The Top Eight Laptop Tables of 2021

Published on April 23, 2021

Laptops are almost as essential as cell phones nowadays, particularly for anybody that works from home. But if there’s one thing that can throw anyone off their work game it’s the dreaded “tech neck,” which is basically a neck strain from bending over to work at a laptop or computer for hours at a time. Everyone in the workplace can probably relate to the pain of tech neck, but with a bit of money and research there’s a way to avoid tech neck in the future. 

What’s a good way to combat tech neck? Look no further than a sturdy laptop table. There are laptop tables for beds, for standing and so much more, and they’re available at extremely reasonable prices for the return of investment.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Laptop Table of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Best Laptop Table

  • Where Do You Plan to Use Your Laptop Table? Do you enjoy working from the comfort of your own bed? Or do you feel more productive standing up? There are different laptop tables for your needs depending on where you want to place the table.
  • Price: Would you rather invest in a laptop table that’s a bit pricier but might last longer in the long run? Or do you need something cheap and short-term?
  • Design: Do you want a foldable table? One that can store other things, like your cell phone? Do you want a table that stays sturdy while at an angle? Some factors to consider.
  • Extras: Do you want a laptop table with USB ports so you can charge your laptop as you work? Would you pay extra for cooling fans to protect your laptop from overheating? Or do you just want a basic table that keeps your laptop steady and at an angle? 
  • Size/Color: Some of these laptop tables come in a variety of colors and sizes. Make sure you check how much space you’d need to accommodate your new laptop table wherever you want to place it for use.

The 8 of Best Laptop Tables of 2021

The Saiji Laptop Bed Tray Desk

The Saiji laptop bed tray desk has a 4.7 rating based off of 3,786 global reviews. Reviewers praised it for how easy it was to adjust, with one reviewer summing it up as, “adjustable table perfection.” The Saiji has an anti-lock design, comes with a storage drawer, a moveable laptop stopper for stability, and is made with high-density PVC leather. 


  • This product is perfect for work from home employees who prefer to sit down or lie down while they’re working. Because this table is adjustable you can set it up at an angle while working so you’re not slumping over and getting tech neck in the process.
  • The price is under one hundred dollars
  • One reviewer praised this product as a game changer for working from home 


  • This product isn’t long enough for a standing laptop table so if you’re looking for something more along those lines this isn’t the product for you
  • Some reviewers said that the product fell apart after only a few weeks of use
  • If you’re looking for a table under fifty dollars this is a bit pricier than that budget.

The Superjare Foldable Laptop Table

The Superjare foldable laptop table is sturdy, portable and can also be quite convenient for anyone who likes working or studying from the comfort of their own bed. The Superjare is different from the Saiji in two key areas. In terms of pricing the Superjare is less expensive, but the Superjare does not adjust at an angle like the Saiji does. The Superjare laptop table has a 4.6 star rating based off of 6,714 global reviews.


  • One cool design feature of the Superjare is that it folds in half, leaving you space to store books, school notes, and more. The fold in half feature also makes this table extremely portable
  • The surface is spacious enough to fit a 16 inch laptop, and a computer mouse or cell phone
  • Comes with a non-slip bottom design
  • Price is under thirty dollars
  • One reviewer said that this table was worth every penny


  • Several reviewers said that the two sections that locked together to form the table top did not form a flat surface, so one reviewer couldn’t work with their laptop on the table without it wobbling
  • Two other reviewers noted that their table smelled bad

The Rainbean Adjustable Laptop Table

The Rainbean laptop table is adjustable and foldable, and also has two built-in cooling fans to protect your laptop from being overheated. This table is made with lightweight aluminum, with fully adjustable legs that rotate 360 degrees. The Rainbean is priced under thirty dollars and has a 3.4 rating based on 2,785 global ratings.


  • Several reviewers praised how sturdy this product was, and also appreciated the cooling fans
  • Another reviewer said this product was versatile while another said it was easy to set up and was also durable
  • Another reviewer said getting this table stand helped their posture
  • The price is very reasonable


  • Another reviewer said this product was “small, unstable and flimsy.”
  • Other reviewers said their table stand was difficult to adjust

The CosyFame Laptop Table

The CosyFame laptop table also comes with built in cooling fans. This table also has angle adjusters (the blue knobs in the picture), moveable stoppers, a removable mouse pad on the side and more. The price is under thirty dollars and the product comes fully assembled save the mouse pad.


  • Reviewers praised this table for being sturdy, portable and great for Zoom calls
  • The price is very reasonable
  • This table has a 4.8 rating out of 1, 073 global reviews.
  • Another reviewer said it was great for students


  • Some of the reviews are for another product
  • Not ideal for buyers who want a standing laptop table

The Seville Classics Ergonomic Laptop Table

Here’s a laptop table option that’s ideal from those who prefer to do their work/studying standing up rather than sitting or lying down. The height is adjustable so there is some versatility if you do want to have a table that can be used while standing or sitting on the edge of a couch or bed. The Seville Classics table also comes with a rolling base, making it easy to transport from one room to another.


  • Has a 4.5 star rating based off of 6,750 global ratings
  • One reviewer praised this product as, “the desk you never knew you needed!”
  • The surface has enough space for a laptop and books or your cell phone
  • Comes with a side table
  • Many reviewers said it was easy to assemble


  • Some reviewers said their table wasn’t stable
  • Other reviewers said that the top was slanted and that it was hard to keep their laptop stable on the surface without sliding
  • The price is more than thirty dollars, but less than sixty dollars

The Amazon Basics Adjustable and Portable Laptop Table

The Amazon Basics adjustable and portable laptop table is adjustable from 9.4 inches in height to 12.6 inches. This table can fit laptops sized up to 14 inches. The Amazon Basics laptop table has a 4.5 star rating based off of 2,628 global ratings and comes in the sizes medium and large. 


  • Several reviewers said this table was perfect to help with a good work from home setup
  • The price is under fifty dollars for the medium sized table
  • The surface can be adjusted at an angle up to 36 degrees
  • Other reviewers praised the table’s versatility


  • If you’re looking for something under thirty dollars then this laptop table isn’t right for you
  • One reviewer said it wasn’t sturdy and that the lowest height setting was too high for what they wanted
  • Another reviewer said don’t buy this table for things like Zoom calls and that the table legs weren’t sturdy and would wobble

The Saiji Laptop Bed Tray Desk

Want to upgrade your work from home laptop table? Check out the Saiji extra large laptop bed tray desk. This product has five adjustable heights, a non-slip texture, storage drawer, a foldable book stand and stable legs. You can keep a seventeen inch laptop on the surface and still have plenty of room for a book, phone, and more. This table has a 4.7 rating based off of 5,596 global ratings.


  • This is the table with the most amount of surface space so far on this list
  • A lot of reviewers said this product was sturdy, and well worth the purchase
  • Another reviewer said this product was perfect for taller people
  • For the product’s size and the amount of storage space you get, the price under a hundred dollars is great


  • If you require a table that’s smaller and/or less expensive this isn’t the product for you
  • Some reviewers said their product arrived with broken parts
  • Other reviewers said this product was hard to move when they were trying to get up

The Moclever Laptop Table for Bed

The Moclever laptop table bills itself as a multi-functional laptop desk. This product has adjustable height and viewing tilt angles, built in cooling fans to protect laptops from overheating, has four USB charging ports, and more. This table is foldable, making it portable and easy to store. Like to work at night but don’t want to disturb anyone with bright lights? This table also comes with an LED desk light for those late night projects.


  • The amount of extras this table has is majorly beneficial
  • Reviewers said this was a good purchase
  • This table has a 4.4 rating based off of 2,829 global reviews
  • The price is less than fifty dollars 
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Has an additional section that’s perfect for a mousepad 


  • Several reviewers said that their table wasn’t comfortable to use
  • Another reviewer said they could never get the fan or the USB ports to work 
  • Another reviewer said there was no place to rest your wrist while working 

How to Shop for a Laptop Table

  • Is the laptop table sturdy? Is it sized right for your needs? Do you want a table/desk with an adjustable angle? 
  • Does the price of the laptop table match your budget? 
  • Do you need extras like extra storage space, cooling fans, and/or a desk light? 
  • Would you prefer a laptop table that you can use while lying down or one that you can utilize standing up? 
  • Is the laptop table foldable? Portable? Or are you content with it staying in one place and one place only?

In Conclusion 

Laptop tables are all about comfort. In an ever-changing and evolving world, we all need something to keep our laptops stable, cool and steady while we work from home or study from home or whatever you need your laptop for in the first place. The aforementioned list of products all have their strengths and weaknesses, so it’s up to you to decide which laptop table works best for your needs.

Other Products You May Need

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