Ashley Collie

Ashley Jude Collie is a Columnist at Grit Daily. He has blogged and written for Playboy, Movie Entertainment, Sports Illustrated, MadeMan and HuffPost — interviewing Oscar winners (Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Lawrence, Alicia Vikander), sports MVPs (Tom Brady), and business leaders (Amazon’s Jeff Bezos). His novel, REJEX, is out on Pulp Hero Press.

Soccer Fans in LA and in North Africa Are Going Ballistic Over UEFA and CAF Champions League

On June 1, millions of wild and wooly soccer fans worldwide will be tuning into the UEFA Champions League final in Madrid between English giants Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool. The Reds and Spurs finished second and fourth respectively in the Premier League’s final standings. Most noteworthy, more than 200 LA Spurs fans will squeeze into the hipster Greyhound Bar and Grill in Highland Park, in a rapidly gentrifying but once dodgy neighborhood in northeast Los Angeles. The boisterous fans,...

The Glorious Sons’ Anthemic “SOS/Sawed Off Shotgun” Resonates with Hardscrabble Lives

With the 2019 tax deadline stressing out people who fear that last year’s tax cut won’t be so helpful for ordinary citizens, it’s unsurprising that a recent #1 Billboard hit by The Glorious Sons makes mention of the taxman. The chorus for the rousing, anthemic singalong “SOS (Sawed Off Shotgun)” by this rock band plaintively offers: “Yeah, they sent the taxman/I lost my job, and/You got hooked on oxycodone/They shut the lights off/They took the car, and/I bought a sawed off...

Drop the Mic on the Narcissist and Other Toxic People

The Washington Post recently ran a story titled “Start of a Long Year of Toxic Politics Between Dems & Trump.” It reported that the ongoing battle between President Trump’s desire to keep his campaign promise to build a wall and the Democrats’ plan to foil him sets the tone for this increasingly toxic environment to continue. Coincidentally, heading into 2019, Oxford Dictionaries summed up the mood of 2018 with its word of the year: “toxic.” Thing is we all know people — or just...

Employment Lawyer Gabel Offers Guidelines as Political Polarization in Workplace Intensifies

Tick, tock. Political polarization has buried deep into our homes, our families and friendships, and into our places of worship. GOP pollster Frank Luntz found “nearly a third surveyed say they had stopped talking to a friend or a family member because of disagreements over politics.” As a result, this polarization has swept into our workplace. Consequently, a recent LinkedIn survey showed that of the top 10 challenges employees face in the workplace, ranked #3 was “Dealing with coworkers.”...

Saudi Journalist’s Shameful But Keystone Cops-like Political Assassination

Since when did it become open season to beat up on journalists? Maybe we should ask Donald Trump, who’s been directly or indirectly involved in several recent incidents. First of all, back in May 2017, the unprovoked assault on Ben Jacobs, a Guardian US journalist, by Montana congressman, Greg Gianforte, resulted in the politician pleading guilty to assault. Over a year later and last week at a Montana rally, the president recalled the assault and said of Gianforte, he’s “my guy.” As a result,...

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