Michael Levin

Michael Levin is a News Columnist at Grit Daily.

NY’s Second Oldest Bar Gets Updated, But Don’t Worry, It Won’t Lose Its Old-time Charm

New York’s second oldest bar, the landmark White Horse Tavern, home to literary types, and neighborhood folks, is about to take a huge leap into the future. The White Horse was founded in 1880 and was the primary watering hole for such luminaries as the great Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, the Beat author of On The Road Jack Kerouac, and singer Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary. Due to its proximity to the New York waterfront, when the White Horse opened its doors, its clientele comprised...

If You Haven’t Been To The Opera At Glyndebourne, You Haven’t Done London

If you need proof that there will always be an England, head to Victoria Station, book a return or round-trip ticket to Lewes, about an hour south of the city, grab the shuttle bus and take the 10 minute drive through the rolling hills of the gentle English countryside to Glyndebourne. But please remember to wear your formal wear. Tuxes and dinner jackets only for the men, unless your kilt is back from the dry cleaners. And for the ladies, wear whatever might be the nicest thing you own. WHAT...

The Catskills, Once America’s Entertainment Capital, Are Finally Roaring Back

Decades ago, the Catskills were the number one summertime entertainment destination for New Yorkers, before there was air conditioning in every home and before you could jump on a flight to anywhere for little money. Dozens of great comedians and singers got their start in the legendary Catskill resorts like Grossinger’s, the Concord, and Kutscher’s. The list includes Woody Allen, Rodney Dangerfield, Jerry Seinfeld, Sid Caesar, Billy Crystal, Buddy Hackett, Joan Rivers, and Jerry Lewis. And...

Dentists, Once The Bottom Of The “Totem Pole,” Could Be The Next “Hot Thing” In Medicine

According to reports, half of all spending in the U.S. midterm elections focuses on healthcare spending. What the ads miss is that doctors are losing their grip on their role as our primary healthcare providers. So those ads shouldn’t be talking about doctors. They should be talking about dentists. M.D.s have dominated the healthcare conversation in our society for more than a century, but their prestige and power is rapidly giving way to a new breed of dentist. A new breed of dentist?...

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