JT Tran Speaks on Expelling Prejudice from The Professional Sphere

Published on November 30, 2022

Prejudice is a cancer in every workplace. In fact, it’s folly to insinuate that it doesn’t contribute to the employment crisis in which we find ourselves. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be direct discrimination – even the mere existence of such a mindset based on negative preconceptions can create a hotbed of distrust, even if it’s subconscious. Trust is diminished and the flow of progress comes to a grinding halt.

JT Tran is the foremost expert on building relationships in one’s personal life as well as professional. Lately he’s been shifting gears, remobilizing his vast wealth of knowledge to empower young Asian-Americans and bring an end to prejudice and discrimination across every industry. He has already been a keynote speaker at countless universities on the matter, and even received the Distinguished Speaker Award from the NAAAP in August 2013. He loves an interactive, hands-on approach to speaking and always includes a question-and-answer segment at the end.

JT Tran points much of the finger at harmful stereotypes and categorization that have purveyed our culture through Hollywood and notions derived from antiquated nationalism. As a result, creating the sense of trust and comradery imperative to brand growth becomes tiresome. What’s more, it is the driving factor behind workplace discrimination.

Take a look at the film industry itself: Asian people and Asian Americans have been cast in Hollywood as either the villain or the subject of some poorly constructed comedic relief (and of course, the martial artist with the heart of gold). They have only recently been realizing the value of casting Asian actors as true heroes with newly emerging films such as Snake Eyes and Marvel’s Chang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings, but it may be too little too late. The negative stereotypes persist as a result of pre-modern film’s dehumanizing and racist storytelling, creating real-world consequences for Asian Americans and immigrants in the professional and even the personal spheres.  

Prejudice of this kind is difficult to get rid of when it’s so deeply embedded into a culture. That said, it’s not impossible so long as people like JT Tran are out there fighting to empower victims and bring about equality. And at the very least, there’s a number of ways it can at least be reduced.

  1.       Empathy training – place people into the shoes of the victims, creating a deeper understanding of their actions and just how deeply they seep into the subconscious of everyday life.
  2.       Pass regulation that protects the victims and promotes equality.
  3.       Help grow support and raise awareness
  4.       Make efforts towards increasing multiculturalism and diversity in the workplace.

As for the targets of prejudice, empowerment is key in stimulating the dynamic of the workplace. Putting more effort towards widening diversity is helpful of course, however this also means creating an environment that empowers, providing recognition where it’s due, chance for promotion, and team-building events. Such events can be held by introducing motivational speakers and activists such as JT Tran, who has dedicated his life to such a cause.


Lauren Salaun is a contributor to Grit Daily News and an expert on public relations and influencer marketing. She helps entrepreneurs in the health, wellness, personal development, and lifestyle space elevate their visibility online.

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