Need Some Dog Crate Furniture? Here Are The Top 10 Picks Of 2021

By Sophia Chartrand Sophia Chartrand has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on May 13, 2021

Crate training your dog has many benefits, and if your home has the luxury of space for one, they are an excellent tool for helping your dog adjust, settle down, and have a space of their own. Besides providing a protective barrier against curious or destructive puppies, crates also provide protection for puppies from potentially dangerous situations since the owner cannot supervise them there. In recent years, several companies have begun to modify crates to address one of the biggest drawbacks of the product because lets be real – they aren’t the most beautiful things to look at!  Don’t worry though, there are numerous new luxury furniture style boxes on the market that function as an end table, so many owners are now finding themselves having a second look at the options on the market to determine which could best match their homes.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the best Dog Crate Furniture of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Best Dog Crate Furniture

Is it cruel to crate a dog at night?

Crating is useful when training your dog because it appeals to his natural instinct for den-like situations. If your dog has been properly crate-trained, the crate will be a comfortable place to spend time in that he feels safe.

What exactly can you put under a dog crate?

Rolling rubber mats are one of the most effective dogs crate floor protection mats, especially for concrete, wood, ceramic tile, or any other hard and smooth surface.

How big and long should my dog crate be?

You should measure your dog’s length from the base of their tail to the tip of their nose, then add between 2-4 inches. Give your puppy ample room to grow. Make sure the top of the crate is big enough so they can grow.

How can I make my dog’s crate more comfortable?

Place soft, washable bedding inside the crate to make the environment as comfortable as possible for your dog. Place the crate in the quietest corner of the most commonly used room in the house to prevent your dog from connotating crating with being in a cage.

What should I NOT put in my dog crate?

A majority of people don’t recommend leaving food and water in a dog’s crate for a number of reasons. Most commonly, they’re concerned about spills and mess as well as potty breaks.

A huge selection of designer wood dog crates is available on Amazon right now – some of which look great in any home. We’ve selected a few of our favorites to discuss here. Our criteria for choosing the best dog crate furniture include ones that come in a good size, provided a good aesthetic, as well as the partitions they provide. We also chose the best ones by researching their ventilation and durability.

The 10 of Best Dog Crate Furniture of 2021

1. Casual Home Wooden Medium Pet Crate

The solid wood Pet Crate End Table is a relaxing spot for your pet while you’re away. It comes with a strong lockable gate door for peace of mind when you’re not home. A wide variety of colors and finishes make it easy to match your other home furnishings. This dog crate blends in with a modern, elegant feel with an end-table design. It comes with a lockable door for your peace of mind, and the end table design provides additional storage space. 

  • It is easy to assemble 
  • It is perfect for easy and small dogs
  • It provides an aesthetically good look 

  • One customer reports that the crate is not made out of “solid wood”

2. SIMPLY + Wood & Wire Dog Crate

This chewy solid wood dog crate is safe, durable, and long-lasting, adding a warm and attractive look to any room in the house. It can also be used as a bedside table or a table at the end of the bed. This metal fence is designed to support chewing puppies, so it is absolutely perfect for your bedroom or living room! Designed in a life-like manner, with not only a dog cage but also a smooth width at the top, you can store your favorite indoor items, including small and medium plants, magazines, family photos, and night lights. Installing the kit is easy and quick since it requires no tools. It includes instructions for installation and adjustment. In addition, the kit comes with two sliding locks for added safety. 

  • It is safe and easy to install
  • It serves as a practical furniture decoration top 
  • It is suitable for small and/or medium-sized dogs
  • The company provides excellent customer service when needed

  • One customer reports that the crate came damaged when delivered 

3. PawHut Natural Diagonal Dog Cage

This dog kennel matches lovely with your modern furniture and decor due to its blue painted finish. This wooden dog cage is made of natural fir and eco-friendly materials, giving pets a safe and comfortable living environment without sacrificing security. Contrary to the most popular vertical bar cages on the market, this particular dog crate features diagonally slanting wood bars which give the crate more strength and better ventilation. In addition, this pet crate is portable, making it less energy-consuming for you to move it, plus you can use it to store your pet’s products or other stuff, and it’s made of durable material for small to medium-sized dogs.

  • It is ideal for indoor use
  • The price is worth its value
  • It comes in a slant wood design 
  • It is made out of natural fir wood

  • One customer reports that the assembly of the cage is a little tricky

4. Unipaws Dog Crate End Table with Cushion

The beautiful dog cage also serves as an elegant stand-alone side table, end table, and nightstand, making it an excellent choice for multi-use and showcasing your decorative side! This top is designed with a smooth surface for adding your choice of home décor, such as a small or medium plant, magazine, family picture frame, and night light, all of which can hold up to 200lbs. With two doors, you can enter and exit easily and the cushion can be removed for quick cleaning. The wooden interior is not chew-resistant. This is the perfect environment for pets to enjoy some peace and quiet while they can see you and you can enjoy your pet’s rest in style. Please note that the wood enclosure bars are made of metal so the wooden walls will withstand a chewing puppy. 

  • It comes in a big size 
  • It provides a wide top
  • It comes in an elegant design 
  • It comes with double doors and a cushion!

  • One customer reports that the backside is unfinished

5. Casual Home Wooden Extra Large Pet Crate

Whether your pet is a cat or a dog, this wooden pet crate offers a private, cozy place for your pet to sleep and relax. This sturdy pet crate ensures your pets are safe whilst you’re away. The glossy finishes and color selection allow you to match it with your decor. The end table style top extends the storage space. Throughout the details, they showcase the natural beauty of solid wood and its grain and texture while all materials used are biodegradable.

  • It provides an end table design
  • It is a quick and easy assembly 
  • It comes with a secure lockable latch
  • It is made out of sustainably sourced solid wood

  • One customer reports that the crate is flimsy

6. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

The iCrate double-door dog crates by MidWest Homes for Pets are designed to promote safety and comfort for your pet. It includes secured slide-bolt latches, rounded corners, a water belt, and a removable washable pan. iCrate sets up quickly and folds down into a portable size without the use of tools. The divider panel allows you to customize the length of the living space while your puppy is growing, reducing the likelihood of your puppy eliminating in one end where they sleep in the other. As your puppy grows, simply teach him to sleep in his own home and rest in his dog room. He will train himself almost without trying to seek comfort and security there.

  • It is comfy
  • It comes with roller feet 
  • The price is worth its value
  • It comes with two-door access
  • It comes with slide-bolt latches 

  • One customer reports that the edges on the crate are sharp

7. Explore Land Dog Crate Cover

As this isn’t specifically a dog crate, some crate owners should definitely look into a crate cover. Your dog will benefit from the den-like feel of an Oxford dog kennel cover, which is ideal for reducing chewing and barking. The dog kennel cover is made of 600D polyester oxford that blocks much of the direct sunlight, blocks cold wind, and provides the kennel with good breathability. If the cover is used, the divider panel can be removed from the base of the wire crate so that it is easier to clean.

  • It provides air circulation
  • Fixed on the wire crate perfectly
  • The latch makes it easy to open and close
  • It comes with a zipper to expose either side door

  • One customer reports that the material gave off a “horrible smell”
  • One customer reports that the cover did not block off the light all of the time

8. PawHut 31″ L Wooden Decorative Dog Cage Kennel

This crate provides a stylish way to keep your dog indoors securely – made from solid fir wood and painted water-resistant, this kennel is secure and pet friendly. This dog kennel is made of fir wood panels painted gray, and it goes well with any furniture in your home. The top of the dog kennel can be used to place pet supplies. It features an adjustable top that allows for good ventilation and a removable bottom panel that makes cleaning simple. It features four solid legs with a protective pad to protect your pets from dampness and cold, a wire door for easy entry, and three latches to secure it.

  • It comes with a large top
  • It is made out of quality modern material 
  • It comes in an elevated design and wire door
  • It provides an openable top and removable bottom panel 

  • One customer reports that the wood is thinner than expected

9. Diggs Revol Portable Dog Crate

The trademark-pending collapsible design of Revol’s pet home allows pet parents to easily set up, collapse, store & transport the home with one hand. Revol dog crates are incredibly durable, as opposed to wire-framed ones. They feature a very sturdy aluminum frame and thick steel wire and have no gaps from which cats and dogs can escape. The traditional pet crate with low-quality materials, poor craftsmanship, no focus on pets or humans, and little concern for design or how it looks in the home is now being addressed by Revol. Dog crates made of wire can typically support weights of 50lbs in their corners, but the Revol dog crate has been tested for 180lbs in the center without failing, which means it is significantly less likely to collapse than standard dog crates. The crate also comes with wheels and a carrying handle. 

  • It is travel friendly 
  • It is perfect for puppies 
  • It is made out of quality materials 
  • It is designed with baby industry standards (pet safety)

  • One customer reports that the crate is heavy and flawed

10. COZIWOW Heavy-Duty Large Kennel Dog Crate

If you’re trying to offer your dog a safe and comfortable place to call his own, this durable and stylish crate provides a good solution for your animal. The frame material is strong and durable and rust and corrosion-resistant. The frame coating is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so even if your pet bites or licks it, it will not harm them, and the smooth metal surface ensures they won’t get scratched. There are two side doors and an overhead door. The front two doors lock with sliding bolt latches, but the top door can be removed for easy cleaning. The sliding bolt latches keep the crate door securely closed, keeping your dog safe inside. There is a removable floor tray for accidents and debris from your dog, which can be easily removed, so you can easily clean it daily. 360-degree swivel casters make it very easy to move, a second set of casters can be locked to prevent slippage.

  • It comes with dual entry and a safe lock
  • It is easy to clean and provides excellent mobility
  • It is made out of sturdy metal and provides a smooth surface
  • The company provides excellent customer service when needed 

  • One customer reports that the crate came damaged when delivered

In Conclusion 

We hope you found the best dog crate that best suits your needs. Pet owners who choose the best dog crate furniture to provide a comfortable place for their pets while providing practical furniture.

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