Here Are Three Black-Owned Celebrity Haircare Lines That You Should Have Right Now

Published on August 19, 2020

In August, the Black community celebrates Black Business Month, so this month we are going to highlight the many Black businesses in the world. It’s time that those in the Black-owned and business community get recognized. It’s time that they get just as much of an audience as those who are advertising their brands. Here are some Black-owned brands, products, and businesses that you now know of and can share with all of your friends and give them the recognition they deserve.

For this week’s Black-owned and business highlights, we will be highlighting hair products made for the black community and those who have made them like celebrities who have made hair products.

TPH By Taraji

TPH is a hair care line made by actress Taraji P Henson known for her roles in Empire and Hidden Figures. Inspired by creating her own at home remedies for her hair and scalp, she has come out with a haircare line. Many products feature from hair milk to scalp scrubs, and these products are all new vegan, cruelty- and paraben-free, so trust that she has your back and is not putting anything in her line to harm you your hair.

Another plus about the product is she made her products for all hair types so for those of you out there that think your hair is too kinky, coily or thick, you have come to the right place with these hair products, and they won’t leave your hair damaged or dry.

Pattern By Tracee Ellis Ross

Blackish star Tracee Ellis Ross has also come out with a haircare line. Ross has the most beautiful hair, and it’s so full and thick luxurious if you ask me. She has talked openly about her struggles growing up hating her hair or in being subjected to perms but says that she has grown to love her hair the way it is—knots, curls and all.

Pattern has a wide range of products, but their products are sorted by styling your hair as well as products to use to wash your hair. There are also tools and accessorises, scrunchies, shower brush, edge tools and more.

Flawless Hair By Gabrielle Union 

Gabrielle Union launched Flawless Hair and is relaunching the haircare brand with more products added to the list. Partnering with Larry Sims, they have created a hair care line for the Black community, all while being comfortable, confident, and without breaking the bank.

Flawless Hair is a collection of high-quality products dedicated to all hair textures. These products can be used on curly, coily, waves, coils, to heat and braids so, don’t worry. These products have got you covered regardless of what hairstyle you want to wear. There are also products with all types of solutions like hydrating cleansers, repairing conditioners, heat protection, and more.

Jori Ayers is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily based in Tampa, Florida. She was formerly with the editorial team at Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.

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