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Prana is a Home for Wholesome Planet Based Snacks

Prana, a company born in Montreal, is providing a variety of wholesome plant-based snacks. Created by Alon Farber and Marie-Josée Richer, they originally joined forces in 2005 when organic-certified products weren’t quite the hot commodity they are now. In need of healthy and organic snacks? Then look into Prana.

Healthy for the Eater and the Planet

The company sells healthy organic snacks and ingredients. There’s a wide range of trail mixes, coconut chips, fruit snacks, almonds, and more. “PRANA is a Montreal-born company committed to making tasty, wholesome plant-based snacks and ingredients that are certified organic, non-GMO and gluten-free,” according to the expanding company. “As a certified B Corporation, we uphold the highest standards in environmental and social responsibility, taking into account our impact on the people and the planet.”

The company prides itself on being a socially and environmentally responsible source for food. Prana wants to do more than sell healthy products, though. For example, their blog is loaded with stories recommending plant-based courses and other healthy options. Want to try a black bean sweet potato burger? How about vegan sloppy joes? Or a very tasty-sounding Vegan “pulled pork” sandwich with spicy coconut chips? It’s all on the blog. 

Healthy Yet Tasty

Prana offers a path for healthier eating and life choices while still covering those with a sweet tooth. Healthy and sweet? One of the best combos in the world. “At the time, organic-certified products were relatively unpopular and hard to find. But we recognized the importance to eat healthy while respecting the natural cycles of the earth and the ecosystems,” says Alon Farber, the Co-Founder. 
If you want to eat healthier, especially at these times when eating well boosts your immune system, give Prana a try. If you want free shipping on orders over $40, click this link here and give your body some love with healthy yet tasty snacks.