A New Episode of the S’More Happy Hour Show Keeps Things Light with Alexis Waters

Published on December 30, 2020

The S’More Show is now live. The dating app, which wants to make the interpersonal dating app world a little more personal, now has its very own show. Guests range from Bachelorette competitions to restaurant owners to social media influencers. Most recently, an episode featured Alexis Waters and Raven Gates, known for The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. They discuss their dating experiences, provide tips to fellow daters, and talk about their friendship. The conversations are light but sometimes comically frank. 

The episode opens with the host grooving to some music and welcoming guests to S’More’s Happy Hour. The series has a happy hour vibe, so the show lives up to the title. Alexis sports some holiday gear, hamming it up on the show. Both dish out on details about The Bachelorette, which fans of that show never seem to get enough of. 

The conversation kicks off with health questions about how to stay mentally and physically healthy during lockdown. The two are fairly open about therapy and, in the case of Raven, COVID-19. “I actually had Covid,” Waters said. “It took a big toll on my mental and physical health. I lost, like, ten pounds because I had no appetite. Then I thought it was a great idea to go to Mexico after and lost another ten pounds.” With a great Jersey accent, Waters keeps the show lively and energetic. She’s an entertaining character. Waters works with her podcast host, Gates, who’s a little more mellow. 

The two recount dating experiences. “I never really went on dates. I just hated when… it was a carrot,” Waters said, referring to you-know-what. As for Gates, her worst date was a common one. “Mine was a blind date,” she said. “I don’t think he said a word the entire time. He was an MMA wrestler. We didn’t speak to each other during dinner. Ten years later, he shows up to my cousin’s wedding as the best man.” 

“Not talking” during a date is a common experience for daters. Waters had a similar dating experience, in which a date didn’t pan out, she got ring-worm, and ten years later, saw the man appear in the great Bennett Miller film, Foxcatcher

The two women put their life out there. It’s common for contestants from dating shows. “People are like, ‘Oh, everyone goes on [the show] for Instagram followers,’” Waters said. “I was going to go on for the experience. Maybe it’ll happen, maybe it won’t. I was never doing it for the gram or to be famous, just to do it fun. Look who it brought me to [Gates].” As for Gates, she said she wanted to follow in love.

One practical tip from Gates: spray perfume on your head. When a tall man leans down and goes in for a kiss, he’ll smell it, according to Gates.

The two clarified when you go on the show, you know a week or two ahead of time who the guy is. Women can then decide if they still want to be involved. Typically, some women do drop out after seeing the main contestant. The S’More episode keeps things light and, again, is like a Happy Hour. The episode is full of stories about The Bachelor and dating life. Fans of The Bachelor will enjoy it.

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