Four Gadgets for People Looking to up Their Video and Photography Game

By Brian Garcia Brian Garcia has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on May 4, 2018

How many people dream of being a photographer? Seems like half of my friends have given photography a try at some point or another. How much content is being consumed now via video? The most recent statistics show that a half billion people are watching video on Facebook alone each day. Within the next four years, video traffic could account for as much as 80% of all traffic.

There’s a point to these musings. Humans are visual creatures. Photography, videos, graphics, whatever, we like to see things. Fortunately, with the proliferation of high-quality smartphone cameras, and dropping prices among other photo/video gadgets, it’s easier now than ever before to produce visual assets.

There’s a ton of photography and video gear out there. Unfortunately, a lot of it is junk. Fortunately, curated product websites like Gadget Flow make it easier to sort the good from the slush pile. So let’s take a gander at some of the more recent tech gadgets to see if there’s anything you or I should add to the visual production toolbox.

SANDMARC iPhone Photography Lenses

Apple’s iPhone sports one of the better smartphone cameras available. However, a smartphone camera is still a smartphone camera. Even the best is limited in its functionality and capabilities. Fortunately, the SANDMARCH iPhone Photography Lenses will allow you to quickly take your iPhone photography game to the next level.

The SANDMARC iPhone Photography Lenses comes in three editions. There’s a Macro lens that allows you to take close-up images while capturing vivid details. While photography has often favored big, sweeping landscapes and scenes, there’s an emerging “close up” trend. If you do want to capture that big landscape, however, the Wide edition lens allows you to capture 2x wider images, while the Fisheye lens is 5x wider.

Each lens is high-quality, crafted with the best glass and other materials. Each lens also comes with mounting clips that make it easy to attach your SANDMARC iPhone Photography Lenses to any iPhone 7 or newer model (including the iPhone X).

Polaroid OneStep 2 i-Type Camera

The original Polaroid cameras were near magical. The idea of being able to take photographs and develop them right on the spot was revolutionary and then some. Back in the day, you’d normally take your rolls of film to a developer, and if you were lucky, you’d get them back in a few days. Often, you’d wait a week or more.

Then Polaroid came along. They developed a special film that would develop automatically and in moments. It was revolutionary and if you happened to have a Polaroid at a social gathering, you were often “the” guy or gal. Of course, digital cameras have since come along and made many film cameras, including class Polaroids, irrelevant.

The Polaroid OneStep 2 i-Type Camera, however, might make Polaroid the life of the party once again. The OneStep 2 is a follow up on the popular original OneStep, and like the Polaroid cameras of old, it allows you to quickly and easily take instant film photos.

There’s simply something to having a physical film photo, and these days, they’re so rare that they’re especially unique.

Revl – The World’s Smartest Action Camera

Shaky cameras are the scourge of videographers trying to capture real-world action. Sure, if you have the backing of a big studio, you can hire professional teams, expensive equipment, and all the rest. Most of us simply have to hope that we can keep our hands steady. With the Revl, that “hope” becomes a consistent reality.

How? The Revl has a built-in gimbal that can provide stability even in the most unstable of times. Further, the Revl Arc uses a variety of sensors to detect speed, G-forces, acceleration, rotation and various other attributes. This data can then be used to automatically edit your videos!

As a result, the Revl is a genuinely smart action camera. Yes, it has all of the software and features that come with being “smart” but more importantly, it’s ingenious when it comes to action shooting.

Razer Kiyo Ring Light Streaming Camera

Are webcams the best cams? Nah, but for many people, webcams are the most useful and frequently used. Many people have likewise come to realize how terrible your average webcam is. Fortunately, the Razer Kiyo Ring Light Streaming Camera offers a huge improvement over the typical built-in cam or dollar bin variant.

First, the Razer Kiyo Ring Light Streaming Camera addresses one of the biggest issues associated with web cameras: lighting. Poor lighting is the bane of many would-be YouTube stars, video bloggers, gamers, and moms trying to chat with their kids.

Razer realized this, and so built a powerful but surprisingly gentle Ring Light into their streaming camera. This light is able to all but eliminate harsh shadows. The light is adjustable too, so if you calibrate it, it’ll never be too bright or too dim. Additionally, the Razer Kiyo Ring Light camera allows you to stream 720p at 60FPS or 1080p at 30FPS. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking to professionalize their online videos and blogging.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

By Brian Garcia Brian Garcia has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Brian Garcia is a contributor to Grit Daily. On staff, he handles tech and branding for Grit Daily. He is an internet rock star in front-end web development, user experience/interface, digital marketing.

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