The 7 Best Dry Erase Boards of 2023

Published on April 6, 2023

Dry erase boards are one of those tools that can really help you get organized if used properly. 

Or you can just use the dry erase board to draw doodles. The choice is yours. 

Regardless, while there are a lot of organization apps on the market nowadays, nothing beats writing a task down on a handy dry erase board. You can set the board in a prominent spot where you have no choice but to remember the task you wrote down in the first place. Or you can write down fitness goals or a shopping list. 

Overall, a good dry erase board can make your life a lot easier. That’s always our goal when picking out these lists. Finding products that enhance your life so you can focus on more important things at hand.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Dry Erase Boards

Criteria for Choosing the Dry Erase Boards

Size/Durability: Does the brand offer several different dry erase board sizes? Do the smaller sizes remain sturdy? Are the larger sizes big but not so big that they won’t remain steady where you mount them?

Price: It’s a dry erase board. You should not have to break the bank over it. (Note: There are some larger sizes that are more expensive, but those seem to be more for large workplace settings.) 

Reviews: It’s natural to gravitate to the products that have a higher amount of reviews. We like seeing the product’s overall rating based on the number of reviews and how many of those reviews are five-star ratings. 

The 7 Best Dry Erase Boards

The U Brands Contempo Magnetic Dry Erase Board

First off, hats off to the Contempo dry erase board for meeting our marker criteria right off the bat. So how does the rest of this product stack up? Well, this dry erase board comes with double-sided Velcro mounting strips for easy assembly. The price is great, coming in at under fifteen dollars. There are only two size options for this brand, eleven by fourteen inches and eight and a half by eleven inches.

  • The price is super reasonable 
  • The board is magnetic 

  • Prone to smearing
  • Magnet is a bit weak

The Viz-Pro Magnetic Dry Erase Board

What’s really nice about the Viz-Pro dry erase board is the sheer amount of sizes available for purchase. You can mount this board vertically or horizontally, and the board is made with an anti-scratch silver aluminum frame. It also comes with a wall-mount screw kit for easy and sturdy assembly. While it is a bit expensive compared to many other dry erase boards, the quality well makes up for that.

  • Very durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to put in place
  • Detachable marker tray 

  • Expensive

Amazon Basics Magnetic Dry Erase White Board

It’s magnetic! It comes with a marker and magnets! It’s the AmazonBasics dry erase board! Depending on availability in each size, you can get your dry erase board with an aluminum frame that’s magnetic or non-magnetic, or you can choose a wood frame. This dry erase board also has a built-in tray for markers. Additionally, it is relatively easy to install.

  • Built with sturdy materials
  • Reasonable prices
  • Easy to install

  • Not many sizes

The X-Board Double-Sided Magnetic Dry-Erase Board

The X-Board double-sided magnetic dry erase board comes with three markers, four push-pin magnets, and one magnetic eraser. What’s good about this board, too, is that it’s also made with a detachable aluminum marker tray. The board is double-sided as well!

  • Double-sided board
  • Variety of sizes
  • High quality for the price

  • Some quality control issues

The kedudes Premium Magnetic Small Dry-Erase Board

This board is perfect if you just want a small dry erase board with some extra accessories. The kedudes dry erase board comes in two sizes: eight and a half by eleven inches and eleven by fourteen inches. This board doesn’t require any tools for assembly. Just attach the adhesive magnets or double-sided tape, depending on where you’re mounting the board, and voila! You’re ready to write.

  • Lots of accessories
  • The markers have erasers

  • Hard to kee mounted
  • Stains if left uncleaned

The Mead Dry Erase Board

The Mead dry erase board is simple but straight to the point. It’s designed with an aluminum frame and comes with a one-year warranty. The Mead board comes with mounting hardware and an adjustable marker tray. There are some large sizes as well, which makes it a great choice when you need a board with a lot of writing space.

  • You can hang this board vertically or horizontally 
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Good price

  • This board is not magnetic 
  • Can be hard to clean

JJPRO Magnetic Whiteboard Reward Chore Chart

The Magnetic Whiteboard Reward Chore Chart by JJPRO is a dry erase refrigerator responsibility incentive chart featuring a combo set of one 14.5″x11″ chore chart and two 7.25″x5.5″ magnetic whiteboards. Designed with an upgraded layout to offer ample space for noting down daily tasks, it also comes with two additional whiteboards for notes and grocery lists. The whiteboards use nano premium erase film for easy writing and erasing without leaving stains or ghosting. The product includes six color whiteboard markers for colorful planning and notes. Customer satisfaction is a priority for JJPRO, offering a full refund for unsatisfied customers.

  • Flexible Combo Set
  • Upgraded Design
  • Easy Write and Clean

  • May Not Stick to All Fridge Surfaces
  • Requires Regular Cleaning

In Conclusion 

There’s something magical about writing things down that helps keep you on task. Sure, a dry erase board might be a bit more rudimentary nowadays in this age of advanced technology, but boy, does a good quality board still get the job done in terms of organization. Whether you’re using your board for to-do lists, chore charts, cute notes, or whatever else, consider it an investment in improving your life, making things easier one step at a time. 

Other Products You May Need

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