Meet Elise Anderson: The Team USA Track Star Mastering the Art of PR

Published on January 4, 2021
Elise Anderson Athlete Tackling PR"

How many world-class athletes do you know mastering the art of public relations? This is the life and story of USA Team Track & Field runner Elise Anderson. Outside of representing Team USA as a sprinter, she is the proud owner & founder of The Anderson Consulting and Life After Sports Foundation designed to help athletes stay financially stable after they leave the life of sports. As she is well versed in so many industries, her work with Gary Vee, Soulja Boy, Fashionova and Pretty LittleThing, has this professional in a lane of her own. She is using her platform to spark change in sports, entertainment, modeling and marketing industry.

I had the pleasure of catching up with this hotshot to discuss transitioning into public relations, starting the Anderson Consulting agency, and her branding partnership with Pretty Little Things. Elise Anderson is a force to be reckon with. Check out the short interview I did with her below.

Elise Anderson

GD: Who is Elise Anderson? 

Elise: I am a professional Track & Field athlete for Team USA who is a serial entrepreneur, journalist brand ambassador, and fitness model. I am originally from Brooklyn Park, Minnesota where I am an accomplished track star who graduated from the University of Connecticut (UConn) with my bachelor’s degree in marketing communications.

Besides being a journalist for Bossy Girl Magazine, I am the president of Anderson Consulting which is a luxury full service business advisory agency. Through her company she is able to provide public relations, business funding, merchant, private jets, yachts, islands and luxury rental car services. Anderson Consulting is a multi-service consulting company, in which we provide all of clients with over 20+ services and partnerships that are available for all our clients with start ups, small businesses, and that need personal funding solutions.

Additionally, I have launched my nonprofit, Life After Sports Foundation Inc. Life After Sports Foundation Inc is laying the foundation for youth, collegiate, and professional athletes to succeed with the college recruitment process, overall health/nutrition, mental health/wellness, media marketing, and  entrepreneurship/financial resources and workshops.

GD: What sparked the founding of Anderson Consulting?

Elise: What began as an illustrious career in US track as an athlete soon blossomed into brand ambassador assignments and modeling. In a short time, I launched my multi-service consultancy Anderson Consulting, and I also began to lead Hier Marketing as a Vice President.

GD: How did you end up in the Marketing/PR industry?

Elise: I ended up in the marketing/public relations industry earlier this year when I was asked to become a writer for several celebrities, artists, and brands. I immediately jumped on the opportunity and ran with it. New to the industry, I have made several connections and am excited to be able to share my client’s different stories with the world! With a background in Mass Communications and Marketing, it has been dope to be doing something in the field I studied, adding to the marketing services our company can provide. 

GD: What was the inspiration behind “Life of Elise”?

Elise: Lifestyle. Beauty. Business. Life of Elise is capturing my everyday life and the reason why I started a Youtube Channel called “Life of Elise”. As it encapsulates all of the achievements I have accomplished, you get a chance to dive into the promising future I have as an entrepreneur, influencer, and athlete. Visitors should also check out my Instagram, as you will see my work as a brand ambassador working with leading sports and fitness brands, and the soon-to-come merchandise section. Aspiring brands and companies can get in contact with me by filling out a form on my Instagram or by emailing me to work.

GD: Talk about your collaboration with PrettyLittleThing and the work you do with them.

Elise: In July, I got invited to the showroom in Miami Beach never having worn anything PrettyLittleThing before that point. I absolutely love the brand now and the clothes. Especially the PLT sports line. The matching workout sets are my favorite! My collaboration with PrettyLittleThing has been awesome. I appreciate them for inviting me to their showroom. I love the outfits and the hospitality. The showroom is very beautiful, clean, and the PLT staff is the best!

As Elise continues to balance life as a professional athlete and public relations guru, be sure to follow her on her journey on Instagram @wildchildelise in which she has daily updates on what the “Life of Elise” looks like.

Brittany Burton is a News Columnist at Grit Daily. While attending Howard University majoring in Broadcast journalism, she became a writer at Buzzfeed and Huffington Post, which jumpstarted her career.

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