Brittany Burton

Brittany Burton is a News Columnist at Grit Daily. While attending Howard University majoring in Broadcast journalism, she became a writer at Buzzfeed and Huffington Post, which jumpstarted her career.

Musician BABA NYZA trades chicken for Spotify follows and so far the Internet loves it

Fried chicken and R&B usually are not two terms floating around together. Yet, BABA NYZA, a rising artist from Toronto, has used both to generate a fan base. How? The recipe was simple. He urged his fans, students, and the general population to eat free Raisin’ Canes he was giving out in exchange for follows on Spotify and Soundcloud. Did it work? After 2.5 million plays on Soundcloud and 300k on Spotify, his latest “Rack Like Spice,” is a hit. As he is pursuing a master’s...

Another cosmetics brand, Mizz Bloom, joins the cruelty-free bandwagon

Cosmetic beauty brand Mizz Bloom is providing a healthier way to support skincare. What makes this brand special is its use of highest-quality vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients in all of its products. With products such as the exotic Mandarin Nourish Face Oil, the Sweet Orange Glow Body Oil, Mizz Bloom offers top-of-the-line organic cosmetics without harming or testing on any animals, continuing their mission to promote healthy skincare. We had the pleasure of catching up with co-founder...

Shiseido’s Tiffani Carter-Thompson dishes on latest WASO skin care line

Shiseido beauty cosmetic line is using Japanese-inspired super foods to take its beauty products to the next level. Case in point: This past weekend, the beauty giant celebrated the relaunch of their WASO Skincare line, available exclusively at Sephora. Inspired by the holistic and natural Japanese food tradition “Washoku,” WASO features key ingredients selectively chosen for their purity and simplicity. Some of these ingredients include tofu yuzu, loquat honey, and Japanese...

Shiseido threw a house party on the beach and LA loved it

For the last 145 years, Japanese cosmetic line Shiseido has remained on top of the beauty industry. To celebrate the launch of their Color Gel Lip Balm, and WASO inspired product line, the brand hosted its second annual Beach House Party in Malibu. This past weekend, Hollywood influencers and beauty experts, flocked to a secret location where they enjoyed the latest innovative beauty products. Grit Daily showed up, too. Day 1 On Friday May 31st, Shiseido kicked off this celebration by...

Chef Enrique Olvera dishes on “food twins” LA and CDMX

In Mexican culture, tacos are more than just a food. They are a way of life. Enrique Olvera took that to heart. A world-renowned chef and entrepreneur, Olvera has made it his mission to inspire his community through his love of tacos and love for Mexico City. The LA Times launched it’s third annual Food Bowl Festival this month, welcoming Olvera to its opening night ceremony. While there, he presented the first incarnation of his praised symposium outside of Mexico City. Together he and LA...

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