S’More Celebrates Pride Month With Launch in San Francisco, Month-Long Pride-Themed IGTV Lives, free premium, and local partnerships

Published on June 17, 2021


NEW YORK, NY, Thursday June 18th,  – S’More, the anti-superficial dating app from former Magic Labs/Bumble executive Adam Cohen-Aslatei launches in San Francisco with over 10k registered users from the city already on the platform. This marks the app’s 7th successful launch since its inception in 2020. S’More is also celebrating its SF launch by giving away a week of free premium membership to the first 1000 new users in the city.


The addition of San Francisco is significant for S’More, which boasts among the highest concentration of LGBTQ+-identifying users for a non-exclusive LGBTQ+ app (21%). San Francisco, which is the US city with the largest population of LGBTQ+-identifying residents, is already embracing S’More, with thousands of users in the city already using S’More via the app’s distance dating feature, ‘S’More Explore.’ S’More is also partnering with  San Francisco based Nectar Hard Seltzer to give away cases of its TikTok famous Asian Inspired drink. Anyone who DM’s S’More on its Live celebrity dating show (21+) can win some of the hard to find beverages!


“We’re thrilled about the expansion of S’More to San Francisco,” says S’More founder Adam Cohen-Aslatei. “The LGBTQ+ dating app scene is saturated with image-focused apps that do not do a great job of connecting people on a deeper and emotional level, so regardless of your sexual identity or preference most apps leave singletons underwhelmed….until now! S’More celebrates diversity and inclusion and is already resonating with thousands of San Franciscans.” 


San Franciscans have spent an average of eight minutes per day viewing S’More’s exclusive celebrity dating content on its, S’More TV feature, which launched in April. S’More TV, which pulls content from the company’s popular IGTV series ‘S’More Live Happy Hour’ allows users to engage with other users in the comment section of the celebrity interviews, sparking organic conversations. S’More Live Happy Hour has piqued the interest of celebrities like Bravo’s Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, The Circle’s DeLeesa St. Agathe, Bachelor’s Ben Flajnik, Raven Gates, Alexis Waters, and more. Since its launch, S’More users have watched over 350k minutes of celebrity dating content.


In celebration of Pride Month, S’More Live Happy Hour filmed its 100th episode with entertainer, TV personality, and LGBTQ+ activist Ts Madison, and is showcasing a diversity of LGBTQ+ guests including Kennedy Davenport from RuPaul’s Drag Race, LGTBQ activist Omar Sharif Jr., TikTok star Matthew McKenley, Derek J from Real Housewives of Atlanta, and more.


Find S’More on the App Store here, and on Instagram @smoredate.



Imagine a relationship app that starts with getting to know a person before swiping on them. Where character is considered before physical attributes, and where profiles are evaluated on the basis of common interests, opinions, and values. You’ve just described S’More, a next-gen app built to provide daters with a totally interactive way of getting to learn more about a person before evaluating them on the basis of appearance. The app is available for mobile download on the App Store. S’More also has its own celebrity dating show on Instagram, having filmed over 80 episodes during COVID. Celebrities reveal their craziest dating stories, play hilarious games, and provide useful dating tips. And top talent such as actresses Olivia Culpo, Tom Bilyeu (founder of Quest Nutrition), and Bravo and Bachelor alum like Sutton Stracke from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Raven Gates from The Bachelor have all appeared on the show. S’More has even signed a production deal with the producers of 90 Day Fiancé, and I Am Jazz to produce TV content related to the app.

S'More App provides daters with a totally interactive way to learn more about a person before evaluating them based on appearance. In its sponsored column at Grit Daily, S'More's dishes on its popular video series that includes interviews with celebrities on their crazy dating stories, hilarious games, and provides useful dating tips.

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