Tina Mulqueen

Tina is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily. Based in Washington, she speaks and writes regularly on sustainable marketing and entrepreneurship practices.
She’s carved out a niche in digital media and entertainment, working with brands as CBS, Vanity Fair, Digital Trends and Marie Claire; and at such events as The Academy Awards, the Billboard Music Awards, the Emmy's, and the BAFTAs. Her writing has been featured in a regular column on Forbes, Thrive Global, Huffington Post, Elite Daily and various other outlets. For her work, she’s been recognized in Entrepreneur, Adweek, and more. She also founded a non-profit, Cause Influence, to expand the reach of important social causes. Under her non-profit, she takes on pro bono clients with an emphasis on equality and representation. She also founded and manages a media company called Et al. Meaning “and others,” Et al.’s mission is telling the stories of underrepresented individuals and communities.

How Do We Market Tourism in the New Climate Age?

2020 has definitely been off to a shaky start. There have been over 950 earthquakes in Puerto Rico this year and we are only sixteen days into the new year. But with today’s new age of climate change, how can we continue to travel without upsetting the balance and harming our environment further? The Bahamas, which rely on tourism for the $4.3 billion that make up 47.8 percent of their GDP, are still recovering from Hurricane Dorian. As Australia’s wildfires have merged into a 1.5...

CES Will Be a Weekend of Sensory Overload With the World’s Best Brand Activations

Next week the world’s biggest consumer technology trade show will bring hundreds of thousands of electronics enthusiasts, tech CEOs, digital innovators, and industrial designers to the shining streets of Las Vegas. But CES isn’t just a trade show for electronics nuts and gadget aficionados. It’s also one of the most exciting experiential brand marketing extravaganzas of the year, where thousands of tech brands are “activated” or exposed to the world. Top brands from around the...

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