Entrepreneur Michael Nova Overcame Adversity to Save his B2B Custom Printing Company…and Himself

Published on September 10, 2019

Entrepreneurs often face a long list of obstacles on their way to success. As Virgin Group founder Richard Branson once said, “Failures didn’t put me off at all…I was confident there would be another [business] on the way.” Michael Nova, the Director of Nova Custom Printing, has lots of experience dealing with adversity and failure. But unlike many hopeful entrepreneurs before him, Nova didn’t let this drive him away from his dreams.

Fall Down Seven Times, Rise Up Eight

Part of Nova’s approach to life includes the ‘fall down seven times, rise up eight’ philosophy. The philosophy means so much to him, in fact, that he created a website around the concept of overcoming adversity, which includes an eye-opening account of Nova’s journey toward success.

“Eating tuna out of the can for months was not fun, but 24/7 hustle paid off eventually,” Nova said. After achieving success with his custom label printing company, he pushed forward with his film directorial debut, X: The Human Condition, a music and film multimedia project. The experience wasn’t as he expected. Instead, “anything that could go wrong went very wrong.” He soon had an overdrawn bank account and a failing business, followed by suicidal thoughts and serious health issues.

Overcoming Adversity to Bounce Back

Although Nova’s custom printing business came close to shutting its doors, his resilience helped save it. He also discovered the importance of gratitude during this literally dark time after illness stole his vision.

“The adversity I faced was a blessing in disguise…I began to be grateful for all the little things that we, as human beings, take for granted,” Nova explained.

With a full recovery behind him, Nova used the lessons he learned as fuel to create the inspiring RiseUpEight.org community website. RiseUpEight features stories of people from all walks of life overcoming major challenges.

From homelessness to grief-stricken families, immigrants starting their lives over, people experiencing numerous disappointment and setbacks, failing businesses, joblessness, physical and mental illnesses, and coping with loss, these people have learned how to take what is perceived as failure and turn it into success, they all share their stories on the website to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Additionally, Nova focused his attention back on his printing company. Nova Custom Printing’s 25th anniversary is only a few months away, and it has become more successful than ever.

Why Custom Printing?

Working in the B2B market provides entrepreneurs with the perfect way to support themselves by helping their contemporaries. The custom label industry is far from scant. But Nova Custom Printing successfully set themselves apart by placing quality, innovative designs, and fast service above cutthroat prices. It’s clearly a winning combination as Nova’s customers include many major nationwide corporations.

Custom Printing for Smaller Businesses

Many small business owners make the mistake of assuming that custom printing is out of their price range. On an initial examination, bulk pricing from printing companies that offer the same basic shapes and designs as everyone else may appear more enticing. However, as Nova has proven, getting custom designs printed and shipped on an as-needed basis can reduce waste and excessive bulk order fees.

Beyond the question of cost, though, is arguably the most important factor for business owners: speed. Nova Custom Printing doesn’t do everything in-house like many of their competitors. Instead, they’ve established a business network across the country to guarantee print times of 24 hours or less.

Other Industries Seek to Emulate the Formula of Custom Printing

David Leigh, the Chief Operating Officer of EOS North America, praised the custom approach of printing companies and other similar businesses. “When consumers are able to get exactly what they want, they are more satisfied and more likely to do repeat business.

Leigh views emulating this type of customization as a vital piece of the part production manufacturing industry’s future. Early pioneers of custom printing like Nova inspired Leigh’s commitment to making on-demand production available without any in-house inventory.

Convincing other industries that custom solutions are the way to go probably wasn’t one of Nova’s initial goals. However, it does showcase the power of his business success, undoubtedly making the years of adversity seem more than worthwhile.

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