President Trump and First Lady Test Positive for COVID-19

Published on October 2, 2020

In breaking news Friday, President Trump tested positive for COVID-19, along with First Lady Melania Trump. The announcement comes shortly on the heels of the president’s exposure to White House aide Hope Hicks, who told the public she had the virus previously.

For now, the president will not head back to the campaign trail. Vice President Mike Pence tested negative for COVID-19.

The Trumps are well at this time

Around 1 a.m. Friday, the president took to his Twitter account to tweet the state of the union of the two Trumps to his followers.

In a trending Twitter announcement today, the social media platform said Dr. Sean Conley, the president’s physician, announced Trump was doing “well at this time [and] didn’t note any symptoms -32 days until the election -13 days until the next presidential debate.”

The White House also announced that the Trumps were “well at this time.”

“Dr. Conley added that he expects him to continue carrying out his presidential “duties without disruption while recovering,” Twitter added.

President Trump is in the high risk category

The POTUS and FLOTUS each were tested for COVID-19 after Hicks, who had recently traveled with the president, tested positive for the virus. At 74 years old, President Trump is in the high-risk category for COVID-19. His rival for the presidency, Democratic candidate Joe Biden, 77, was also tested and received negative results as of Friday afternoon. Trump and Biden debated in a highly criticized showdown Tuesday night.

The Much-Criticized Debate

The volatile presidential debate on Sept. 29 between Trump and Biden is under a microscope. Especially since both candidates are known for being irascible and not very eloquent. They didn’t disappoint in that regard, according to analysts and viewers.

Most criticism centers around the constant interruptions and talking over each other, with the president being the most frequent offender. The debacle has led to considerations of mediation that includes cutting microphones when the debaters don’t adhere to the rules.

The stock market plunges after President Trump’s announcement

The Dow Jones tumbled globally after the announcement, just a month before the presidential election, along with Nasdaq and S&P 500 futures.

Well wishes should transcend politics, Grit Daily readers, and it is our sincere hope that President Trump, First Lady Melania and Hope Hicks have a swift recovery.

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