Art lovers gather for Frieze art fair, colorably NYC’s most anticipated art event of 2019

Published on April 12, 2019

Are you ready for the most iconic art event of all time?

Frieze, the exclusive collection of exceptional contemporary and modern artworks, is coming to New York. Frieze is one of the most influential contemporary art fairs in the world and it exhibits in New York for a limited time only. The art fair will open its doors to the public on May 2 and will exhibit for four days.

Every year Frieze offers a unique selection of the world’s most exciting artists together as well as iconic names in the modern and contemporary art world. Tickets are on pre-sale now and won’t be available at the door.

Frieze offers four admission tickets types: adult full-package $85.50 which includes round trip ferry service, adult $57.00, student or youth (13-18 yrs) $29.05, and “child” tickets for $5.40. Yes, we asked. “Child” refers to age, not “in spirit.”

But do note that admission prices for the first day are higher and include some other benefits like frieze academy art & fashion summit, a limited-edition tote bag, group tour of the fair, and, of course, the opportunity to be the first to preview the exhibition.

What is Frieze?

Frieze was founded by Amanda Sharp, Matthew Slotover and Tom Gidley in 1991. It all started with  the launch of art magazine which rapidly outgrew to the art fair. Generally Frieze positions itself as a media and events company that includes three publications: Frieze magazine, Frieze Masters magazine and Frieze Week. Frieze packaged together several international fairs: Frieze London, Frieze LA, Frieze New York, and Frieze Masters.

Fair participants are galleries from all over the world, however, each fair is unique to each city. It focuses on the local galleries in the first place. Every fair is a separate event and applications to each is a discreet process, although the approach and the concept are similar; each fair creates a bespoke entertainment program, makes a unique setting, and invites to participate various local galleries.

What to expect at the event

Art lovers will enjoy the exclusive program of dynamic series of talks, live performances, new artist commissions and the city’s most talked about restaurants with a view on the East River in Randall’s Island Park, Manhattan. According to the official Frieze website the event attracts over 68,000 visitors every year. As a result, the fair has become a cultural landmark. The original purpose is to increase sales; most of the visitors attend to spectate.

The participants of the event are some of the most notable galleries from all around the world. This year Frieze will emphasize on themed exhibitions such as contemporary Latino/LatinX and Latin American artists.

Another section will tribute “Just Above Midtown” gallery. The special attention will be paid to frieze collaboration with drawing center in New York, which directed by Hopman. The section will present a solo of 33 works of art by galleries. The release informs that the focus will be on “significant work by overlooked figures and rarely seen practices of modern masters.”

One twist to this year’s program will be a virtual-reality exhibition: “The Doors Of Perception.” The VR company, Acute Art, started a collab with the Outsider Art Fair, and “Eclectic,” supervised by Daniel Birnbaum. All the exhibitions will be curated by professionals in the field, galleries owners, and art experts from all around the world.

Mari Paliienko is a Contributor at Grit Daily. Covering events and brands, she is based in New York.

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