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8 Amazon Must-Haves If You Need Some Retail Therapy

Sometimes we all need a little retail therapy, and these Amazon must-haves will help you treat yourself a little bit this weekend.

MAXMODA Women’s Cotton Robe ($30.98+)

I bought this robe last week as a little just because present to myself. Normally, I find robes to be a little too heavy. This is definitely not a problem with this robe. It’s super light and the cotton is crazy soft. It feels so luxurious but without a hefty price tag. It has two separate ties to keep the robe securely in place while you’re doing things around the house. This robe comes in tons of different colors. I went with the navy blue, but there’s something to fit every style.

Decorative Extra Soft Faux Fur Throw Blanket ($14.49)

There is something so decadent about a really soft, heavy, fancy-looking blanket. This one is so beautiful to look at but also incredibly cozy to curl up in. This blanket comes in a throw size and also a complete queen size, so whatever your blanket needs may be, this will work. It’s got that expensive fur look and will tie in beautifully with any kind of decor.

Lulu Candles | Amber, Rose & Sheer Musk 2-pack ($36.95)

Who doesn’t love a nice candle? These are a great option when it comes to long-lasting soy candles. They come in a beautiful container and have a gorgeous, subtle, and unique scent. They are handcrafted in the U.S.A. and are a perfect little treat to add to a nice warm bubble bath or to add ambiance while you curl up with a good book.

Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat: A Cookbook ($16.86)

Chrissy Teigen is not only deeply entertaining on social media, but she’s also amazing in the kitchen. I am not a particularly gifted cook, but her recipes are so well written that even I can follow them. The end results are always sinfully delicious. I wouldn’t necessarily turn to this cookbook for healthy vegan eats, but if you’re looking for really good food, look no further.

Nostalgia Margarita & Slush Machine ($79.99)

When it comes to must-haves for retail therapy, what could be better than a retro margarita machine. This machine has a gorgeous ’60s era design that will be a total conversation piece at your next party (you know, whenever that’s a thing again). Even before the world opens up, making socially distanced margaritas or any kind of slushy cocktail has never been easier.

GLOBALWIN Women’s Fashion Boots ($39.99+)

Fall is pretty much upon us, and while the temperatures haven’t quite caught up yet, soon it will be time for fall fashion. There is no better season for looking fabulous, and a great pair of boots are fall fashion must-haves. These riding style boots have a very fancy looking quilted pattern that will perfectly accent any fall outfit. Riding boots pair perfectly with skinny jeans and a nice chunky sweater.

Costa Farms Golden Pothos Devil’s Ivy ($19.99)

This Ivy plant is not only gorgeous, but it’s also super easy to take care of. If you’re just getting into the world of houseplants, this is a great way to dip your toe in. Houseplants not only make for natural decor pieces, but they also help make the air in your house just a little bit cleaner.

White Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters ($29.99)

If you’ve been inspired to buy a houseplant for a little retail therapy, the next step is to get some pretty pots to put your new plants in. I bought a set of these a few months ago. Currently one of them contains an orchid and the other houses my basil plant. Both are thriving in their cute new pots. These pots look beautiful in my living room and fit in perfectly with almost any style.

We hope you enjoy these products! But keep in mind, Grit Daily might take a small commission on the items recommended here—but that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in them. We only recommend products that we would buy or use ourselves, so don’t be wary of our suggestions.