Holly Sonders is one of the latest guests on the ‘S’more’ Dating Show

Published on December 29, 2020

S’More is a new dating app trying to connect users based on interests and personality traits, not only looks. To promote the app from Washington DC, there’s a fairly new Instagram show focused on dating life, called S’More Happy Hour. Episode 41 featured Holly Sonders, who’s a TV Host, reporter, model, entrepreneur, and Golf Personality.

Per usual, the show begins by asking how the guests have stayed busy during lockdown due to the pandemic. “I don’t know if I’ll ever sell a house in my life, but I actually got my realtor’s license,” Sonders said. “It’s a different skill I put 100 or 150 hours into it. I’m trying to stay sane as Hollywood is basically closed.” Sonders, without question, spent her time well during the pandemic.

As for who Holly Sonders is outside of her work, she tries to sum herself up. “I played golf in college,” she said. “I played for Ohio State, and I was an all-state athlete at three different sports, but I chose golf. Then I decided I wanted to be a broadcaster. At 22, NBC hired me. I got very lucky and worked very hard. By 26, a network hired me at Fox. I covered football, golf, and I basically covered anything. Now, I decided to focus on my life for the first time ever.” Whenever S’More Happy Hour Show talks to a guest in the sports world, the episodes turn out the best. 

She dug more into her beginnings into golf. “When I got into golf, my mother was a club champion,” she added. “My mother took me when I was six, just started playing, and I was good at it. The game has changed a lot. When I golfed in middle-school, we didn’t have a girls team, so I played on the boys team. You had to wear all boys shoes and stuff them to make sure your feet fit. Now, it’s come a long way. You can get shoes that fit.”

Sonders also talked about progress for women in golf. “It’s just hard for any women’s sporting event to pull the number of viewers as male sports,” she said. “WNBA and NBA, it’s not even close. For the LPGA to get numbers like the PGA, it’s tough. But I think they’ve done an amazing job running that tour, treating the women well, and paying the women well. There are a lot of stars there.” 

Sonders digs into her dating past, interests, and current relationships. There’s some fun chit chat there, but it’s Sonders’ time in the golf world that draws the most interest. As for her dating advice in one sentence: “Just be f*cking honest.”

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