Satin Sanchez, Founder of SatinSays, Discusses Business and Spirituality

Published on May 13, 2022

Satin Sanchez, founder of SatinSays, is passionate about the holistic approach to women’s health, providing all-round support for her community in the areas of spiritual alignment, natural fertility, sacred sexuality, clean eating, vegan lifestyle, and overall, a better life.

SatinSays is a luxury self-care brand catering to women of all ethnicities doing business as SatinsWorldofPassion. The company began as a sacred spirituality company and has assisted many women in manifesting their highest spiritual potential.

Satin is launching Swan by Nature, a skincare brand created by her daughter. The site, which is anticipated to be live in June, will offer intentional lifestyle products. Two other businesses, Fertile Magic, which will offer fertility products to women struggling with infertility, and 3 Wishes Shop, a spirituality-based business focused on the art of manifesting, are also in the works.

Grit Daily: What’s behind the name Satin’s World of Passion? 

Satin Sanchez: Passion, or as some may call it, desire, lust, or even love, is one of the greatest human emotions. With great emotion comes the ability to tap into powers that some call the “unknown” or “other worldly”. To the uninitiated, this is what mainstream calls esoteric, new age, and the occult. The Monks, and those who understand chakras and energies, call it kundalini. No matter what you call it, passion is a high order human desire, Satins World Of Passion was created from the concept of existing in the natural world, but always tapped into the spiritual realm simultaneously.

Being able to invoke spirits comes with a great responsibility. My powers are used to help and heal others, I live both in the natural world and travel through energy portals. Satins World Of Passion helps people understand that this world is full of many energies, but without passion, without purpose, your journey can mislead you away from your true destiny, blurring your innate desires.

Grit Daily: What has your experience been, moving from the U.S. Virgin Islands to Orlando?

Satin Sanchez: My parents originally moved to New Jersey to give us a better life. Although we weren’t the wealthiest of families, I never went without. My mother worked two jobs to put me into private school, and my father was constantly instilling my West Indian culture within me, so that I would never forget where my ancestors came from, never forget where I come from.

Even to this day, you will hear soca and calypso playing in my home, I’ll be whining while I’m cleaning and won’t even notice, lol. Every time I visit my family back home, it’s like I’m back on the island.

I moved from New Jersey to Orlando a few years ago, and haven’t looked back since. It was literally the best decision I have ever made. I love taking risks because change, especially good change, rarely ever comes from staying in your comfort zone. My parents knew this, and I understood it too.

 I will admit though, I do love the laid back island lifestyle. Eating coconut directly from the tree is an experience you rarely get in the states. All of the fruit here is lab grown, genetically modified, full of pesticide, and void of nutrients. You can taste and feel the difference from island grown fruit, and the fruit you get in grocery stores in the states.

I also miss going to the market and  buying cute outfits. You’ll never find quality pieces like that in any “boutique”. One of the best parts of being an islander, of course, is the beach. We don’t see it as a “getaway”. It’s a way of life, it’s where we go when we’re happy, when we’re sad, when we want to give thanks to our ancestors.

Life is a bit more lax when you’re on the island. The states are always on the go, nobody has time for anything worthwhile. It’s like work yourself until you retire, and pray you don’t die right after, because then all of it was for nothing. That’s seriously how we view people in the states.

Grit Daily: Which Caribbean influences are imbued into your company’s products?

Satin Sanchez: I actually live off grid on purpose. I also have my own indoor plant nursery on my land, where I grow the majority of my own herbs and plants to use within my products. My knowledge of herbology was essential growing up. My Mother relied on holistic health to cure just about anything that happened. I swear she had a cure for any ailment with herbs she would mix up in the kitchen. My friends started to call her the potion lady, lol. She knew just what plants to use, and when. I incorporate those same principles within my products. Vegan products will always perform better than products made of synthetic components, because it’s pure, it’s natural, it’s from nature.

You’ll also find a lot of shea, aloe, mango and coconut bases in my products. All three are staples for any West Indian household. Have a cut? Put some aloe on it. Have a scar? Put some coconut on it, lol. My mother swears by living off the land, and eating fresh fruits daily. I ensure all of my products are not just vegan, but that the core ingredients are always carefully chosen, with lasting results.

Grit Daily: What particular opportunities is your company targeting with its products? 

Satin Sanchez: We literally have something for everyone. The Fountain of Youth Bundle has natural coenzyme q10 for glowing and supple skin, which is found in our bodies. Our skin loses its elasticity as we age, especially after 30, so our face care bundle helps build collagen and enhance skin texture to reveal a brighter, even, and clear complexion. Our turmeric scrub helps eliminate scars, and hyperpigmentation. Our body oils will fade stretch marks. Our fertility products have literally made women who were previously infertile, give birth to happy healthy babies.

I am also a pioneer of sound healing with frequency music that is backed by years of psychological and quantum physics studies. Not to mention, all of our candles, bath soaks, and body sprays are also natural aromatherapy sessions, they literally smell delicious. You’ll be smelling yourself every five minutes, lol.

We truly have a plethora of products, be it skin care, vegan household items, or manifesting products, we are a one-stop shop to get your life on the right track, learn and grow in your spiritual journey, join a tribe of loving supportive women, and begin to love the skin you’re in.

Grit Daily: What is the relationship between spirituality and your company? 

Satin Sanchez: Spirituality is at the core of all I do. I bless every single product we make. Across all of our companies, nothing goes out the warehouse without being blessed by my angels and saints. I also do tarot readings for both celebrity clients, and the public. I have a sisterhood group that helps other women learn about spiritually, and unlearn what they thought they knew. My spiritual candles are blessed by ritualistic offering. Everything I do , I consult with my spirit guides, and ancestors. Many products come to me in dreams from my angels. They’ll give me a message, I write it down in my spiritual journal, and within a month I have a perfect formula, name, and message on how to conjure it for the best results. My dreams are predictive premonitions, and my readings are extremely accurate. Spirituality is a lifestyle, an endurance race, not a sprint. You never really stop learning, so I never stop teaching.

My company helps people discover their power, their purpose, and then helps them live without societal expectations. I love when people can tap into their power with my spiritual products, learning how to properly bless a house, protect from psychic attacks, or draw love and oney to them. My products hold powerful energy, and my thousands of reviews prove how well they work, and how much spiritual work I put into them.

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