Red Bull’s Series Shows Behind the Scenes at House of Yes Club

Published on January 27, 2019

How do you get to the “House of Yes”?

Red Bull Media House, backed by energy drinks juggernaut Red Bull, has gotten pretty good at hosting workshops, festivals, and events. Lately the brand has gotten into its next act by producing content around its integrations and giving a few sneak peaks and behind the scenes looks. Its latest series, “Inspire The Night,” focuses on the nightlife scene, giving a spotlight to clubs and venues all over the country.

“Inspire The Night”  demonstrates the many well-choreographed parts that go into creating a nightlife experience. (As avid conference and event-goers at Grit Daily, we would know the good and bad.) The episodes shows that while for some going to a club is a getaway — for performers and employees of these clubs nightlife is their life. The latest episode of “Inspire The Night” goes behind the scenes of one of New Yorkers’ favorite clubs, House of Yes.

House of Yes

For the public, House of Yes is a crazy night club in Brooklyn that allows you to let go of your inhibitions for a night. In stressful cities like New York, enjoying nightlife is apparently one way to ease up and relax.

Other clubs can give you similar experiences. But House of Yes is a whole other original experience with customized activations every time you visit. Founders Anya Sapozhnikova and Kae Burke founded the club with the intention of it being a place where you could “be yourself.”

Burke and Sapozhnikova told Grit Daily it was “not their original intention to create change.”

They wanted to create a venue for people to enjoy a unique experience. Without intention, House of Yes’ goal of allowing radical self-expression, lead to some true change in the community. When you enjoy a night with people of different genders, sexualities and personalities, the seed of acceptance is planted in your head. The club aims to create dynamics and opportunities, seemingly to allow people to see possibilities within themselves and others.

House of Yes pushes the artist community. It is an immersive space that allows everyone who visits to feel accepted and feel like they are a part of something. For owners Kae and Anya, it is a representation of how they believe the world should be. House of Yes has grown to become far bigger than their dreams for it originally were.  

Kevin Charles

Performer Kevin Charles grew up in an extremely religious and rather strict family. He wanted to dance his whole life and his mother would not allow it. So it was no surprise his family was not accepting when he came out as gay to them.

One night at the House of Yes Charles was appreciating the performers dancing in a cage on stage. Co-owner Kae Burke caught him out of the corner of her eye. 

On approach she asked him what he was looking at and he explained his situation. She told him next week it was his opportunity: The cage was going to be free for him to dance. Kae pushed him to take the chance and it paid off.

Now, still, a dancing performer with House of Yes, Kevin Charles was able to achieve his dreams. As Charles said himself: At House of Yes, no matter what your sexuality is, everyone can be in one room and be themselves. This is just one example of the fantastic community behind this unique New York club.

Anya Sapozhnikova

The Red Bull Inspire the Night episode does an incredible job of documenting the stress behind the scenes of these popular clubs. While those who visit the club are only there to enjoy, the job is far more difficult for people crafting an enjoyable atmosphere. When the two young owners, Anya Sapozhnikova and Kae Burke, started House of Yes they had no blueprints to help them out.

Anya Sapozhnikova felt the emotional exhaustion in extremes she had never experienced before. Though she was extremely proud and loved her job and team, it was grueling and stressful, especially at the beginning. Kae started to notice swings in her partner’s mood and began to worry. After one of her production managers suggested she visit a psychiatrist, Anya was diagnosed with Bipolar II.

With the help of the team at House of Yes, Anya was able to get out of the bad space she was in. She started leaning on the fantastic community she had crafted. Anya says in the Inspire the Night episode, “Once you realize you’re all there for each other it’s a lot easier to help and be helped. They are there for you like your family.”

Kae Burke

Kae Burke, co-owner of the busy club and venue also found comfort in the House of Yes team. As with many who visit House of Yes, Kae has carefully crafted an alter ego. For Kae, this is Karl Karlson. Karl is not just a character — Karl Karlson is a way for Kae to truly express herself as an artist.

As another performer in the episode puts it, “You have to nurture your alter ego and let it all out.”

According to owner Kae Burke, expressing your alter ego will let you show off all the parts of you. According to Burke, this will make you a better person.

By pushing this belief of expressing your true self, House of Yes has become the perfect venue for all kinds. Shown to us by the Red Bull Media House, the accepting and creative atmosphere is created by all those who work hard behind the scenes.

Sophie Price is a Contributor at GritDaily. She was born in Montreal and resides in Toronto, Canada.

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