Brian Garcia

Brian Garcia is a contributor and the Webmaster at Grit Daily. He is an internet rock star in front-end web development, user experience/interface, digital marketing.

New Tech Mirrors “Breathalizer” in Bid for Combatting Cannabis Impairment

The national view regarding marijuana legalization is swaying in its favor. Cannabis use is now legal for medical purposes in 33 states and four US territories, with ten being the current number of states (plus Washington DC and the District of Columbia) having legalized its recreational use for those over 21 years of age. While many rejoice at the news, law enforcement agencies are voicing concern that these conquests in legalization and reform are increasing the number of impaired drivers...

GDPR News: Should entrepreneurs fear the repeal of net neutrality?

Net Neutrality is official, and many Americans are wondering that means. Many have called this rollback of net neutrality rules the “end of the internet as we know it” – but is this just hyperbole? Or do entrepreneurs and small businesses have reason to be worried? A recent survey of small businesses reveals equal parts concern and confusion. Of the 500-plus small business owners polled, 44 percent indicated they felt repealing net neutrality rules that are currently in place will...

What if you went from 5 million views per post to 500 views per post… overnight?

For Ben Lee, tech influencer and cofounder of the development agency Rootstrap, that’s exactly what happened. In a matter of days, he saw an ecosystem of content and traffic that he’d been building for months completely collapse, all without any change on his part. There was no major scandal. There was no violation of terms. The culprit? An algorithm change. H2 Finding the Formula It all started late last year. Lee had been experimenting with turning himself into an “in-house influencer” for...

Four Gadgets for People Looking to up Their Video and Photography Game

How many people dream of being a photographer? Seems like half of my friends have given photography a try at some point or another. How much content is being consumed now via video? The most recent statistics show that a half billion people are watching video on Facebook alone each day. Within the next four years, video traffic could account for as much as 80% of all traffic. There’s a point to these musings. Humans are visual creatures. Photography, videos, graphics, whatever, we like to see...

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