10 F&B Companies You Want to Keep an Eye on in 2024

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Published on January 29, 2024

The food and beverage (F&B) industry stands to see a great deal of innovation in 2024. Driven by groundbreaking technological advancements and an acute awareness of environmental and health concerns, the sector is redefining the way we think about food production, consumption, and sustainability.

As we navigate through this era of rapid change and innovation, certain companies have emerged as frontrunners, leading the charge toward a future where food is not just a source of sustenance but a beacon of innovation, health, and environmental stewardship.

The pace of change is breathtaking. From the depths of oceans to the outer reaches of scientific exploration, the boundaries of what food can be and how it can be produced are being pushed every day. Algae-based nutraceuticals, once a niche product, are now at the forefront of health and wellness conversations. Alternative proteins are not just a choice but a necessity for a sustainable future. The emergence of lab-grown meats and dairy alternatives speaks volumes about the shifting consumer preferences and the urgent need to address the global food crisis.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Companies are now harnessing the power of autonomous food manufacturing, bringing together the best of AI and robotics to revolutionize kitchen operations and food production. The war against food waste and the push for food circularity are gaining momentum, with startups finding novel ways to turn what was once waste into valuable resources.

The following 10 F&B companies are not just keeping up with the changes in 2024 but are actively shaping the future of food. Their stories are as diverse as their innovations, each playing a pivotal role in the grand tapestry of the food revolution unfolding before us.

Prevera – Algae-based Nutraceuticals

Leading the Charge in Nutritional Innovation

Israeli startup Prevera stands out for its pioneering work in algae-based food protection proteins. These innovative proteins serve as natural alternatives to conventional preservatives, offering a unique blend of health benefits and sustainability.

Prevera’s breakthrough lies in its ability to harness the power of natural essential amino acids, forming an antimicrobial protein that effectively shields food from pathogens. This approach not only enhances food safety but also contributes to nutritional intake without disrupting the microbiome. Prevera’s solutions have broad applications, ranging from raw ingredient disinfection to water disinfection, marking a significant step forward in the food industry’s journey toward healthier and more sustainable practices.

OFF FOODS – Alternative Protein Snacks

Redefining Plant-Based Alternatives

The Indonesian startup OFF FOODS is carving a niche in the alternative protein sector with its innovative plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. Their flagship product, OFF MEAT, leverages texturized vegetable protein and soy protein isolate to create a texture and taste remarkably similar to animal meat. The development is crucial in a world increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of meat production.

Additionally, their oat-based milk, OAT DAILY, provides a sustainable and lactose-intolerant-friendly dairy alternative. OFF FOODS’ contributions are pivotal in addressing the growing global demand for sustainable and ethical food choices, showcasing how plant-based alternatives can be both delicious and environmentally responsible.

Planet A Foods – Cocoa-free Chocolate

Innovating Sweetness with Sustainability

Planet A Foods, a German startup, is changing the confectionery industry with its cocoa-free chocolate, ChoViva. Using precision fermentation of plants like oats, the startup creates sustainable food ingredients that replicate popular flavors without the environmental impact of traditional crops like cocoa.

ChoViva and ChocoViva Butter not only offer a delicious alternative to cocoa-based chocolates but also significantly reduce CO2 emissions. ChocoViva Butter serves a dual purpose as a palm oil replacement, further emphasizing Planet A Foods’ commitment to environmental sustainability. This innovation is a testament to the potential of food science in creating sustainable and delicious alternatives to traditional indulgences.

Nutriient – Food Circularity

Championing Low-Glycemic Food Alternatives

Singaporean startup Nutriient is addressing the global health crisis with its innovative low-glycemic index (GI) food mixes. They have developed a range of products that significantly reduce sugar content while not compromising taste. Their Baked Confectionary Blend, Dessert Blend, and Beverage Blend offer healthier alternatives, particularly beneficial for those monitoring their blood sugar levels.

Nutriient’s Low GI Oat Cookie is an example of their commitment to health, designed to slow blood glucose spikes while maintaining the sensory characteristics of traditional cookies. The approach not only contributes to better health outcomes but also exemplifies the potential for food circularity and sustainability in the industry.

Jellatech – Autonomous Food Manufacturing

Pioneering Animal-free Collagen

Jellatech, a U.S.-based startup, is at the forefront of producing functional, animal-free collagen through cellular agriculture. The approach offers a sustainable and high-quality alternative to traditionally sourced collagen, which typically involves extracting it from live animals.

Jellatech’s method of culturing animal cells in bioreactors to extract and purify collagen is a game-changer, and it finds applications in various sectors, from food texturizers to vaccine stabilizers. It not only challenges conventional production methods but also opens up new avenues for sustainable and ethical food manufacturing, setting a new standard in the food industry.

bio-az – Sugar Reduction

Crafting the Future of Functional Ingredients

Australian startup bio-az is formulating synbiotics functional ingredients. They have developed innovative blends of prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics that support the microbiome and overall gastrointestinal health. These functional ingredients are designed to remain stable in various food and beverage products, ensuring their efficacy.

By addressing the need for healthier food options and contributing to the growing wellness trend, bio-az is playing a crucial role in the industry. Their approach not only offers health benefits but also aligns with the increasing consumer demand for food products that support overall well-being.

Make it Mine – Food Safety Analysis

Simplifying Food Intolerance Management

Belgium’s startup, Make it Mine, is altering the way we manage food intolerances with its application. The user-friendly app assists individuals with food allergies or sensitivities in modifying recipes to suit their dietary needs. By detecting and suggesting alternatives to unwanted ingredients, the app makes meal preparation safer and more accessible for those with dietary restrictions.

The technological advancement is not just about convenience, taking a significant stride towards inclusivity in dietary practices. It ensures that individuals with specific food intolerances can enjoy a broader range of foods without health risks.

Alive Energy – Kitchen Robots

Energizing the Market with Clean Drinks

Alive Energy, a startup from the USA, is making waves in the beverage industry with its clean energy drink derived from guayusa tea leaves. Their unique formulation ensures a smoother caffeine release and enhances mood and stress levels, addressing the common pitfalls of traditional energy drinks.

Additionally, guayusa tea is a potent source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, offering health benefits beyond just energy. Alive Energy’s approach exemplifies the blending of traditional ingredients with modern health consciousness, catering to a growing market of health-aware consumers seeking better alternatives to conventional energy drinks.

TissenBioFarm – Cultivated Meat

Innovating in the Cultivated Meat Space

South Korea’s TissenBioFarm is doing big things in the meat industry with its cultivated meat that closely resembles animal meat. Utilizing edible artificial organ development technologies, the startup can mass-produce cultivated meat with specific textures and marbling, akin to real meat parts.

The approach is significant as it addresses both ethical and environmental concerns associated with traditional meat production. TissenBioFarm’s approach offers a sustainable and customizable alternative to meat, aligning with the increasing consumer demand for ethical and environmentally friendly food options.

The Whistling Kettle

A Brew of Tradition and Innovation

The Whistling Kettle, a premium loose leaf tea shop, is opening up tea to the world. With three restaurant locations and an extensive online presence, they offer a unique experience for tea enthusiasts. Their Tea of the Month club, offering a curated selection of teas, has become increasingly popular and is something worth keeping an eye on in 2024.

Reflecting the growing interest in high-quality, artisanal tea products, the shop offers blends to suit every palate. The Whistling Kettle’s commitment to providing a diverse range of teas and teaware, combined with their entrepreneurial spirit, sets them apart in a market often dominated by coffee.


From algae-based nutraceuticals to cultivated meats and innovative tea experiences, these companies exemplify the diversity and dynamism of the sector. They are not just responding to current trends but shaping the future of food and drink, ensuring sustainability, health, and pleasure are at the heart of what we consume. As we look ahead, these companies are ones to watch as they continue to push the boundaries and redefine our relationship with food and beverages.

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By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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