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Crayola Releases MAKEUP LINE and It’s Everything Your Inner 90’s Child Ever Wanted

Crayola and Asos have teamed up to create a brand new makeup line – bold and bright, just in time for summer.

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Sold exclusively online at ASOS, the line features 58 different pieces, including eyeshadow palettes, lipstick, contour pencils, a new highlighter (of course!), brushes, and amazingly colorful face crayons.

Crayola + ASOS launch NEW contour sticks!

The entire line is considered vegan, including the brush kit. Prices for crayons and sticks are between $15-$40, so even the makeup addict on a budget can afford a piece or two from the collection.

The packaging is smile-inducing all on its own. All the lip and face crayon color trios are boxed in… what else, but bright-yellow classic Crayola packaging?! Creativity in packaging is a must, and Crayola and Asos NAILED IT. Did we mention that the mascara comes in a MARKER TUBE?

Photo Credit: US.ASOS.COM + Twitter  Notice that mascara tube!!

There’s also enough different shades of popping eye and lip colors to make even the weirdest 90’s girl happy. Colors range from the usual pinks and reds, and includes some fun blue, black, and purple shades. This is definitely a collection that is not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for seriously colorful new makeup, this collab between Asos and Crayola may be your new favorite thing.

Initial reviews across Instagram had users raving about the quality. It’s always a lip-biter to see if your favorite new releases actually live up to the hype, and so far, so good! Makeup reviewers said that products “applied like a dream,” which is a good sign. All in all, Crayola’s new beauty line is a must-try (though, I’m pretty sure they had me convinced at the words “Crayola makeup line…).

Clearly – we’re a generation of nostalgia lovers because Crayola (despite being known for being THE crayon) is actually late to jump on their own game, in the makeup industry at least. Companies like Make Up Forever, BITE beauty, NARS, and many others have been releasing lip and eye crayons over the years… but they’ve never been packaged like a kid’s toy! That may be the key to everything.

Speaking of childlike nostalgia combined with serious makeup for a serious makeup

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industry, another option for the fun-loving makeup fans is The Crayon Box, created by superstar CEO Reynell ‘Supa’ Steward. They’ve got an amazingly well-rated eyeshadow palette that’s been on the market for some time and combines all the fun of crayon colors and high-quality pigments made for all skin tones.

Colors are here this summer, and it’s such a nice change from the usual seriousness of the makeup industry. Asos isn’t the only company to go for bold and vibrant colors with a new release. Kat Von D beauty recently released a variety of eyebrow gels in every color of the rainbow (yessss!) and the magical Fenty Beauty added new Killawat Foils in with purples, pinks, magentas, and shiny oranges. Here’s to hoping that this new color trend lasts. Do you love it, or hate it?