Sophie Price

Sophie Price is a Contributor at GritDaily. She was born in Montreal and resides in Toronto, Canada.

Podwand cleans your AirPods and Juul at the same time and the Internet is loving it

The next time you find yourself listening to music with your favorite pair of earbuds, stop, pull them out, and give them a close look. If you’re in a similar position that I found myself right before writing this article, you’re going to be staring at some gnarly chunks of earwax and who knows whatever else. I realized just how dirty my AirPods were when I got a sample of the up-coming Podwand cleaning kit. In hindsight, I don’t think my earbuds were fit for audio consumption but I can...

Business showers are now a thing, according to this Twitter post

Baby showers are common. But business showers? A post circulating Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook racked up tens of thousand views. And possibly for good reason — if you equate entrepreneurship to giving birth. A “business shower,” a term that borrows from the commonplace baby shower but instead refers to a new business, garnered attention. The post said (without a hint of irony): “Instead of baby showers, let’s host Business Showers. When a friend starts a business, we all...

Rapper, T.I., Launches ‘Tech Cypha’ Investment Syndicate for Guilded Mentorships

There’s no question that the tides of investment syndicates are turning towards the entertainment industry. Whether we are talking about Ashton Kutcher, Joe Montana, or Tyra Banks, celebrities galore have flocked towards “angel investments” for startups as a “second act.” Now, urban artists from ATL want in. Rapper Clifford Harris Jr. or “T.I.” as the rest of the world knows him, recently launched Tech Cypha, an investment syndicate in collaboration...

Salesforce Plops $15M in Simplus in Global CRM Takeover Attempt

Has Salesforce finally picked a winning partner? Quote-to-cash company Simplus raised a $15 million Series C funding round from Salesforce –which invested a record fourth time — along with venture-capital firm, KSV. This is first time Salesforce hit the bid four times with one of its system integrators. In the same swoop, Salesforce also acquired Sqware Peg, based in Australia, with the intention of pushing their global expansion down under. Salesforce’s ongoing investment...

Red Bull’s Series Shows Behind the Scenes at House of Yes Club

How do you get to the “House of Yes”? Red Bull Media House, backed by energy drinks juggernaut Red Bull, has gotten pretty good at hosting workshops, festivals, and events. Lately the brand has gotten into its next act by producing content around its integrations and giving a few sneak peaks and behind the scenes looks. Its latest series, “Inspire The Night,” focuses on the nightlife scene, giving a spotlight to clubs and venues all over the country. “Inspire The...

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