Shiseido’s Tiffani Carter-Thompson dishes on latest WASO skin care line

Published on June 8, 2019

Shiseido beauty cosmetic line is using Japanese-inspired super foods to take its beauty products to the next level.

Case in point: This past weekend, the beauty giant celebrated the relaunch of their WASO Skincare line, available exclusively at Sephora. Inspired by the holistic and natural Japanese food tradition “Washoku,” WASO features key ingredients selectively chosen for their purity and simplicity. Some of these ingredients include tofu yuzu, loquat honey, and Japanese carrots called Ninjin. Helping to create balance, hydration and healthy skin, Shiseido continues to be a pioneer in the beauty industry.

Grit Daily caught up with Shiseido’s Vice President of Integrated Communications Tiffany Carter-Thompson for a quick in person interview at the company’s “Beach House” activation in LA. As she candidly discussed the new direction Shiseido is taking with its latest beauty products, she provided a deeper look into the brand’s rich history.

Grit Daily: What is your role with Shiseido and why did you choose to bring the Beach House to the West Coast?

Tiffani Carter Thompson: Vice President of integrated communications — so for me that’s helping shape all of the consumer phases in communications. So that is PR, influencers, paid media and advertising, social media, content creation, and so we are here in LA as LA is such an influencer and media rich market, that are goal is to make sure that this market that has such a rich audience knows our brand and can communicate what they love about our brand to their audience. So that is what we are doing.

GD: Can you explain the new direction Shiseido is taking with the new WASO line?

TCT: Yes! So WASO is a line within Shiseido brand it is a younger line that has a lower price point, exclusively available at Sephora and it is about healthy skin. Japanese Super foods based on ingredients that are commonly used in cooking in Japan for skin care benefits. It really is just basic healthy skin.

GD: As the years continue to pass by, how has Shiseido been able to remain relevant in the beauty industry?

TCT: Oh gosh, we’re over 145 years old and I think it’s the authenticity and research of our products that people understand especially today because people do their own research. The consumer is savvy and smart when it comes to the products that she is selecting. So because they know that Shiseido has a rich history of products made in Japan that is something that is lasting.

GD: What makes this year’s Beach House Party different from last year’s?

TCT: I think this year we wanted to make our events smaller and more intimate in order to really communicate with the market influencers and media. This way where its smaller events, we can super focus on the products. We are focusing on WASO, we are focusing on Color Gel Lip Balm, and we are focusing on our ultimate sun lotion. So those three products are our focus.

Each of these events is smaller specifically so that we can have a connection and they have a connection to the brand. It is not a big party where they never meet anyone, they ctually get to meet the people from the brand and get to know who we are. So that’s really our strategy this year and we’re here in Malibu mostly because it is a great place for people to come and enjoy rather than being just in LA and we wanted to be different.

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