Founders of Quest Nutrition Join The ‘S’More Happy Hour Show’

Published on January 25, 2021

S’More Live Happy Hour, the weekly celebrity dating show that’s produced by anti-superficial relationship app S’More recently hosted Tom and Lisa Bilyeu. They are the Billionaire founders of Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory. Together, the power couple discussed how to keep the spark alive and run a major business.

S’More is a dating app that connects people based on personality instead of looks, calling to mind the hit Netflix series, Love is Blind. As for the Live Happy Hour, it’s a chance for businessmen, celebrities, and influences to discuss their dating and professional lives. In one of the most recent episodes, the Bilyeu couple proved to be a delightfully positive pair.

The couple raised Quest Nutrition from the ground up. As a result of its success, it led to the creation of Impact Theory, which is about promoting wellness and living your best life. Right now, more than ever people could use advice on how to stay in a good place, mentally. “Selfish time,” Bilyeu suggested. “Do things that are just for you. Obviously, we work together, live together, we’re married, and have been together for 20 years… The biggest thing is, making sure we have selfish time. We sit down every week and ask, ‘What is it you want to do this week?’ I say the same. We do them at the same time. You do your thing, I’ll do mine. It’s time I don’t get to interrupt him, and he doesn’t interrupt him. When we come back together, we’re coming back positive.”

The two offered up physical health tips as well. “I’ve suffered from a lot of health issues for four or five years now,” she added. “It’s always been difficult eating the right foods at the right time. Coming into the lockdown, it helped, because now I was able to eat whatever time I liked and have whatever was at hand. My health has ten-folded in the healing process than it has in the last four years. It’s been easier for me to be healthier now than it has before….”

For dating, their tip: confidence. By confidence, accepting yourself and being OK if someone isn’t interested. “It was the confidence that made me more interested,” she said. “He caught my attention. He kept me intrigued.” Their relationship eventually led to them working together. They met at a school. Tom was a teacher,and  Lisa was a teacher’s assistant. “She was so extraordinary at her job,” Tom said. “She worked harder than anybody else. We worked together in a photography business, on and off, that we had. When Quest was just beginning, I needed help. Then she wasn’t just helping, she was just so good at what she does. The business grew so fast. I didn’t need to be her boss. I needed to be her peer.” 

When the dynamic duo exited Quest Nutrition, Tom and his wife remained business partners, not just life partners. “I’m not a ‘boss’ boss’,” he said. “I want to be a teammate. We don’t refer to our employees as employees but as teammates… The way I explain it to my teammates is, ‘I fought for 20 years to become CEO only to giveaway my power.’”

The couple, who’ve been together for 20 years, left Quest, mostly known for their health bars. The two wanted to go bigger, though. They wanted to build a company to create a positive impact, such as hiring convicted felons for Impact Theory. The company isn’t just lip service or flowery words to create a positive life. Tom and Lisa Bilyeu want to help change lives however they can, to reach people emotionally. Impact Theory is best known for the couple on camera, but the majority of what they’re doing behind-the-scenes is building content that’ll reach young kids and help instill positivity in their lives. Both in their lives and work, the Bilyeu couple wants to spread goodness and a growth mindset. 

If you want to watch more of the S’More Show, check out another great episode with sports host, Joy Taylor.

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