Everything to Know About the ‘Three Men and a Baby’ Remake

Published on January 27, 2021

Disney squeezes all their past material for all the juice it’s got. Over the years, the studio has remade their most beloved classics, such as The Jungle Book and Alice in Wonderland, and even their less famous titles, such as Pete’s Dragon. While Walter Disney was a futurist, the present day Walt Disney company is a nosgaltisit. It’s why the company is seemingly remaking all of its known properties, such Three Men and a Baby. Disney+, to be exact, is making a Three Men and a Baby remake.

Zac Efron is starring in the comedy. The original ‘80s comedy starred Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, and Steven Guttenberg. It was once referenced to perfection in the modern classic Fox comedy, New Girl. The legendary Leonard Nimoy directed the Disney movie. The filmmaker was best known for his acting in Star Trek, but the late and beloved actor helmed an ‘80s classic, as well as a handful of Star Trek pictures.

Nimoy’s movie wasn’t the original Three Men and a Baby, either. It was a remake of a French film. However, Disney’s movie is the one that’s most remembered, at least in the United States. The comedy made over $100 million at the box-office. Years later, Disney produced a sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady, with the original cast but no Nimoy behind the camera. It’s not as well remembered as the original Disney movie. 

Disney hasn’t announced a director for the remake yet. Will Reichel wrote the script, although it’s unknown how close the screenwriter stuck to the basics of the original. No doubt the original premise will remain intact, in which three roommates in New York City go on an adventure together. They’re all unhappy, but their lives change when a woman leaves an infant in their loft. It’s a roommate’s (Ted Danson) baby, but he’s out of town, so Guttenberg and Selleck are stuck with caring for the child. Hijinks ensue. Anyone who grew up with the movie at the very least recalls the premise and the basics of the story.

Efron is a fitting piece of casting for the movie. Like Guttenberg or Selleck, the actor can ham it up in lighthearted comedies. Although Efron’s major studio comedies lacked laughs, such as Baywatch and That Awkward Moment, Efron has shown potential outside of standard studio fare. He showed the most promise with The Beach Bum and his surprising and unnerving turn as Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Efron, who did solid work in the nice and fluffy 17 Again as well, has a lightness about him that suits Three Men and a Baby.

Not only that, he’s returning to the house of mouse. The actor famously got his start in the High School Musical movies. Disney+ is also rebooting that property. It wouldn’t be surprising if Efron made an appearance in that remake, either, as a teacher or a role along those lines. Efron got his break at Disney, and now, he’s returning to star in a movie for its extremely popular streaming service. 

Considering Efron’s involvement, Three Men and a Baby remake will likely cast actors around his age range as the other roommates. With the right group of charismatic actors, the comedy could be a fun enough and modern take on the ‘80s movie. It’s the exact kind of movie that’s ripe for a remake. It’s remembered and perfectly enjoyable, but not exactly a stone cold classic nobody should touch. Three Men and a Baby joins The Sandlot as one of the many remakes Disney+ is working on at the moment.

Jack Giroux is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily. Based in Los Angeles, he is an entertainment journalist who's previously written for Thrillist, Slash Film, Film School Rejects, and The Film Stage.

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