OpenSea, eBay of NFTs, Auctions Iconic Works of Victor Villaseñor

Published on May 10, 2021

Authors, including Bill Gladstone, have begun using NFTs for a different reason: to help artists get their name out, and to support charities as well. 

Many are jumping into the NFT market, including OpenSea — and this time with a book author whose works were required reading in high school: Victor Villaseñor.

Victor Villaseñor, the three-time Pulitzer Prize nominated Mexican-American author, has announced an NFT auction that is a celebration of his writing and family.

Villaseñor’s best-known book is 1991’s Rain of Gold, which is the tale of his family who escaped from Mexico during the Mexican Revolution to America. He has written several other books, all of which describe his family and his own life.

Besides nonfiction, he has also written some fictional books, including one book for children. Despite this, most of Vilasenor’s books focus on his life or his family’s life.

His 2006 book, Burro Genius, is one such memoir. It is about his childhood as he grows up in the 1940s as a dyslexic child who cannot speak much English, and talks about how he triumphed. His dyslexia was a challenge he faced growing up, and nowadays, he says it was a gift that allowed him to see the world in a different way.

The book was 40 years in the making and went through many iterations, including Witness a Man.

Witness a Man is what his NFT work focuses on. The NFT shows an early draft and it has a quote from his grandmother, alongside an original picture of Villaseñor. It’s an artistic piece that hopes to inspire and give you some insight into the writing process of Villaseñor. It is being auctioned on OpenSea, and is designed by ViciNFT.

ViciNFT is the brainchild of Bill Gladstone, who is an author and literary agent. He has worked with many celebrities and authors to get their words out. Gladstone hopes this will be the beginning of a lucrative relationship with many other authors and artists who want to take advantage of the NFT market.

There have been concerns over the energy consumption of NFTs, but ViciNFT is carbon neutral. A portion of sales go to an environmental charity. The hope is for ViciNFT to help to defeat the misconception that NFTs are damaging to the environment and not a good way for artists to sell their works.

Environmental care is one reason why Villaseñor teamed up with ViciNFT. He is known for his charity work and him wanting to bring world peace. He has spoken about peace in various speeches and has his own charity, which is dedicated to helping improve relations with everyone in the world.

Villaseñor did discuss his NFTs, thanking everyone in his life who has inspired him and supported him over the years. He hopes his NFTs will inspire a generation of potential artists or other people who are struggling to write.

The auction will be happening from May 6th, starting on 9 AM EST to May 11th, ending on 5 PM EST. Fittingly, May 11th is also the 81st birthday of Villaseñor. When the auction ends, the winner will be announced. If you want to have a part of Vilasenor’s history, you may want to bid in it. Here’s hoping the best of luck to all bidders, as well as artists.

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