20 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers that are Real and Active

Published on September 17, 2021

20 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers that are Real and Active

Twitter remains one of the top social media platforms; currently, it has more than 180 million users from different parts of the world like the United States of America, Germany, Japan, and more. 

With so many daily monthly users, Twitter offers you the potential of reaching more people within your target audience.

Having a lot of followers and engagement on your Twitter profile can boost your overall social media presence and reach a lot more people than you may have anticipated. However, this task is easier said than done. 

With a lot of competition on the platform, making your content stand out as unique and capturing the attention of your audience is not easy. If you are unable to engage with your audience, you may not reach a lot of users.

If you have been working to increase your followers on Twitter with no luck, you can use some tools that can help you buy Twitter followers

Of course, most people presume that buying followers is ‘cheating’ and will only result in getting your account banned. 

However, there are certainly reputable and viable companies that can help you increase your followers on Twitter without the risk of getting banned.

What are the Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers?

In this article, we will talk about some of the best sites to buy Twitter followers for your account, which include:


Twesocial is considered one of the top names if you want to buy Twitter followers. The company is known to provide real and authentic followers for your Twitter account and increase your reach and potential. 

Twesocial prefers to keep things simple and nice and will never provide fake followers for your Twitter account. This way, the platform guarantees that the followers you get for your Twitter profile are authentic.

Twesocial is a company that is committed to helping its clients optimize their profiles by providing them with real followers. The followers you get will actively respond to your tweets and interact with you. 

It has also been said that Tewsocial has some of the best pricing available, which is absolutely great and tailored to meet all types of budgets. 

One of the best features of Twesocial is the advanced targeting system; this system will lock on people that will be genuinely interested in following your tweets and other content.


Tweeteev is another solid contender if you want to buy Twitter followers for your Twitter account. The social media growth company is very confident when it comes to offering its services to its customers and clients. Tweeteev ensures that you will get some of the best followers for your Twitter account.

Overall, the main goal of Tweeteev is to help its clients grow their Twitter followers and improve the reach of their profiles. 

The company also understands that the clients are only looking for targeted followers that will match the content of their profiles; additionally, they also know that the clients are only looking for organic growth.

Once you are done with the signup process, the company will get in touch with you via the contact details you have provided to learn more about your targeted audience. Once done, you will gain Twitter followers very effortlessly.

The best thing about Tweeteev is that the company is 100% legit and safe; therefore, you do not have to worry about your reputation being tarnished. 

The company promises that none of its clients have ever been banned or suspended for using their services. 

The prices begin at $15 per week for real and authentic followers. As the packages get more expensive, you will get priority support and double the growth.

Eventually, it is all about your budget. Whatever price budget you choose, you will get guaranteed results, which makes Tweeteev one of the best sites where you can buy followers for your Twitter account.


UseViral is another great platform where you can buy Twitter followers. The platform offers you a wide range of features that you can use to increase your Twitter followers. UseViral maintains a high level of accountability with its clients.

When you visit the site, you will see that all the features are divided into different groups, based on what you require from the platform. 

UseViral has a network of industry professionals that will help you find the best followers for your tweets and profile.

UseViral offers its services in such a way that you will be able to grow all your social media profiles at the same time, which can prove to be quite advantageous for your brand. 

This way, you will be able to connect with your communities and get more views on your service or product.

Unlike most other social media boosting platforms, UseViral guarantees its results. The platform will not provide you with fake and bot followers. All the followers you get for your Twitter profile are real and authentic. 

You will feel confident because you will be working with a platform that will work with you for a long time and work hard to provide you with followers for your Twitter profile.


SidesMedia is another great platform where you can buy Twitter followers. This platform specializes in gaining more exposure and improving the reach of your Twitter account. 

The platform will connect you with an active community of Twitter users that will become your loyal followers and engage with your tweets.

Of course, buying followers for your Twitter followers is not an easy task. But, you will be making a wise decision by choosing SidesMedia for the job. 

The terms and conditions of this company will ease your mind. The platform prioritizes the security, safety, and success of its clients and will provide its services accordingly.

The delivery process is extremely fast; the platform guarantees that you will get only high-quality and real Twitter followers that will, apart from increasing your follower count, also engage with your profile. 

The most important aspect of SidesMedia is that the platform will never deliver you bots or fake followers.

SidesMedia has been working in this industry for many years now, which makes it one of the most experienced companies in this niche. 

Many reviews have also stated that SidesMedia is one of the most reliable names in the market as well. 

Apart from helping you increase your Twitter followers, the platform also offers special packages for other social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.


If you want to buy Twitter followers, then you can use SocialViral to give your Twitter profile an instant push. SocialViral is one of the most popular social media boosting platforms that will help you increase your followers’ list.

In fact, the platform is known to help celebrities and famous individuals. Many of its clients appreciate the speed and the authenticity the platform offers.

The best aspect of SocialViral is that the pricing is very straightforward and laid-out. The pricing ranges from $2 for 50 followers to $85.99 for 5,000 followers. 

This means that you can buy followers for your Twitter account based on your budget and requirement. If you want to, you can even customize any desired service plan and get a quote from SocialViral.

After choosing and purchasing the appropriate plan, you will start receiving new followers on your Twitter account within an hour. Additionally, this influx of followers will not be risky as the process appears to be organic.

SocialViral offers several safe payment options. Therefore, you can be at peace since you will get quality followers via SocialViral. 

The platform will also keep a track of the retention levels and the drops. Even if the number of followers drops, you will get refills accordingly.

Media Mister

Media Mister has been hailed as one of the top social media boosting platforms in the market today. Since the company has been working in this niche for a long time, it has mastered the techniques of growing your social media followers. 

Apart from Twitter, Media Mister also offers its services for various other platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. 

With so many options available, the company guarantees that your Twitter profile will get the media presence that you want.

In the case of Twitter, Media Mister has a wide range of options available – this means that you can buy retweets, likes, comments, views, and even impressions and poll votes, apart from followers. 

When you are looking for followers, you will be offered followers from all over the world or from specific regions.

All you need to do is enter your Twitter profile handle or URL. You do not have to submit any of the credentials of your Twitter account like username and password. 

Next, you need to choose a price plan that can get you anywhere between 50 and 2,500 followers. 

Media Mister also has a money-back guarantee and customer support around the clock. This makes the platform one of the safest and best options.


If you are looking for sustainability and affordability, then you can purchase followers for your Twitter account at AudienceGain. 

This platform adds real substance to your social media account and fills it up with real and authentic followers. 

These followers will drive organic growth to your Twitter account with engagements like retweets, likes, and comments.

One of the positive sides of AudienceGain is that the services are very affordable. You can even opt for customized service plans and get a price quote from the company. 

In case the number of followers drops, AudienceGain will provide you with new followers so that the sustainable growth of your Twitter profile does not get interrupted.

AudienceGain also pays attention to the security of its clients. You can pay their prices through different secured payment methods, like PayPal. 

If the delivered services are not as you expected, you can also get a full money back guarantee. 

The platform is known to value its relationship with its customers and clients and will work hard to take care of any problems that you unexpectedly face. 

The company promptly replies to all the live chat messages, emails, and phone calls.


Viralyft is a great company that will provide you with as many Twitter followers as you are looking for. 

The company has been around for quite some time and has vast experience in boosting various social media platforms, thanks to the specialized marketing strategies that are based on certain metrics. 

Due to such specialized services, Viralyft has a lot of satisfied clients. The platform will only pick active, real, and authentic followers for your Twitter profile. 

These followers are picked after targeted analytical research on your Twitter profile and related content. 

The followers will follow your account organically so that your profile remains safe against flagging and fraud detection. Viralyft will even refill any drop in the number of followers for an entire year.

Apart from delivering superb results, Viralyft’s customer services have also earned applause from its clients. If you face any type of problem, you can get in touch with the customer care agents immediately. 

Additionally, the platform always works towards upgrading its security policies and keeping them updated to the latest protocols.


GetViral is a great platform where you can buy Twitter followers easily. While its services may be a bit more expensive than others, their cutting-edge services are worth the cost; after the end of the service period, your Twitter profile will have a distinctive online presence. 

The company is capable of handling the growth requirements for your Twitter account professionally. You can buy 50 followers for $2 and 5,000 for $90; this pricing is almost similar to SocialViral. 

Depending on the quantity that you have ordered, the numbers will be delivered to you within a few hours. GetViral.io also offers various payment methods like PayPal and credit cards.

When it comes to retention rates, GetViral scores the highest among other similar companies. This means that your Twitter profile will only continue to grow and have the lowest follower drop levels. 

Even if there is a drop in the number of followers, the platform will replace the lost number. All the followers you get through GetViral are selected from a pool of authentic users so that your profile grows organically.

GetViral.io also has the Twitter Ads strategy where you can promote your content on their websites; while the cost may feel a bit amped up, you cannot argue with the results.

Views Expert

Views Expert may be quite new to this market; however, the platform is quickly gaining attention and has already aided more than a million customers from different parts of the world. 

The platform is known to use only effective and safe strategies to increase your followers’ list and promote your content, all while keeping your personal data safe.

The company’s approach to this market is very easy to understand – Views Expert will use a vast network of ad placements and websites to increase your followers and boost your engagement for the price that you have paid. 

This means that the followers you will see on your Twitter account will be relevant and will interact with your content. 

Of course, Views Expert also guarantees that your Twitter account will not be banned since you will gain new followers organically, without any fake accounts or bots.

The company offers a guarantee for every price package; additionally, there is also free 30-day redelivery if you lose some followers, which is extremely rare. 

As for customer care support, Views Expert agents are available 24/7 so that they can help you solve any problem you may face ranging from pre-purchasing your orders to tracking your orders.

Apart from Twitter, Views Expert also provides its services for other social media platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitch, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. 

While the packages available for Twitter are less compared to other social media sites, the customer care support and the quality of the services are some things that you should not miss out on. 

For 100 followers, the pricing is $2.20 and the maximum price is $240 for 10,000 followers.


If you want one of the best places to buy real Twitter followers that are active, then you definitely need to check out the next company on this list. 

Socialpros says that they have many different attractive features to reel in their clients, but the one thing for us that stands out above the rest is instant delivery. They also have a guarantee of safety, so that you can get premium quality followers for your Twitter profile. 

They have social media experts working behind the scenes to make sure that their website is always delivering real followers, and they have it so they can help you grow your Twitter account to a point where it is famous at some point. 

We love that it takes only a few steps to make it happen with these guys, and their plans were going to start at just $2.50.

Social Packages

Social Packages absolutely loves the idea of being able to help its clients buy real Twitter followers that are active, and we can see that they put a lot of effort into their features from the beginning. 

We absolutely love that they have Twitter plans that are specific for helping you increase active and genuine followers on your Twitter profile, and they say that they have a whole bunch of experts that focus on sending organic followers out to you, so that you can get the right people interacting with their tweets. 

They’re going to cost you $27.00 to get 1000 Twitter followers, and they say that everything about their approach is completely risk free. They also have a no-password policy and are going to encrypt every aspect of their website, making it really easy and safe for you to share personal information. 

Lastly, they have a customer support team that is available 24/7.

Follower Packages

Follower Packages understand that there are a lot of companies and individuals in the industry trying to buy Twitter followers that are real and active, and they think their features can help you with this. 

If you are looking for an expert who can help you directly with your Twitter profile, these guys are a great choice. They say that they have specially designed their features to serve their clients and help them get better traffic, so that you’ve got real people looking at tweets, and sharing them with others. 

This is why they have a strict policy against bot followers, and if you go outside of their website, you will notice that they have a lot of positive reviews about their services already left by existing clients on third-party forums. At the end of the day, this is a fast, efficient way to grow your Twitter following.


Fastlikes, as you might have been able to gather already, is the kind of company that can help you quickly, but they don’t just help their clients with Twitter interactions on their content. 

They can help you with your followers as well, and we think that by combining the two, you are giving your Twitter profile an advantage. The thought of having to spend so little to get the right people looking at your tweets is often too good to be true, but companies like this make it a reality. 

They are not just your generic social media marketing website, they offer the best quality followers, so that you will be satisfied with the end result. 

They also have a refund policy if you aren’t receiving the kind of engagement that you need, and every step of the process of purchasing their features is supported by live support, so that you don’t have to feel like you like signing up for something you don’t know how to use.


Famoid is well-known in the social media marketing industry for a few features, one of these being the fact that they can help you with cheap bulk plans. 

It’s no secret that there are a lot of people out there that don’t actually have time to spend gradually growing their Twitter profiles, so if you’re someone who wants to get everything done quickly, these guys are a great choice. They are also great if you want to buy real and active Twitter followers and get interactions on your tweets at the same time. 

They say that all of their plans have equal credibility, as well as authenticity, and they have an active support team that is always available to sort out your needs. You can pay safely through their SSL security, and considering their features start from just $4.99, we think that you are going to be able to afford them.


Instamama is not only one of the best places to help you with your real and active Twitter followers, but they are the kind of company that hands out discounts every now and then as well. 

Perhaps you have someone who doesn’t have a big budget to spend right now, but you still want the same quality Twitter growth that your competition has. With a company like this, you can make all of your Twitter growth dreams come true. 

They say that they are passionate about sending their clients high-quality followers, and all you need to do is provide them with a link to your Twitter profile, and they can get the job done. They have a lot of worthwhile plans for you to check out, so we highly recommend that you try them today.


Venium has had a lot of experience in this industry, which makes them the go-to choice for your real and active Twitter followers. In fact, they have been helping so many people over the years that they now can say they have worked with almost half a million clients. 

They offer discounts on their features like other companies out there, and they also offer a lifetime guarantee. They have an experienced team of experts behind their features and considering they encrypt every aspect of their payment gateways, you can feel really confident that your credit card information isn’t going anywhere. 

You can also subscribe to their user-friendly platform for the latest updates.

Get Real Boost

This company is a great choice if you want everything to be fast and efficient. They say that their sign-up process is going to take just two steps, and they have a broad range of real and active Twitter followers that you can choose from. 

You can start off with just 200 followers if this is what you’re looking for, and you can go all the way up to 20,000. Even when it comes to their bulk plans, they are passionate about only sending out real followers, so you know that the Twitter algorithm isn’t going to look at your Twitter profile with suspicion. 

Their main goal with their Twitter followers is to send them out and have them stick around for long enough for you to do really well with Twitter, which means that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They want their engagement to help improve your Twitter reputation, and we think that they are pretty good at their job.


Appsally is easily one of the most versatile websites out there when it comes to getting real and active Twitter followers. In fact, they have hundreds of plans for you to choose from, so you know that they can help you not just with your Twitter profile, but with every other network out there. 

They have 24/7 support for their clients, but they say that safety is their top priority. This means that they handpick the followers that they send you, ensuring that each and every one of them is going to interact with your content.


Famups knows that the heavier your presence is on Twitter, the more likely you are to do really well. With companies like this, you know that you are in good hands, because they think about the long-term, and not just the short-term. 

They secure your personal details, and make sure that their payment gateway is secure as well, and the best part is that they have engagement based on your location, so if you are located in the US, they’re going to send you US-based followers.

Famous Followers

Famous Followers is right ready to help its clients become influential Twitter users, and with more than 25 different variants of their amazing features, you know that you are in good hands. 

They can help you from just 100 Twitter followers to 15,000, and you get to choose exactly what package they send you. They have experts available through live chat, in case there are any issues with your order, and we also think that their pricing is pretty good as well. 

You can even try them out for free through a free trial in the beginning, so that you can get to know them before you register for anything.

Final Thoughts

Of course, many people consider buying Twitter followers as ‘cheating’; however, there are several companies, like the ones mentioned above, that will allow you to buy Twitter followers with integrity.

When you buy Twitter followers for your account, you will be able to save a substantial amount of time to streamline your work. 

Instead of looking for followers, you will able to focus on other aspects of your business like creating the best Twitter strategies to boost your growth over time. 

You can easily use the services of these above-mentioned platforms and pick one that suits your Twitter profile, budget, and requirement.

When you grow your Twitter account organically, you will gain followers that you are targeting. If you purchase the right Twitter follower package, you will be able to boost your growth and also solidify your follower base.

Brian Garcia is a contributor to Grit Daily. On staff, he handles tech and branding for Grit Daily. He is an internet rock star in front-end web development, user experience/interface, digital marketing.

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