Solana Hacker House, Grit Daily House Ally for Activations during SxSW

By Brian Garcia Brian Garcia has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 1, 2022

Austin, TX: Solana Hacker House, the Austin contribution to Solana Hacker House World Tour, and Grit Daily House, the flagship event from Grit Daily, the award-winning news outlet that’s covered 8,000+ startups along with “sister” publication, BlockTelegraph, have allied on their events during SxSW 2022. 

Officially recognized by Solana, at Hacker House Austin (colloquially known as “Solana Hacker House”) there will be over 100 invitations to “people who break things” on the Internet, fittingly, to build creative and new opportunities, especially using Blockchain technology. It is a community-led and driven initiative to provide a similar atmosphere for friends of Solana in Austin.

Grit Daily House is one of the “media houses” during SxSW and the only independent media house, heavy on on-stage programming and champion of “underdogs” and innovators. 

 Four blocks from The Convention Center, it skews “VIP” with a private chef, Adrian Davila, famed Austin bartender Ozzy Barajas. Content. On-stage programming is over half women and over half of the speakers are local entrepreneurs or media from Austin, Texas. 

“Given Grit Daily’s integrations with Celsius, Linqto, SafeMoon, Lifekey, Thesis*, and Mondavi’s NFT launch, Hacker House Austin is a natural ally. Hacker House’s community is welcome to Grit Daily House, a few blocks north where we’ll have on-stage content and a medley of creative drinks from Ozzy the bartender and The People’s Chef Adrian Davila grilling out,” says Jordan French, Executive Editor at Grit Daily. 

Grit Daily House is accessible for ticketed guests only. (Due to the capacity of Grit Daily House, a ticket does not guarantee entry.)


Grit Daily is the award-winning, New York-based news outlet that’s covered 8,000+ startups. Its sister publication is BlockTelegraph, the Blockchain industry trade publication supported by Polygon. Equally known for its events, including an alliance with Microsoft for events in Times Square and Miami Blockchain & NFT Summit, which Grit Daily sold to Mana to form NFT BZL, Grit Daily’s flagship event is Grit Daily House.


Grit Daily House is a physical location in Austin, four blocks from the Convention Center, with an outdoor stage. The outdoor stage hosts some of the best content, with innovative company leadership across the startup, food, and drinks spectrum filming live. Grit Daily House is also the only “media house” that permits outside news outlets on its stage, including Digital Trends, Benzinga, Axios, CNBC, and Insider, among others. The featured Grit Daily House is tended by George the Celebrity Doorman, Ozzy the Bartender, and a private chef, grilling “quintessentially Austin” dishes in the backyard.

For those looking to join Grit Daily’s VIP & Media Dinners March 10-15, take a look at tickets here


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By Brian Garcia Brian Garcia has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Brian Garcia is a contributor to Grit Daily. On staff, he handles tech and branding for Grit Daily. He is an internet rock star in front-end web development, user experience/interface, digital marketing.

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