S’More Is Giving Away 150,000 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Singles

Published on February 4, 2021

Valentine’s Day is approaching. This year, the holiday celebrating love and romance is different. Due to the pandemic, it won’t be the same this year. To try to help lighten the day up, the anti-superficial relationship app S’More and new AI shopping app, nate, are giving away thousands of free Valentine’s Day gifts to singles this year. 

Throughout February, S’More users can curate a self-care themed list on the nate app designed to pamper singles. Any user who follows the list will receive a surprise gift from some familiar faces, including ​D’Andra Simmons of The Real Housewives of Dallas​, ​Carl Radke of Summer House​, and ​Raza Farahan from Shah of Sunset​. “We could not be more excited to partner with ​nate​ on this amazing project to reclaim Valentine’s Day for singles,”  said Adam Cohen Aslatei, CEO of S’More. “Many singles hate Valentine’s Day, and COVID has added an extra layer of frustration this year, so we decided that it’s about time singles celebrate and use the holiday as a way to get ready for love” 

S’More and nate want “to reclaim Valentine’s Day for singles.” The companies are giving away products from premium brands such as Vosges Chocolate, Standard Dose Wellness, and more gifts to inspire self-love. S’More is calling it “Valentine’s Gifts for Singles.” Up to 150,000 S’More users can receive free Valentine’s Day gifts. On February 3rd, all of the dating app’s users were notified about the giveaway. If the user follows the self-care theme list, it’ll unlock their free gift. There are books, scents, sleep accessories, 24k facemasks, deserts, home-spa products, and even creativity-boosting tools available. 

The growing dating app, S’More, was born in Washington DC and has since expanded into other major cities. The company has compelled investors, as well as singles. The app connects people based on dating apps. Influenced by Love is Blind, the more users talk, the more they see and learn about one another. The young and hip dating app already has hundreds of thousands of users. As for its new partner in “Valentine’s Gifts for Singles,” nate, it’s the first mobile app that lets users purchase any item at any online retailer on behalf of a customer. Both apps are available on the ​App Store​.

Throughout the pandemic, S’More has been trying to keep their users informed, both about how to stay mentally and physically healthy. The S’More happy hour show is a nice and light Instagram series. It’s about influencers, radio hosts, business owners, and reality stars opening up about dating and life during the pandemic. The guests not only offer dating advice, as well as their own memories in the world of dating but tips for how to stay mentally and physically active during difficult times. Even with its talk show, S’More tries to spread positivity in an often negative app space. Dating apps can be a toxic space, but S’More, on the other hand, is railing against the norm and building a home for positive, healthy dating experiences.

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