Here’s How You Can Find More Black-Owned Businesses Around The World and In Your Area

Published on August 14, 2020

In August, the Black community celebrates Black Business Month, so this month we are going to highlight the many black businesses in the world. We are going to celebrate Black-owned business, and Black-owned products and brands.

It’s time that those in the Black-owned and business community get recognized. It’s time that they get just as much of an audience as those who are advertising their brands. Here are some Black-owned brands, products, and businesses that you now know of and can share with all of your friends and give them the recognition they deserve.

My Black Receipt 

My Black Receipt is a website where you can upload your receipt. It was launched this June of 2020 as the “Buy Black” movement and now has become My Black Receipt. How My Black Receipt works is that you can upload your receipt from when you purchase anything from a Black-owned business. They also have a directory where you can shop from those Black-owned businesses.

Black Receipt was started by Black UpStart founder Kezia Williams, who trains other black entrepreneurs to be successful and start their own business. Kezia told CNN that her goal is to have Americans “put their receipt where their protest is.” You can check out more of what Kezia is doing on her Instagram.

Black Owned Everything

Black Owned Everything is just as what it says—everything that they advertise is black-owned. On their Instagram, they advertise everything from jewelry, clothing to wellness products, whatever you need, it’s on their Instagram. If you are a Black-owned business, you can head to their website and fill out a form to be featured on their page.

This Instagram page is everything and more for the Black community. If you think Prada and Gucci have it right; you will be blown away on what’s featured on this page. Black Owned Everything has everything that you could ever want, and I’m sure you will be ready to support and buy everything you see from on that page because it’s that good.

Shoppe Black 

Shoppe Black is Philadelphia based company founded by a husband and wife team, Tony O. Lawson and Shantrelle P. Lewis. Shoppe Black has all the Black business content that you need. Shoppe Black creates content and also has profiles on Black businesses around the world from New York to Nigeria.

Along with featuring many black businesses, they also talk with Black entrepreneurs and other professionals. On their site, they have profiles on topics like “Black-owned coloring book series to Black-owned digital banking, Shoppe Black has it all.

Jori Ayers is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily based in Tampa, Florida. She was formerly with the editorial team at Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.

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