Halloween Gets Resurrected with ‘Dragula’ Reality Show and Spinoff

Published on October 29, 2020

Halloween is mostly canceled this year because of the pandemic, which is a shame because it features a blue moon which only happens every once in a, well, “blue moon” as the old adage goes. However, don’t fret. If you’re creative and resourceful, there are plenty of unique things happening on Halloween and the days leading up to it to revel in. For instance, you may want to pull up a chair and binge-watch Season 2 and Season 3 of the scariest reality contest show around, Dragula. Oh, and for Season 1, you’ll only be able to catch it on YouTube where LGBTQ show Hey Queen gave viewers a chance to meet these monsters for the first time.

This author is an extreme horror buff, Grit Daily readers, and I’m not kidding when I say the show is a perfect soiree of horror and drag. In fact, it could be described as a case of Face-Off and RuPaul’s Drag Race mating and having a mutated offspring that is Dragula. Of course, there are mutated offspring on this horror show, too, in case you were wondering. The colorful contestants, affectionately named “uglies” by the Dragula hosts, compete to the theme of “Drag, Filth, Horror, and Glamor,” which is incidentally the jingle being sung by plumped up black lips at the intro of each morbid episode.

Host and Judges, The Boulet Brothers, are Not Brothers

The Boulet Brothers, Dracmorda and Swanthula, are accomplished drag queens, and the devilish masterminds behind Dragula. And, no, they are not brothers. Instead, as they are quick to point out on their Creature of the Night podcast, they are partners in business and a couple in real life. Amazingly, (at least by Hollywood standards) they’ve been together for over 20 years. They are also as elusive as unicorns if you try to spot them outside of drag, and the two entertainers say they guard their private life fiercely.

The Boulets Will Cast a Macabre Spell On You

I first saw the Boulet Brother’s Dragula while surfing through the endless parade of drudge that’s streaming these days. Honestly, there is so much stuff that passes for “entertainment” right now, that you’ll burn the batteries out on your remote before clicking on a gem like this one. The episode I saw featured them working out on a treadmill in full drag regalia. I can’t imagine them breaking a sweat in drag because it wouldn’t be glamorous, I’m sure.

Your first thought when seeing the Boulets and their spooky troupe is likely to be, “Just what the hell am I watching?” I know that’s the thought that was going through my mind when I first saw and heard them. However, Drac and Swan Boulet cast their macabre spell on me, and I’m hooked. They might do the same to you if you watch them and their cast of uglies compete to be the next drag “super monster.”

About Drac and Swan Boulet

Drac is statuesque and regal, while Swan is petite and girly, even being terrified of a palmetto bug that threatened her in the shower stall in a hotel room. Drac seems like the perfect Dorothy to Swan’s Blanche when they are bantering with one another, too – that’s if the Golden Girls were young, fierce and terrifying, though. The girls competing on Dragula go through quite the ordeal in the most horrifying of fashions, and their eliminations give new meaning to the term “scream queen.”

Guest Judges on Dragula are Horror Royalty

Speaking of scream queens, the Boulet Brothers often score horror movie stars for the judge’s panel when critiquing the girl’s looks – or guy’s looks in the case of Season 3 contestant and Drag King, Landon Cider. Spooktacular guest judges they’ve had on the season so far include Milly Shapiro (Hereditary), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Rachel True (The Craft) and Bonnie Aarons (The Nun).

Season 4 Production Delay Allows for Dragula Spinoff: Resurrection

Like many other productions, Season 4 of Dragula was delayed because of COVID. Not wanting to disappoint their fans, the Boulet Brothers used the delay as an opportunity to release their 123-minute spinoff extravaganza, Dragula: Resurrection. It arrived just in time for queer Christmas, otherwise known as Halloween. The show saw the Boulets magically bring seven select talents from the three previous seasons back from the dead. Drac said he and Swan brought these seven back because they believed they were eliminated before really getting a chance to shine and display their talents.

The winner would get a chance to compete on Season 4, and the movie is packed full of remarkable drag designs, Easter eggs and a Marvel-style twist after the credits roll. The Boulets also went to where each competitor lived vs. bringing the entire cast to the studio for filming.

Be forewarned, the show isn’t G-rated. The contestants can sometimes be a little raunchy, campy and filthy. But, that’s what it’s all about. On the other hand, the girls are always beautiful, and it’s good fun for die-hard drag and horror devotees. So, watch seasons 1-3 of Dragula this week and then Dragula Resurrection on Halloween when the veil between the two worlds is thin.

We didn’t want to spoil too much about the competition on purpose since some haven’t watched it yet. Just know that the Boulets are really killing it and saving Halloween!

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