There’s a COVID-19 Outbreak in the White House: Here’s Who Has It

Published on November 12, 2020

In the last two weeks, a significant COVID-19 outbreak has emerged in the White House. Several prominent members of President Trump’s team have tested positive for the virus, despite repeated claims from the administration that everything is under control. Here is a list of all of the White House officials and Trump campaign staffers who have tested positive in this latest COVID-19 outbreak.

The Positives

Corey Lewandowski, President Trump’s campaign advisor, tested positive Wednesday. He is the latest member of the Trump team to test positive.

Richard Walters also tested positive for the virus November 11. He is the Republican National Committee chief of staff.

Dr. Ben Carson, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, tested positive November 9. Dr. Carson is on the current White House Coronavirus Task Force.

David Bossie is leading the Trump campaign’s legal efforts to challenge election results, and he tested positive on November 8.

Brian Jack, President Trump’s political director, tested positive on either November 7 or November 8.

The President’s chief of staff Mark Meadows, who works very closely with the President and other White House staffers, tested positive November 4.

Marc Short is Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff. He tested positive on October 24. The Vice President tested negative shortly afterwards.

Marty Obst, an adviser to the Vice President, also tested positive on October 24.

The Outbreak and Beyond

Lewandowski, Meadows, Carson, Jack, and Bossie all attended a party at the White House on Election Night. Hundreds of others were in attendance and guests spent hours together, often without masks. Several of these men have also worked closely with the President leading up to and following Election Day.

This latest COVID-19 outbreak comes only weeks after the President himself tested positive for the virus. President Trump was hospitalized, treated, and sent back to the White House to finish out the remainder of his campaign for reelection.

This latest round of cases brings the total number of COVID-19 cases in the last several months amongst White House officials, advisors, and staff to more than 30.

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