Here Are Some Ways You Can Work Out For Free During Quarantine

Published on March 31, 2020

Being stuck at home has everyone thinking of wild things to do to keep themselves occupied. Of course, you have the necessary things that you have to do like student online lectures and others attending to their day-to-day tasks of working from home, but once those duties are marked off the to-do list that’s when your mind starts to wonder what else you can do to keep yourself occupied

From creating random Tik Tok’s, creating challenges, having Netflix movie parties, and whatever else you can think of, people are doing it. On top of staying occupied and keeping sane, fitness apps are offering free services so you can stay fit and healthy during the quarantine as well. Here are some fitness apps that are offering free services right now and also other options that you can check out for a free workout during the quarantine. 

Free Fitness

Peloton: Of course, known for their cycling workouts, but Peloton is offering exercises for off the bike. During this trial time, people can try out yoga, strength, HIIT, and more workouts on the app. Peloton has extended its 30-day trial to a 90-day trial, so you can hit the ground running with some low and high-intensity exercises.

Corepower Yoga: Corepower Yoga is one of the largest yoga studio chains in the United States, and since their gyms have closed, they’re offering free online classes. Along with their free workout sessions, you can head over to their blog to check out healthy helpful tips. 

Nike Training Club: This famous apparel brand has also made its premium accounts free for everyone to come out and get a good workout. As stated on their website, “We’re evolving as the world is evolving and we want you to stay healthy and active. Enjoy on-demand class-style workouts, programs, and expert tips on nutrition, sleep, and more with free access to NTC Premium to all Nike Members until further notice.”  When downloading the app, you can try out workouts from yoga, targeted training programs, and more exercises for the body.

Planet Fitness: Planet Fitness is also offering free workout classes online since most of their gyms are currently closed. They will be streaming on Facebook live every day at 4 p.m. PT. , 5 p.m. MT. ,6 p.m. CT., 7 p.m. ET. Make sure you follow their page for more updates.

Online Influence

POPSUGAR Fitness: Don’t forget you can always count on YouTube as well. One of my favorite fitness channels, called POPSUGAR Fitness, offers a lot of workouts on their channel. They have a wide variety from beginner, intermediate and expert workouts as well as any workout ranging from full-body, dance cardio, or whatever you’re in the mood for that day.

Fitness Bloggers: You also can’t forget about your bloggers out there who are giving you quality content during this quarantine as well. Many are putting out workout mixes dedicated to the quarantine or just their usual content. Whatever the case, you can always rely on these fitness gurus to help you on this fitness journey.

Fitness blogger Milan Ramos posts different workout mixes and daily motivation to her fitness Instagram page: @milanramosfit

As we are still unsure of how long we will be in quarantine and practicing social distancing, these workouts will help us get through this tough time and keep us healthy and fit all at the same time. It’s about staying sane, strong, keeping our minds grounded, and keeping our bodies healthy and powerful. Keep your heads up and remain strong; we’ve got this.

Jori Ayers is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily based in Tampa, Florida. She was formerly with the editorial team at Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.

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