood handle and boar bristles. The brand uses all-natural materials and minimal chemical treatments to ensure quality, even backing it with a satisfaction guarantee.

This ZilberHaar brush is made in Germany and is 6.1 inches long, making it their regular size. Aside from looking good, the brush is effective at reducing beard-itch, softening your beard, untangling beard hair, and exfoliating your skin with its stiff bristles. It is especially useful when used with beard oil or balm.

  • Has a classic look
  • Reliable, quality materials
  • Effectively untangles beard hair
  • Great travel brush
  • Not great for longer beards
  • Small brush for a “regular” size

2. ZilberHaar Pocket Beard Brush

While the previous beard brush by ZilberHaar is their regular size, they also sell larger and smaller brushes. The pocket-sized brush is of particular note for those looking for something they can take with them anywhere. It features the same pearwood and boar bristles that make ZilberHaar brushes so classically appealing.

As for the size, it comes in at around 3.2 inches and can fit in the palm of most hands. This little brush is perfect for those who want to take a brush with them day-to-day. It can help apply oil or balm and has the same penetrating quality as other ZilberHaar brushes to help untangle stubborn bears and exfoliate the underlying skin.

  • Pocket-sized convenience
  • Quality materials for a long-lasting product
  • Effective at untangling hair and exfoliating skin
  • Perfect for short beards and mustaches
  • Very small and unsuited for longer beards

3. ZEUS 100% Boar Bristle Beard and Moustache Brush

Few brands are as reputable as Zeus when it comes to beard management. They have a reputation for balms and oils, and their brushes are no exception, carrying the same quality as everything else. Their dedication to quality can be seen from the start, with the Zeus beard brush being crafted from pearwood and boar bristles.

This brush also has a handle and 5.5 inches long, including the handle. However, don’t let its size fool you. This brush can tackle a variety of beards with ease, and you can purchase it with firm bristles or soft bristles to ensure that you get a brush that suits your beard. Go firm for longer beards and soft for shorter. You won’t be disappointed.

  • High-quality materials that last
  • Sold with soft or hard bristles
  • A good size to maximize convenience and effectiveness
  • Even the soft/medium bristles are quite stiff

4. Grave Before Shave Beard Brush

Grave Before Shave is a brand name that tells you everything you need to know about their products. They make things for people with serious beards, and they are proud of the quality they dish out. The brush is no different. It is made of pure bamboo and boar bristles, and the brush itself is put together exquisitely.

Despite being a great brush, it does have a specific focus: long beards. The Grave Before Shave brush can work for any beard, but it leans towards longer, thicker beards compared to other brushes. With a wider head and stiff bristles, it is suitable for those who need to tame a messy or difficult beard without giving it a chance to fight back.

  • Put together incredibly well
  • Natural materials
  • A decently sized brush
  • Not as suitable for shorter beards
  • The wide head makes it difficult to use on mustaches

5. Bossman 2″ Round Boar & Nylon Bristle Brush

The Bossman beard brush is unique compared to the other brushes on this list in that it is a round brush that suits long hair as much as it does a long beard. More than that, it has a different purpose than most of the other brushes: styling hair. While it serves just fine as a normal brush despite its design, it was made to do more.

The brush has boar’s hair bristles along with rounded nylon bristles. That, along with the unique round design, gives it the ability to straighten or shape a beard more easily than other brushes. While this brush might not suit everyone or every beard, it is effective, even when it comes to the normal untangling and exfoliating that other brushes do.

  • Great size and unique design
  • Works well for straightening and styling
  • Quality materials
  • Not effective on all beard types
  • Difficult to use properly in some circumstances

6. Smooth Viking Beard Brush and Comb

Smooth Viking makes great products for beards, and their brush is no exception. While quality comes in many forms, pearwood and boar bristles are at the top when it comes to beard brushes, and Smooth Viking ensures that their product is made with these natural materials. In fact, the bristles are 100% natural, meaning they didn’t skimp at all.

The brush is perfect for untangling stubborn hair and helping apply beard oil or balm. Additionally, the easy-to-hold design makes it perfect for any of your beard grooming needs. It even comes with a comb that is made of the same quality wood and can be purchased in two different colors.

  • Good size that is easy to hold
  • Created using quality, natural materials
  • Comes with a comb to ensure maximum beard grooming
  • Effective at untangling and promoting a healthy beard
  • Quality of the included comb is questionable
  • Some might dislike the lack of a handle

7. Viking Revolution Beard Comb & Beard Brush Set

This set is another targeted at the modern Viking, all under the banner of Viking Revolution, a trustworthy name for all things beard. The beard features a comb and a brush, meaning you get what you need for grooming any length of beard. Both items are also made of quality material, with the wood containing both pearwood and bamboo.

The items in the set also come with a velvet pouch meant to make the items even easier to take on the go. All of that comes with a satisfaction guarantee. There is little reason not to give Viking Revolution’s beard comb a shot since you get both quality and assurance at a great price.

  • Excellent price, especially for a set
  • Effective for any length of beard
  • Made using natural materials
  • Some question the quality and stiffness of the bristles
  • Can only be purchased as a set

8. Seven Potions Beard Brush

Seven Potions makes one of the best brushes on this list. It is the same handleless military-style brush as the previous few, but it hones everything to love about this style of brush to perfection. The pearwood and boar bristles that are almost standard for beard brushes are cut and polished to perfection.

This brush will do everything you expect a good beard brush to do. It helps tame an unruly beard, exfoliates your skin, and removes dandruff. With quality bristles, you really see the effect. Whether you want a brush that fits in the palm of your hand for travel or a brush to keep in your bathroom cabinet, you can be confident in Seven Potions’ quality.

  • Quality natural materials and design
  • Convenient size for travel or home use
  • Helps untangle beard hair and remove dandruff
  • Lack of handle can be seen as a negative
  • More expensive compared to similar brushes

9. BFWood Beard Brush

The BFWood brush is meant for one thing in particular: traveling. While this brush can tackle an entire beard by itself, it is better for using on the go or taking on finer details than it is at tackling an entire beard. The reason behind this is the brush’s unique circular design, leaving it as one of the most compact brushes out there.

While small, the brush has the same boar bristles that you want on a beard brush. The wood is also black walnut, making it a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The bristles are medium, making them soft enough to protect a delicate face while firm enough to tackle a stubborn beard and evenly apply any oil or balm you might use.

  • Compact for travel or fine details
  • Quality materials
  • Bristles suitable for almost any beard
  • Not suited for long beards

Guide for Shopping for Beard Brushes

There are a few things that can help you if you are shopping for a beard brush. While it might seem like a simple task, you can’t just buy the first one you see with boar bristles and a nice wooden handle. Instead, consider these things:

  • Beard Length: Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is the length of your beard. If you have a short beard, you do not need as large a brush or as stiff of bristles. Softer bristles work for shorter beards, while firmer bristles penetrate thicker, longer beards. Therefore, consider your normal beard length carefully.
  • Handle: One thing that separates the various beard brushes on the list is the existence of a handle. The military-style brushes do not have handles, and while they work perfectly fine, if you prefer a handle, ensure that you find one that fits your grip.
  • Materials: Boar bristles are not the only type that can work for a beard brush, but it is normally the best. While certain blends and mixes work fine, the majority of brushes that are worth owning will have boar bristles. They will also have wooden bodies that will last a long time.

There are a lot of good beard brushes out there, but the best brush is going to be the one that you like using and that works for your beard. Therefore, consider the above when shopping for beard brushes.


There are plenty of good beard brushes out there, and they come in a variety of styles and materials. However, always consider the golden standard if you choose to look at other beard brushes, never forgetting the effectiveness of boar bristles on a beard. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll be able to take your beard grooming to the next level.

Other Products You May Need to Manage Your Beard

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By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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