Got Cold Feet? Check out 2021’s Seven Best Pairs of Heated Socks

Published on May 20, 2021

What’s far superior to a pair of wet socks? Heated socks. Yes, heated socks are a thing that exists that you’re missing out on. They’re a perfect gift for a friend that’s always cold, or for yourself if you work in a cold office or outdoors in a cold climate. Another benefit of heated socks? They’re great for anyone suffering from muscle aches or chronic foot pain. We’ve curated a list of the seven best pairs of heated socks on the market. Check out our picks below. 

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the best Heated Socks of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Heated Socks

Do They Actually Keep Your Feet Warm? As simple as this criteria sounds, it’s vital. You don’t want to spend twenty bucks on a pair of socks that only keep your feet warm for five minutes. The socks that we’ve picked typically warm feet consistently for a long duration of time. 

Ratings: A product having a higher amount of reviews does not necessarily mean it’s better. We try to look for a high ratio of five star ratings to overall reviews. 

Are They Comfy? Durable? Do the socks actually last? Are they durable in cold weather conditions? Do they fit well in boots, tennis shoes and slippers? 

The 7 of Best Heated Socks of 2021

The Sunew Store Warm Thermal Socks

The Sunew Store warm thermal socks offer more than ten sock designs and colors, with plenty of variety for men and women. Designed with ribbed stay up tops to prevent that annoying sock slippage feeling, the Sunew socks also have built-in cushioning around the shin, ankle and instep for maximum comfort. These socks are insulated, and don’t require batteries to sustain a level of heat for your feet while the socks are worn which is extra convenient. 

Ratings-wise, the Sunew Store thermal socks currently have a 4.5 average rating based on 1,115 reviews. 764 of those reviews are five-star ratings.

  • They don’t require batteries to stay warm 
  • The price for one pair is under ten dollars 
  • Several reviewers said that these socks made great gifts for loved ones
  • One reviewer said that they would give these ten stars if it was possible, and appreciated that she could wash them and they didn’t shrink 
  • Another reviewer liked how these socks weren’t so hot that they made their feet sweaty, the insulation was warm and just right 
  • Another reviewer who worked in a freezer that was negative five degrees said that these worked well in that environment

  • The socks only come in medium and large. As a result some reviewers said they liked the socks but they would like them more if the socks actually fit them. 
  • The heat source is the insulation, so if you’re looking for a battery-powered pair these aren’t right for you
  • One reviewer said that these socks weren’t any warmer than her normal socks 

The Pvendor Thermal Socks for Men

The Pvendor socks are also thermal, meaning the material and design of the socks keep your feet insulated without a need for battery generated warmth. With that in mind, these socks come in black, blue or grey and are made with thick lining that is warm and soft to the touch. One really nice extra feature of these socks is the moisture control and odor fighting properties. If there’s one thing more frustrating than wet socks it’s sweaty, smelly socks. The Pvendor socks are made with a special material that blocks odor and has moisture control. 

Ratings-wise, the Pvendor socks have a 4.5-star rating based on an average from 2,887 global reviews. The ratio of five-star reviews to overall reviews is promising. The Pvendor socks have 2,070 five-star reviews.

  • Don’t get thrown off by the price. You get two pairs with each purchase. 
  • One reviewer said that these socks kept her feet nice and toasty in 35 degree weather, and said that these were the perfect winter weather socks. 
  • Another reviewer said that these socks helped her significant other stay warm during work in freezing temperatures 
  • Yet another reviewer said that these socks kept their feet warm during a trip to Iceland
  • Another reviewer praised these socks for working like they were advertised 

  • One reviewer said that their socks stopped warming their feet as consistently after a few months of use and holes developed in the socks 
  • Another reviewer said that these socks didn’t fit well and didn’t keep their feet warm 
  • If you’d prefer battery powered heated socks don’t get these (not a con necessarily, just a preference) 

Teetown Heated Socks for Men/Women

Alright, battery-powered heated sock fans, your time has arrived! The Teetown heated socks are made with one hundred percent cotton, a battery pocket, warm lining, and a padded reinforced heel. These socks come with three different heat settings, low, medium and high and can get as hot as 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The socks have actually been updated, with a carbon fiber line heating element. These socks do come with two rechargeable batteries and one charging cable. 

Ratings-wise, the Teetown heated socks have a 3.5-star rating based on an average of 1,858 global ratings overall. 823 of said ratings are five-star reviews.

  • Depending on the heat setting you choose, the battery power can heat your feet from four to seven to ten hours.
  • Comes with a thirty day full refund promise and a one year product warranty 
  • One reviewer said that the socks stayed heated all day after one charging session 
  • Other reviewers appreciated how these socks are machine washable and still held up after being washed 
  • Other reviewers said that the socks stayed warm for hours and that they were comfortable to wear

  • These are pricier socks
  • One reviewer said that these socks didn’t work well and didn’t heat up after charging them for eight hours 
  • Another reviewer said it was a let down that these socks only heat the ball of the foot
  • One reviewer said that their first pair didn’t heat up so they were sent a second pair that also didn’t heat up 

The M. Jone Heated Socks

The M. Jone heated socks are manufactured with premium cotton fiber and insulated material, and can heat up your feet for up to five hours. These socks have a 3.7 star rating based on an average of 876 global ratings. Out of the 876 ratings total, 434 of those ratings are five star reviews. One reviewer praised the M.Jone socks, appreciating their durability and how they lasted all day. 

  • Battery powered socks that stay heated for a maximum of five hours 
  • Some reviewers pointed out that these socks heated up quickly 
  • Another reviewer said that these helped her boyfriend with his foot pain after foot surgery 
  • Many reviewers commented on how these socks kept their feet warm and toasty without being too hot 
  • Another reviewer said that these socks kept their feet warm all day during a hunting trip 
  • Price is reasonable for battery powered heated socks 

  • Many reviewers lamented how these socks took six batteries to charge up the heating function (some suggested in investing in rechargeable batteries) 
  • Another reviewer noted that these socks are not machine-washable 
  • Some reviewers said that the battery pack on the socks were uncomfortable 
  • Several reviewers said that their socks stopped working quickly after they started wearing them 

Savior Heat Heated Socks

The Savior Heat Heated Socks are made with three layers of fabric: a windproof layer, a heating layer, and a toasty layer for maximum comfort. These socks also come with a low, medium and high heat setting, and can last up to ten hours depending on what heat level you decide to use. (Basically the lowest heat setting lasts the longest at 7-10 hours, with the highest heat setting lasting 3-4 hours.) These are the only socks on the list so far that offer small, medium and large sizes. (The price does not vary based on size.) 

The Savior Heat socks have a 4.2-star rating based on an average of 233 global ratings. 142 of said ratings are five-star reviews.

  • One reviewer said that the battery life actually went above the expectations that were advertised on the box 
  • Another reviewer said that he bought a pair for his wife and she has yet to take them off 
  • Another reviewer gave these socks a five star rating, saying that the socks kept his toes warm during cold sessions sitting in a tree stand for hours 
  • Another reviewer appreciated that the company selling the socks sent them another battery right away when one of their first batteries didn’t work
  • Other reviews said that these socks were extremely comfortable

  • These are the most expensive socks on the list so far 
  • Three reviewers said these socks burned their feet 
  • These are not machine washable 

The Woochy Heated Socks for Men and Women

The heating mechanism in the Woochy heated socks are double sided for extra warmth. The upgraded design heats up the instep and sole of the foot, and comes with a 4000mAh Li-Polymer battery. These socks have three levels of heat, with the highest heat setting going up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit for five to six hours. (This is another sock brand that can remain heated for ten hours on the lowest heat setting.) When you purchase these socks you also get two batteries, two charging cables, a user manual and a washing bag so you can wash these socks in a washing machine.

Ratings-wise, these socks have a 4-star rating based on an average of 358 global reviews. 198 of said ratings are five-star reviews.

  • One reviewer said that these socks worked better than they expected 
  • Another reviewer said that these socks worked great for people who love to hike 
  • Another reviewer said that even when the battery loses power the thickness of the socks still keep your feet warm 
  • The price is very reasonable, and under forty dollars 

  • One reviewer said that their left sock didn’t get warm but their right sock got so hot they got a blister where the sock’s battery wire was on their foot (the reviewer said they had their heat setting on low for two hours when the blister happened) 
  • Other reviewers said that these socks did not get warm even after charging them 

The Xbuty Heated Socks for Men and Women

Rounding out our list are the Xbuty heated socks. The upgraded version of these socks are made with an alloy fever wire, which helps the heat in the socks spread out more evenly instead of focusing in one localized area. The material in these socks are made with heat-trapped Terry fabric and cotton, and the socks can remain heated after charging from 8.5 to 16 hours based on the heat setting. 

  • These socks have a 3.8 star rating based on an average of 991 global ratings (518 of the reviews are five star ratings)
  • One reviewer said that these socks were durable and quite flexible 
  • Another reviewer said that these socks kept their feet warm even without using the heating option 
  • The price is under fifty dollars 

  • One reviewer said that these socks only provided them ten seconds of heat 
  • Another reviewer said that the socks only generated minimal heat even after charging them for over 24 hours
  • Another reviewer said that the socks only heated up on the front sole 

In Conclusion 

Nobody likes the feeling of cold feet. A durable and decent pair of heated socks can really make the difference between coldness and comfort. Whether it’s a comfy pair of thermal socks or battery charged, there’s options for every preference out there. Because comfort is always worth the investment. 

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