Penn Football Brings Back Red With New 70s-Inspired Throwbacks

Published on September 30, 2019

This year, Franklin Field is celebrating it’s 125th anniversary. The Penn Quakers have released a new set of 70s-inspired throwbacks to mark the occasion.

Now let’s take a closer look at these uniforms that put the “red” back in “the Red and Blue.”

The Details:

The Quakers will go red/red/white with this combo. The pants are plain white and largely unremarkable, but they’re not the focus of this set. The white does its job as a simple accent to the helmet and jersey, which are the stars of the uniform.

The jersey is the major element of this new set. The red base is immediately what stands out. Elevating red to a primary color rather than an accent works well here. Changing the shoulder striping to a more classic red, white, and blue  pattern also looks good while still giving off a vintage vibe.

The wordmark and number font is also the exact same as Penn’s normal jerseys, keeping this combo in line with the rest of their sets.

The helmet is what really drives the throwback theme home. It features a blue P in a white football shape on each side of the helmet, with two blue stripes down the center. The use of the old-style P and football is one of the better throwback logos to appear on a helmet. It looks straight out of the old two bar facemask days, rounding out an excellent throwback look.

This isn’t the first time that a Penn team has worn a red throwback. Last season, the Quaker’s basketball team debuted an all-red look to commemorate their 1979 team that made a miracle run to the Final Four.

So far, Penn has given no word on when these uniforms will be worn. Whenever that is, it should be a good one to watch. Who wouldn’t want to see what may just be one of the best looks in the Ivy League this season?


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Ian Curtis is a Sports Columnist at Grit Daily. A sports and history buff, he has a penchant for memorizing useless trivia. He is based out of College Station, Texas.

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