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Disney World and Disneyland Are “Reimagining” Splash Mountain to Princess and The Frog and I’ve Never Been More Excited

Well, Disney fans, another change is about to make its way to Disney, and it may be more significant than the parks reopening news. Disneyland and Disney World have announced that Splash Mountain will be “completely reimagined” to Princess and The Frog storyline.

Splash Mountain will no longer be a theme park attraction at Disneyland and Disney World, and it has Disney fans in their feelings right now. As for myself, that was always one of the rides that I rode less.

(yes Disney fans come at me, but it’s my opinion)

I was just never drawn to the ride, but finding out that it’s going to be revamped into Princess and The Frog, I couldn’t be more excited. One of my favorite Disney movies and princesses is finally getting a section in the park that she deserves.

It’s honestly a long time coming, and I’m surprised that it hasn’t been in the works sooner, regardless of whether Princess Tiana themed. Before any of what’s going on in the world right now with the protests against racism and police brutality, there was a petition going around to remove the ride from the parks.

Splash Mountain was based on a racist and anti-black movie called “Song of The South.” This movie was actually “to a racist for public release” so, I guess that’s why I wasn’t drawn to the ride in the first place. The movie is about a young white boy named Johnny who learns a life lesson from a formerly enslaved man named Uncle Remus. The movie was said to create a glorified portrayal of slavery if you want to know more about the movie you can find out here.

Before the events that took place, many people had made remodels of the ride of what it would look like if Tiana themed. Everyone was already ahead of time and had already wanted the removal of the ride long before. Of course, Disney came in at the right time and heard our voices and decided to remodel the ride.

But we all know what comes with change and that’s the people who don’t like it and deem Disney “doesn’t know what they’re doing,” “this is a bad idea,” and “Disney is going to lose money over this.”

But honestly, who cares about the haters as long as the actress and voice of Tiana Anika Noni Rose and other cast members in the movie are delighted about the remodel, then that’s all that matters.

Just because a Black princess has come in and overthrown a ride based on a racist movie doesn’t mean Disney isn’t thinking straight and that they’re going to lose money. No one is making bad choices, and no one is going to lose anything. It’s okay because those who hate it will still keep going, and Disney will not remove the ride, and all they have to do is not go on it simple as that.