The Top 8 Pencil Holders of 2021

Published on May 14, 2021

When it comes to keeping an office or desk organized, pencils are one of the items that need the most help. Since you often have multiple of them and they are prone to rolling around, having an easy place to put them is incredibly helpful. That is where pencil holders come into play, and today, you will be taking a look at some of the top ones.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the best Pencil Holders of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Best Pencil Holders

The truth is, there is not much that needs to be considered when it comes to pencil holders. Most of them are very similar in their overall design, and as long as they work, there is not much else that matters. However, here are some of the basic things that were considered when choosing the top pencil holders:

  • Dimensions: You want a pencil holder that can hold a decent number of objects, so it is important to make sure that the holder has sufficient volume. Moreover, it is important that the depth is enough to prevent pencils from falling out. All of the pencil holders on this list were chosen with that in mind.
  • Material: The material of any pencil holder is quite important for several reasons. The first is obvious, which is the longevity of the product. There is also the fact that the material used will impact sturdiness and durability. Every pencil holder on this list has a decent design that is made with reliable materials.
  • Stability: The stability of a pencil holder is perhaps the most important aspect. No matter how sturdy something is, and no matter how many pencils a holder can contain, it does not matter if it falls over easily. The pencil holders on this list are stable and reliable.

As long as a pencil holder has the things above, then you can count on it to do its job properly. However, there are plenty of unique points about each of the pencil holders that made it onto the list. These qualities include things like being particularly sturdy, having a unique design, and generally standing out as an exceptional product.

The 8 of Best Pencil Holders of 2021

When it comes to choosing the perfect pencil holder for you, the main thing will likely be the aesthetics. While there are some other factors, the looks of a pencil holder are what really make them stand out. Fortunately, this list has a mix of pencil holders for you to look at, each with its own unique points.

Comix Mesh Pen and Pencil Holder

If you are looking for something basic, then this mesh pen and pencil holder is a great choice. It is made using a stylish steel mesh, which means that it is sturdy and durable. The design also gives this pencil holder a professional look, so it can work for a variety of offices.

This pencil holder also has a round foam pad inside, which makes it easy to clean. The bottom of the holder has a foam pad as well, which helps with its stability and ensures that it does not scratch the desk it is sat on. Moreover, it is 4.1 inches tall, keeping any pens or pencils inside of it from falling out.

  • It is made of a durable and sturdy mesh
  • It has a stylish, professional appearance
  • The foam pad inside makes it easy to clean
  • It has a non-skid base
  • The entire holder is lightweight

  • The holder is known to tip over if it is overfilled

LIZIMANDU PU Leather Pencil Pen Holder

If you are looking for something with an artistic flair, then these leather pencil holders by LIZIMANDU are a great choice. The brand has more than ten beautiful designs to choose from, so you will easily find something you like. Moreover, because it is made of synthetic leather, it is durable, has a realistic texture, and will last a long time.

Aside from being artistically designed and pleasing to the eye, these pencil holders are non-slip. They are also four inches tall and have a diameter of 3.2 inches, so you can hold quite a few things in them.

  • The art on these pencil holders is beautifully done
  • They are made of durable synthetic leather
  • They have a nice, natural feel to them
  • They will not slip on any surface

  • The inside is felt instead of leather

Houtingmaan Bamboo Rotating Art Supply Organizer

While this product is meant to organize a large number of art supplies, it can be used entirely for pencils. So, if you are looking for something to hold a large number of pencils, colored or otherwise, you might consider this rotating pencil holder. In fact, if you only use it for pencils, it can hold over 350 without a problem.

This pencil holder is made out of bamboo and has seven compartments, making organization easy. Plus, it can rotate 360 degrees and has silicone pads on the bottom to prevent slipping. Because of those features, it is a great choice for a classroom or art studio.

  • It can hold a large number of pencils
  • The holder can be rotated 360 degrees
  • There are seven compartments
  • The silicone pads on the bottom prevent slipping

  • Its size can make it an inconvenience
  • It is a bit pricey for what it does

Cerpourt Clear Acrylic Pencil Pen Holder Cups

If you want something that is simple and can be placed almost anywhere without clashing, then this is a great pencil holder. Not only do you get two pencil holders for a low price, but they are a great size to put almost anywhere, being four inches tall and having a length and width of 2.6 inches.

These are also incredibly sturdy pencil holders. They are made out of one solid piece of acrylic, meaning there are no seams and no glue. Because of that, they are solid and resistant to breaking. It is even waterproof, giving it more durability and making it a breeze to clean.

  • They are inexpensive pencil holders
  • The dimensions are great for holding pencils and pens
  • You do not have to worry about them breaking
  • The material they are made out of makes them waterproof

  • They are a bit smaller than other pencil holders
  • Any damage on them is obvious

WAVEYU Pen and Pencil Holder

If you are looking for a great pencil holder with an elegant appearance, the ceramic offerings from WAVEYU are exactly what you need. There are more than ten designs to choose from, with the one featured here being an appealing gray marble. Plus, they do not just look good. Each of the pencil holders is also durable and sturdy.

If you are concerned about the dimensions, do not worry. These pencil holders are four inches tall, and their diameter is three inches, so you will have ample space to store pencils or anything else. The best part is that these pencil holders are inexpensive despite their durable construction and sleek design.

  • These pencil holders are made using quality ceramic
  • The material is durable and sturdy
  • There is ample storage space
  • The designs are sleek and elegant
  • They come at a reasonable price

  • There is nothing to prevent slipping

CAXXA 96 Hole Art Plastic Pencil & Brush Holder

If you are looking to hold a large number of pencils, this pencil holder made by CAXXA is a great choice. The design gives you a total of 96 holes to insert pencils, which keeps them stable and separate, allowing for you to easily find and take the one you need. You can even place other things with the pencils in an organized manner.

While this might not be ideal for an office or professional environment, it will make a great addition to a classroom or art studio, and you can keep multiple sets of pencils in this one holder if you desire. Plus, since it is 3.5 inches tall and has a length and width of 5.75 inches, it will not take up too much space.

  • This holder can contain up to 96 pencils
  • You can easily find and grab the pencil you need
  • It does not take up too much space
  • It is the perfect addition to classrooms or art studios
  • You do not have to worry about this holder falling over

  • The indentations are not that deep
  • It does not stay assembled when picked up without glue

Deco 79 57417 Pencil Holder

The Deco 79 pencil holder featured here is a beautifully crafted piece that is made with iron and colored an attractive gold. The design featured here has a hexagon pattern, but there is an equally appealing floral pattern, both of which make this pencil holder stand out. Of course, the material used also means it is durable and will last.

This pencil holder is also larger than most of the other options, having the same four-inch height but having a diameter of four inches, which gives it more volume than similar products. It even has a nice bottom that helps prevent slipping and sliding.

  • It is made out of iron, so it is durable
  • It is a beautiful gold color
  • The patterns are appealing
  • It will not slip and slide easily
  • The diameter is larger than most similar products

  • There have been some quality control issues

Zonon Silicone Pencil Holders – Two Pack

The last pencil holder on this list is unique because it can be used by people of all ages without worry and is resistant to damage. The reason for this is the material used in its construction, which is durable silicone. There are no edges, it cannot be damaged easily, and it works great as a pencil holder.

It is a bit short at 3.7 inches, and the diameter is only 2.68 inches, but there are two, and they can hold a decent amount of pencils without a problem. Additionally, the design and material mean the entire thing is non-slip and easy to clean. Moreover, it has a rather nice appearance, which is a definite plus.

  • It is highly resistant to damage
  • There are no sharp edges
  • The entire thing is non-slip
  • It has a nice appearance

  • They are rather small individually

How to Shop for a Pencil Holder

Now that you have seen some of what is out there, you might be wondering which pencil holder to buy. You might even be considering searching for something not on the list. Regardless, you should keep these things in mind when you are buying a pencil holder:

  • Capacity: The dimensions are important, and when you are buying a pencil holder, one of the things you need to consider is how much it can hold. You might only need to keep a few pencils in your holder, but you might also need to hold a large amount. Knowing how large a holder you need will narrow the options.
  • Aesthetic: The looks of a pencil holder matter. However, it is not always about whether you like how the specific holder looks. You might also need to consider where it will be placed. Think about the space that you will be placing the holder in, and shop for a pencil holder that suits the space and your tastes.
  • Stability: No matter how much you plan on putting in your pencil holder, you want it to remain stable. Make sure to consider what you will be putting in your pencil holder and finding one that will hold what you need it to without tipping over.

There are a lot of pencil holders out there, and you can choose whichever one fits your needs without worrying. After all, a pencil holder is a rather simple item. However, you should keep the above in mind to make sure you select one that will do as good a job as possible.

In Conclusion 

There is no doubt that an office or desk can become messy if you do not organize things properly. You will find clutter, a mass of papers, and loose writing instruments all over the place. A pencil holder is a great place to start your organizing efforts. It is inexpensive, and there are plenty of options out there, so do not hesitate to get one.

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